This is the first part. I think the second part will be televised tomorrow.

Chuck Todd’s reaction?

He sensed tension.

I can’t say that I had the same reaction.

Sure, there wasn’t any overwhelming chemistry there, but I didn’t really see any tension there either.

What did you think?

  • Avinash_Tyagi

    Palin seemed Ok, but McCain seemed strained, like he’s holding in what he’s really feeling, and he’s right they aren’t in sync

  • “Anybody who believes that the Republicans, whoever they are, can fix the mess they created probably believes that the iceberg could have saved the Titanic.” – Senator Hillary Clinton.

  • Justin, they absolutely positively without missing beat refuse to admit to being anything less than perfect and appropriate for all of Americans. They cannot admit that we are not all the same, we don’t all want the same things and that is still what makes our country what it’s always been. When I listen to them, I hear people who are talking TO only the people that support them – they have NO interest in anyone who cannot abide by their every word.

    That just cannot work in a 21st century United States. We are way beyond that.

  • Justin,

    For me they’re really hard to listen to. McCain just keeps saying the same things over and over again like he knows nobody really cares because they’re just negative criticisms about Obama. Each day, each week, a new monumental reason why not to vote for Obama. How about some reasons we should vote for you instead? It does sound tired and strained, but to me it has for some time now. Sure, Joe Biden said a unexplainable, senseless thing, but it’s not earth shattering or game changing. That was the reason for the uneasy feeling – they’re reaching for anything to gather momentum. But then the story breaks on Palin’s shopping binge and one trivial thing cancels out another. This whole election process is just too long. We need to shorten the process for lack of new, interesting things to whine about!

    As for Sarah Palin, I never felt comfortable listening to her talk – who does? It’s just rambling, incoherent phrases strung together without any prevalent theme. She speaks like a child with some more rehearsed lines thrown in for effect to prove that she’s really tryin hard, ya know, like I’m tryin to do now to reveal something like how she goes on, and on, and on, and…ok you get the point.

  • Barok Obama has not been “tested” by other world powers…. yet. True.
    John McCain has been tested… but when? how? by whom? Being a prisoner of war, as tough as that must be, is not being “tested”. His saying he’s beeen tested “don’t make it so, Joe” … The fact is that nobody who has not served as President canclaim to have been tested, because no Senator or Governor is ever in the position of making the FINAL DECISION on how to deal with an international situation.

    As for Governor Palin, she (for once) is right, no way around it, she has more executive experience than Senator Obama, who has never been a Governor or Mayor. (Let’s ignore for now that he is the executive officer of his own Presidential campaign.) But by the same reason, Sarah Palin also has more executive experience than Senator Joe Biden. And more executive experience than Senator John McCain. So her point being….?

  • Vox

    I saw the Chuck Todd promo for the piece.

    It worked.

    I made sure to be at a TV to see the Nightly News hoping for a train wreck.

    No train wreck. Too bad. I feel snookered by Todd.

  • todd was promoting the interview. it did not seem much worse than any palin/mccain interview. i find them pretty awkward and tedious generally so i think this continues the theme. supposedly tomorrow nights is better but i think they are just hyping for ratings.

  • I agree, I didn’t see any special tension. Just two worn out, losing, wishing-it-was-over politicians.

    Palin looked fabulous in her very, very expensive outfit. Although I think she should have gone with the red do-me pumps if she’s going to show 10 inches of thigh meat for Rich Lowry.

  • JJ

    I’ve just watched it once, but my feeling was that she was under strict instruction to defer to him. At one point she nearly called him ‘John’ and switched to ‘Senator McCain’ and towards the end she conspicuously said she was proud of all the endorsements *he* – not we – had picked up. I didn’t sense any other overall tension between them, but I think there may have been a little ‘Let John do the talking, Sarah’ stuff beforehand, especially as she has rather overstepped the mark a few times recently (surprised they were dropping out here, not sure of robocalls there, etc).

  • dj

    They appear as a reluctant team. No chemistry, and they both definitely seem a bit weary. I get the sense they aren’t really comfortable talking with each other, much less being interviewed together. Their demeanor is that of two people who really don’t know each other very well.

    I won’t even begin to respond to their actual words because we’ve heard them all before.

  • Kim


    I could not have said it better. I am a McCain/Palin supporter but I was watching for a train wreck as well. How could you not with the media’s lead in. Williams went on and on this morning on the Today Show about his personal dissatisfaction with how long it took to get the interview and how long it lasted. I’m not sure how that is actual news that needs to be discussed. I’m a little confused on Todd’s psychological analysis on the two’s tension and body language. How about reporters just reporting the news and allowing me as a viewer to decide how I feel about their chemistry instead of you telling me before I ever see the interview.

  • cb

    The interviews with Sarah Palin and John McCain are excruciating to watch. It’s only been a couple of months, but can you imagine having to listen to them for 4 years?? So tiring to see John McCain adopt his idea of the cool old maverick dude, legs stretched out, bad jokes and all. Sarah Palin, her usual grating speech manerisms (…and there also, too….). Their joint statements seem Orwellian – up in down, bad is good, etc. And last, but not least, the tired joking bantering between the two of them, which is funny to no one but the two of them, and even that, now appearing really strained….

  • Joseph B

    Does anyone else think it is very weak that Palin has to have McCain beside her to protect her from a reporter? Why do they need to do joint interviews? Obama was interviewed a few months ago by Bill O’Reilly…he didn’t have Joe Biden holding his hand during it. Why doesn’t McCain and Palin each agree to a separate interview with Chris Matthews or Keith Olberman? If they can’t handle the “liberal media” then how can they handle Iran, North Korea, etc. Palin is even afraid to accept an interview with Bill O’Reilly. You notice she did not answer the question about what preconditions she would expect. Vote for Chuck Baldwin instead of McCain/Palin if you are a conservative.


    I think the whole thing is ludicrous!!!!…..I’m an Obama supporter and was actually impressed (at the beginning) that McCain picked a woman as a running mate…That is until she opened her mouth!!. I think that she makes women (educated and uneducated) look bad!….Her interviews is just like her college experience patched together until there was an outcome…absolutely no strategy!!! except for let’s have a Obama bashing party…..Let’s talk business McCain/Palin, What can you do for the this failing economy and this country!!!!

  • Leland

    I didn’t see the tension spoken of between McCain & Palin, but I did notice something odd that looks like an earpiece in Palin’s ear. Pause it at 10:53. What is that?

  • Sark

    Interesting because McCain got my vote due to Sarah Palin. She’s so ready for a higher office, yet the press just try to diss her. PALIN POWER all the WAY. John I would have vote for you but I’m now on the campain trail for Palin because she actually makes me feel passionately about my choice. You do nothing for me but give ma a reason to not vote for a socialist.

  • Coriander

    You know what their chemistry (or lack thereof) reminds me of? It’s like when you’re in that phase in a relationship where the blinders are starting to come off. You’re realizing that Mr. or Ms. Perfect isn’t really … and that some of their flaws may, indeed, be deal breakers. But you’ve spent so much type insisting to everyone around that this is the PERFECT person for you, no matter how much your friends might try to hint otherwise. So when you’re out in public, particularly around those people who may have tried to open your eyes to some of El Perfecto’s flaws, you feel that you have to absolutely prove that you’ve made the right choice. So you end up fawning a little too much, laughing a little too loud at their jokes, lauding their accomplishments (real or imagined) a little too enthusiastically. In the end it just makes everyone feel awkward and a little sorry for you.

  • Dana

    Hm, I actually agree with the most of what the commentator on the right, stated. They don’t gel together, and they’ve taken on such an excessively negative/whiney tone as of late. I wondered if McCain blamed Palin for the public’s view of his campaign, but then I would think it was his responsibility to vet her in the first place. So he can only blame himself for that. It’s also his fault for using her as the “attack chihuahua” while she remains untouched by Biden/Obama because they don’t want to be blamed for “fighting a girl”. That’s all his fault (McCain’s).

    But I’m certain he holds some resentment toward her and I could sense that negativity when watching the interview. It’s unfortunate because McCain used to be my favorite. But his choice of Palin was just so over the top, such a POOR display of judgment, and so manipulative (and an insult to the intelligence of Americans everywhere), that we just fell out of favor. There’s no way I can vote for him and chance something happening to him and this woman becoming our next president.

    He could have found an intelligent, articulate, intellectual, respectable HIGHLY-QUALIFIED, conservative/republican woman (if her being female was so important for him to get the female vote). They do exist. Instead he gives us…this. It’s unfortunate.

  • Rufus

    What about Senator McCain’s ongoing problem with skin cancer? He has an obvious lump on the left cheek where a melanoma was removed indicating further growth. Being 72 years old is enough of a risk, but a 72 year old with cancer leaves us with Gov. Palin as President. Thoughts of that should send shivers down the spine of any clear-thinking individual. Recent events have become scary enough without adding a weak minded, or I should say another weak minded person as (arguably) the most powerful person in the world! We are experiencing monumental changes in the country and that calls for a decided change in our leadership. McCain/Palin is not the ticket.

  • Jake

    Thats my mfn governor for you.
    The worlds biggest, most detailed puppet.
    If you look closley, you can see McCain’s mouth moving.

  • Eugenia

    Palin once again proved that she lacks the fund of knowledge of the average high school student. A precondition is a demand that a condition be met prior to any engagement with another party. Ironically, Palin parrotted Obama’s view of diplomatic interaction prior to direct meetings between heads of state verus rigid unproductive preconditions. Former GOP females are outraged by this insult to the intelligence of the American people.

  • hugh cushing

    Two people in harmony usually show similar body language and that’s not something I saw in this interview and I’ve played it three times now. A meeting of minds? I don’t think so.
    Still, Kennedy and Johnson were not known to be easy bedfellows and that came out OK for their party.
    Now I’m trying to get the bedfellows assoctiation out of my mind. ‘The horror, the horror.’

  • hugh cushing

    Two people in harmony on a subject usually display similar body language but after watching the clip three times I don’t see that at all. No eye contact either. Not, I think, a meeting of minds.
    Still, Kennedy and Johnson were never thought of as easy bedfellows and that election turned out pretty well for their party. Of course LBJ did have a little more experience than lady from Alaska and could sing from any song book they gave him