Electoral Armageddon Awaits McCain

Electoral Armageddon Awaits McCain


With the flood of new polls out in the past couple days showing Obama ahead everywhere…the electoral maps are looking the absolute worst they have ever been for McCain.

Seriously, take a look…

Electoral-Vote.com has Obama capturing 375 to McCain’s anemic 157. This is the highest and lowest totals they’ve had for each candidate since they started tracking this back in late June.

Then there’s FiveThirtyEight, which shows one of its highest margins for Obama in their tracking…

What’s more, check out their likely electoral vote distribution chart and note at the bottom where it’s most likely Obama will get between 375 and 380 EVs.

And Real Clear Politics? You guessed it…375 for Obama.

Is this how it’ll end up by election day? Well, it’s certainly a plausible scenario. I mean, look at the states he’d win. Does anybody think it’s impossible for him to win Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, Florida and North Carolina at this point? Especially with early voting among Democrats up by almost double?

So with the current mood of the electorate (specifically Republicans) at an all time low, I honestly don’t think we’ll be debating who will win on November 4th. Instead, we’ll be guessing by how much.

More as it develops…

  • Bahamut

    Two Words: Stolen Election.

  • James

    “Two Words: Stolen Election.”

    Sounds like the Republicans will flip-flop on this talking point from 2000 and 2004.

  • sj

    how can it be a stolen election if we’re talking about polls? if you’re referring to acorn and their ilk, that delta would show up on 11/4, not today.

  • Marty

    As a New Hampshire Yankee Republican I am not surprised by this, the national GOP has lost its way it was supposed to be a party of fiscal restraint, a party that abhored government interfearence in peoples lives, not one that wanted to be in bed rooms and OBGYN offices, a party that avoided foreign wars not one that sought them out. The GOP was founded on these basic principles. The GOP is supposed to be the party of the working man on main streeet, what the faux New England yankee GWB and his religious right cronies have done to the GOP is a disgrace, We went from the party of Leverett Saltonstall and Edward Brooke to that of Mitch McConnell and Trent Lott.

    The GOP should lose. The Democrats are worse mind you, they are a tax and spend party and a party that believes in big government, but at least thay are more up front about it. That is what they have been pushing since FDR.

    The GOP on the other hand can not have its candidates run on a platform that promises fiscal restraint and avoidence of foreign entanglements and then let the neo cons run rampent with their patriot acts and Iraqi War and wall street bail outs.

    That the first black president is going to be elected from the party of Jefferson Davis and not from the party of Abraham Lincoln says a lot.

    As for me I am voting for Bob Barr,

  • http://westanddivided.blogspot.com/ mw

    “Ladies and gentlemen, uh, we’ve just lost the picture, but what we’ve seen speaks for itself. Washington D.C. has apparently been taken over — ‘conquered’ if you will — by a master race of giant Democrats. It’s difficult to tell from this vantage point whether they will consume the captive Republicans or merely enslave them. One thing is for certain, there is no stopping them. The Democrats will soon take over. And I for one welcome our new Democratic overlords. I’d like to remind them that as a trusted independent blogger, I can be helpful in soliciting more fat cat donors, and rounding up others to toil in their mandatory volunteer service corps.”

  • Mae

    I have 5 grandkids who are looking forward to doing service work in their high schools and beyond, in college where Obama’s plan would offer $4000 tax credit in exchange for 100 hours of service. It’s up to the individual college student, and is NOT mandatory.
    Contrary to MW’s “mandatory” statement, the only part of his service program that is mandatory would be 50 hours of community service in high schools. That’s about 4-5 hours per month.
    Our children need to be involved in service via cleaning up the environment, helping seniors, etc. They have not had that opportunity ever.
    The Peace Corp, Americorps, other service groups would be expanded under Obam/Biden. All volunteer orgs.
    Want to read more?
    Here’s the plan:
    Also, if we do elect Obama/Biden, then that would be the will of the people, not a “takeover by a giant, master race of Democrats”!lol. Remember, we ARE a Democracy.
    Americans are screaming for change!!!

  • Bob Wolf

    I am predicting that McCain will not even carry Arizona and Alaska and that Obama will storm home with over 435 electoral votes.

  • Steve Schilz

    It is not news that the Republicans have had to sell their souls to the religious right to mount even a credible battle for the White House. Such associations will serve only to bite them in the nether regions as the collectors of favors line up to get their due. The courtship with Palin will serve as another case in point. McCain lost his integrity when he decided it impossible to win the nomination without bowing to the political expediency of support of the far-right. But, in doing so he really has become Bush-junior – it is an association that his intentional voting alignment with Bush cannot hide. I may have considered voting for the real McCain, but his cowering in the face of the Republican machine, his choice of Pailn, his slanderous campaign tactics have reinforced my commitment to Obama. McCain is a puppet, now, little more. He comes across as a curmudgeon totally out of touch with the American people and their struggles (despite the ongoing crap regarding Joe whoever). His blasts against “socialism” and the various economic proposals are just an attempt to pit fiscal conservatism (which is now a soundly routed economic philosophy given the current crisis confronting us) against proposals of government regulation, is just more evidence of his lack of understanding. Deregulation of the markets is generally accepted as the precursor to out economic woes. More of the same can only compound the problem, not somehow magically cure it. McCain is just a modern day Mary Poppins, certainly not a James Garner…

  • Karen L

    Am I the only one to notice a somewhat racist tone to the speeches being given by McCain and Palin at their recent campaign events?
    McCain has slid a long, long way down for me since the days when I prayed for him to be the Republican nominee for president, my thinking in those days being; “Well at least he’s a Republican i could stomach for 4 years.” Now he’s so despicable, my wish these days is not only that his ticket lose, but that he slinks away from the US Senate on his cloven hooves with his pointed tail between his legs. Shame, shame, shame . . .

  • JK

    I have to agree with Marty’s post. What he writes, speaks much of the truth regarding the idea that the ‘R’ party’s discourse and ideas have left allot of people behind. It seems that a vocal minority has decided that they know what is best for the rest of us.
    I consider myself to be someone who holds very strongly to the right to privacy, and government staying out of my personal life decisions.
    The GOP’s talking points have left me behind. They really need to wake up.