When’s the last time you heard a local television news anchor quote Karl Marx?

Well, get ready, because you’re about to…

First off, I think Biden answered the way you should when somebody asks questions with such a heavy editorial slant. I mean that was laughably transparent. Karl Marx? Is she serious with that?

But second…I think what we’re seeing here are two memes forming that we’ll hear a lot about in the years to come.

Meme One: America Is Becoming A Socialist Society
It really seems like Republicans are now trying to characterize the progressive taxation system we’ve had for the past 70 years as “socialist.” And, to be fair, it does redistribute wealth and that’s sort of the point. But folks…what’s the alternative? A flat tax?

Well, if you that’s what you’re thinking, I’d like to share some realities about the flat tax proposals that have been put forth in recent history. All the ones I’ve seen provide for a “primary exemption” which would make a certain amount of income completely free from tax. And then anything above that would be taxed at the flat rate.

Long story short, it’s still a progressive taxation system because there are tiers. So there would be a large swatch of people who would pay absolutely ZERO taxes. How is that any fairer than our current system? The net effect is it would raise taxes on the already shrinking middle class and be a MASSIVE tax cut for the rich.

But mark my words, this is the boogeyman that Republicans will be trotting out the next four years. They’ll accuse Obama of stripping America of its freedoms and turning it into a socialist society for things like hiking the highest tax rate 3%.

What’s more, I think this flat tax idea will catch on with the Republican base. After all, Huckabee ran on that platform this year and he did rather well for himself with pretty much no money. And since Republicans will need a “big idea” in 2012 to provide a compelling reason for people to vote for them again (unless Obama is completely made of fail), the flat tax seems like the best thing they’ve got.

Meme Two: America Is Losing Its Superpower Status
The only other thing that Republicans can usually run on besides taxes is national defense, and they’ve been quite effective at it in recent years. So I anticipate that we’ll hearing a lot of chatter in the coming years about how our position in the world as a super power is coming to an end because of Obama’s foreign policy.

Why will they be able to make the point? Well, first off they’ll just say it whether or not it’s valid. But second, I bet Obama’s cuts military spending back to 3% of the GDP, where it was at in 2000. Reason? We can’t afford it since it currently totals just under $1 trillion a year when accounting for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Now, there could be a genuine foreign policy blunder Obama makes and that would be an obvious thing to point out, but look for some of the right-wing politicos to try and paint nearly anything that doesn’t seem like a absolute, clear win as a failure. Particularly when we’re considering Pakistan, Iran and Russia. Because those three seem like they’re going to be thorns in our side for years to come.

We shall see…

  • Oh, the name-calling! It has worn the fabric of decent and reasonable political discourse. More here:

  • bubbles

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…. has anyone seen the Drudge Report’s page lately? I’m thinking of saving for a screenshot just because it’s so priceless.

  • bubbles
  • ExiledIndependent

    Ok, time out. This really smells fishy. Which local news station did this come from? Feels like something staged by the Obama camp.

  • NH

    Man, Biden just laughed in that lady’s face..that was great. I’ve been pretty ambivalent about Biden, but this won me over..that guy’s a badass.

  • ExiledIndependent

    No station identification, no station ID or logo at the bottom, no mention of a station by the “reporter,” Biden’s responses so quick and absent of verbalized pauses as to sound scripted. Seriously, where did this come from?

  • NH

    By the way, that’s out of WFTV in Central Florida, Barbara West is the interviewer.

  • Justin,

    Wow. that was surreal but what’s really troubling is the way she kept on with her questioning like an interrogator looking for the guilty plea – ‘we’re gonna be here all night, Biden, so you better fess up!

    What I really don’t understand is how the Repubs can look at the previous 8 years, see where we are right now with our economy and foreign policy dilemmas, and accuse the Dems of this kind of nonsense. Do they really care that little about the serious trouble they might see themselves and this country in if we continue on the same course? Can that many people be that partisan that they’ll take the whole ship down under before they admit that they’ve failed?

    Well, it’s simply not gonna work b/c it’s self defeating finger and no normal person is buying it. First, you can’t blame Obama for turning the country Socialist after Bush just partially nationalized all the biggest banks and finance co’s and subsidized the credit markets with upwards of 700Billion taxpayer dollars.

    Secondly, you can’t complain when Obama cuts defense spending because that is one of McCain’s platform promises – that he’ll cut many millions and: “He knows how to do it, too.” Wanna hear the story about the tank ONE MORE TIME!

    This is why I’m voting for Obama and I hope he wins really big. It will give him a clear mandate and maybe, just maybe knock the extremists into the Twilight Zone where their nightmares belong!

  • NH is right. In addition the right wing blogs are loving it, calling it professional and just straightforward questions and trying to say that there was no reason for the reaction the Obama campaign had, which was to cancel an interview that Senator Biden’s wife was supposed to do later that day. That kind of extremist viewpoint is why I have no real respect for Republicanism any more.

  • ExiledIndependent

    Wow–can’t believe this is for real. She’s the very definition of weaksauce.

  • BBQ

    I am glad I never heard my liberal friends, left wing blogs and mags like the Nation talk about how we were turning into a fascist state or a world empire during Bush …oh wait nvm.

    Still waiting for Bush to cancel the election and make himself emperor. He better hurry!

  • I love how she didn’t follow up any of the questions or try to refute Biden. Just goes to show that she thought this would be a “gotcha” interview.

    Biden was very eloquent, except for when he took those jabs at her, by saying things like “i don’t know who’s writing your questions”…lol

  • mary

    Give me a break. All this reporter did was ask Biden questions that should have been asked along time ago. What is the problem with explaing his comments about for example last Sunday regarding The world will test Osama?

  • mary, if you come here again and call Barack Obama “Osama” I’m going to ban you. And please don’t pretend that it was a mistake.

    But to your point about questions that should be asked, yes, it’s completely reasonable to ask if Obama’s a marxist. Sure…

  • mary

    Hi Justin, It really was a mistake, but I caught the mistake and did choose to leave it because I thought it was a ironic mistake, but sorry I should have edited it when I did my spell check.

  • mary