Shame On John Murtha

Shame On John Murtha


“There’s no question Western Pennsylvania is a racist area.”
– John Murtha talking taking to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Broad charges of racism are dumb, lazy and don’t give credit to those who fight against areas where it does exists.

Murtha has subsequently apologized, but this is one Dem politician I’d love to see put out to pasture. I’ve never been a fan, as you can see from the title of this post back in 2006.

  • rob

    It may have been stupid to say it out loud. It may be PC to call him on it. But I’ve played hockey in Wheeling and Johnstown for several years. These are racist places.

    PS. I know Wheeling in in WV but it on the border, and in the northern pan handle, so it feels more like PA or OH to me.

  • Glen

    So Murtha says something that is true, even though its harsh to many Americans. Don’t Republicans call this “straight talk?”

  • Justin Gardner

    Come on Glen. Characterizing what Murtha said as “true” is like saying some other broad, over reaching thing about an entire group of people. It’s not apt and it doesn’t belong in the conversation.

  • SpeakClearly

    Well…I am an African-American from Johnstown, left when I was in my teens, living in SoCal. I can tell you, with the utmost sincerity, that Johnstown is a pretty racist city. Hell, lots of the little towns that litter the PA landscape can be considered the same! Small towns breed small-minded people, and when these people do not leave, stay in their bubble, so to speak, it breeds ignorance. Obviously this does not apply to everyone in Johnstown, but I know that, even being from there, there are parts of town that I would not walk in and feel safe. nd there are towns surrounding Johnstown that I drie through without stopping, even if I need gas! So, yeah, maybe it is something that could have been said with a little more tact. But, basically, he’s spot on.

  • LogicalArbiter

    cool speakclearly and rob

    does that mean we can take our own anecdotal experience about a group of people in order to make general, offensive and stereotypical characterizations of an entire group of people?

    Do the ends justify the mean to protect your political affiliates? Is it ok to impugn good people based upon your own political inclinations and clearly un-encompassing personal experiences?

    The fact that you said yes to this suggests that you are as disgusting human beings as the people you supposedly condemn.

    The idea that you brush it aside as ‘maybe he should have tact’ displays your hypocrisy for political gains, as I’m sure you’d race to kick out anybody from the opposing party who made an analogous comment.

    As for Murtha, making brash stupid statements which truly hurt innocent people is becoming par for course—remember when he claimed the now exonerated haditha marines were ‘cold blooded killers’.