Watch Georgia On Tuesday

Watch Georgia On Tuesday


More trend lines from, and it looks like McCain will be able to hold onto this state barely.

Here’s Chuck Todd’s take…

Has this state really slipped into the toss-up category? Possibly. A few years ago, I asked a smart Democratic demographer which states could become competitive if the party could maximize voter registration and turnout among African-Americans. This demographer pointed to three states: Georgia, Louisiana (pre-Katrina) and Mississippi. So we’ll see.

Still…could this be the surprise of the night?

  • mike mcEachran

    Maybe – or on Wednesday we might be talking about the “Obama Effect”. McCain hopes the polls are wrong. I think they are, too, but not the same way.

  • Reid

    2 million people have already voted in Georgia. There’s 1.5 million more registered voters in the state than in 2006. Turnout may be fully 50% higher than it was in 2004 (3.25 million). Living here, it sure feels like there could be an unexpected result on Tuesday.