Early Voting In North Carolina Heavily Favors Dems

Early Voting In North Carolina Heavily Favors Dems


Apparently they have a program this year that allows you to register to vote and vote on the same day, and that has helped turn out nearly 500,000 people so far, or 9% of the state’s 5.5M registered voters.

WSJ shares the details…

  • Of those voting in person, registered Democrats accounted for 61%, Republicans accounted for 22%, and 17% had no affiliation or were registered with an alternative party.
  • Democrats accounted for 29% of mail-in ballots while Republicans accounted for 54%.
  • The absentee ballots include 3,400 cast by U.S. servicemen serving overseas. They are fairly evenly split between Democrats, 36%, and Republicans, 38%. About 17% have no affiliation or are registered or with an alternative party.

Of note, North Carolina hasn’t voted for a Dem candidate since Jimmy Carter, so an Obama win here would be extremely significant. Then again, an Obama win in Virginia would be particularly noteworthy too, and his prospects in that state look better than in North Carolina.

More as it develops…