Reverend Wright Ad Shows Up In Pennsylvania

Reverend Wright Ad Shows Up In Pennsylvania


You knew it had to happen. But what’s surprising is this was created and is being funded by the Republican Party of Pennsylvania.

In fact, their user account on YouTube only has two videos in it, with this being one of them.

Will McCain denounce this tactic?

We shall see…

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  • Todd

    The irony is, if John McCain had run the kind of honorable campaign that he talked about in the beginning, this type of attack might actually be more effective at this point, two days before the election.

    However, it really does appear that the Obama narrative “if McCain is attacking, it’s because he doesn’t have any ideas of his own” seems to resonating with even the unlikliest of voters.

    This stunt by the PA Republicans may actually cost McCain votes overall … but those hard-core Sean Hannity fans sure will love it.

    … I guess at this point, you take your small victories where you can get em.

    Just my opinion,

  • mike mcEachran

    Spot on, Todd. Every erradic choice J Mack has made has been like shooting holes in his own life rafts. Now that the ship is sinking, he’s got nothing to rely on. He’s great on SNL and as an issue-to-issue maverick, but really freakin bad with long term thinking and visionary leadership. We have the long campaign season to thank for this dodged bullet.

  • mike mcEachran

    I mean, maybe dodged bullet. It aint over…I know, I know… knocking on wood…

  • Susanna K.

    Watching a Georgia CBS station tonight, I saw an ad featuring Rev. Wright run a couple times. So they’re down here, too.

  • redhorse

    Something similar from Republican Trust PAC began running in Ohio today, or at least today was the first time I saw the spot. Focus was Wright.

  • DougL

    Something similar also played in IL (Chicago) today. Also paid for Republican Trust PAC.

  • Robert Campbell

    “As one who attends a UCC church, I would ask other UCC parishioners to contact this PAC and ask them to bring down this ad in the next 2 days, or we will expose McCain for what he truly is , i.e. an Episcopalian disguised as a Baptist!!!!

    : – )

    Given Senator Obama’s repudiation of Rev. Wright’s ill advised remarks, this last minute nonsense is way over the top.”

  • http://none Beverly g

    Wow, this hater Wright actually baptized Obamas kids? I didn’t know that. Barack I am sorry but this means you have lied to me about you are not such good friends with this man. Thank you for posting about this.