Finally! Somebody on the far right wing is suggesting that Palin actually stand up to the best in the business.

From Politico:

Chris Wallace, on Fox New Sunday, said that Sarah Palin will not do any Sunday show in the entire campaign. “This has been a challenge that all serious candidates have always felt they had to meet,” Wallace said.

Then Wallace asked Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard editor and longtime Palin booster, if she was”afraid” to do a Sunday show. […]

“I’m told she would be happy to do a TV show, if she hasn’t gotten authorization,” Kristol said. “I hope she breaks free this week,” Kristol added. “She should do Fox New Sunday and every show, as far as I’m concerned, next Sunday.”

Well, at this point, if I were McCain I wouldn’t let her do it. I mean, talk about a high pressure situation. Can you imagine her flubbing an interview yet again? The consequences would be disastrous. Dems could ride another awful Palin sound bite right to a 60 seat super majority in the Senate.

But I can see why Kristol is calling for this. I think it’s obvious from his previous comments about her that he’s angling for Palin to be the nominee in 2012. That’s why he’s supporting this “rogue” strategy. But she has to be able to stand on her own two feet, and if she fails, well, Kristol can move on to somebody like Romney or Pawlenty.

However, let me revise a previous statement I made about Palin. She could be the nominee in 2012. But she has to write a serious political book about her conservative conviction and it has to take hold and spread like wildfire throughout the base. That’s the only way she can build a compelling and consistent narrative for a 2012 run.

Will it happen?

  • Wouldn’t that depend on how good a ghost writer they could find for her?

  • Judge Roy Bean

    It is interesting the effect Palin has on men, even the normally grounded Mr. Kristol. I read an article last week that beautiful women can make a man forget about future consequences of actions taken today. They become, like King Kong, mesmerized by the face of Beauty. Palin is nothing but a facade and Alaska is finding that out fast. All the Newser interviews in the world will not convert her into a person of substance.

  • m2000

    Write a book?? She clearly does not possess the education required to undertake suck a task. First, she should work on speaking in complete, coherent sentences. Only then should she consider writing something. Can you imagine a book filled with that horrible run-on gibberish? Makes my head spin.

  • Danny M

    I don’t understand why everyone’s going crazy over Palin’s looks. Face of beauty? Maybe when she was 20 (I dunno, I haven’t seen any pictures), but today she’s nothing special. Unless of course you’re comparing her to other women in politics, then I guess it makes sense.

  • gerryf

    Judge Roy Bean,

    “the normally grounded Mr. Kristol”

    Uhm, that was sarcasm, right? Because the last thing anyone should be calling Kristol is grounded.