North Carolina Goes For Obama

North Carolina Goes For Obama


Well, it’s not official yet, but with Missouri all but certain to be called for McCain in the next day or so the final electoral tally should shape up like this…

Obama: 364
McCain: 174

By the way, is anybody else blown away that Obama beat McCain by more than 2 to 1?

And also…North Carolina went blue???

In any event, here’s more about NC…

Democrat Barack Obama is the unofficial winner in North Carolina, but the victory over Sen. John McCain won’t be sealed until provisional ballots are counted and certified next month.

Unofficial returns show Obama ahead by 13,746 votes.

Trends over the last 14 years point to Obama having a wider lead after the provisionals are counted, said Gary Bartlett, executive director of the State Board of Elections.

“It widens the lead for the winner, no matter who that may be,” Bartlett said.

His office will know tomorrow how many provisional ballots the counties have. Usually, about 65 percent of the voters who cast provisional ballots were eligible.

And scene.

  • leapsecond

    Since Silver predicted that NC would go blue, I wasn’t all that surprised.

    I’m astonished that Obama took Indiana though – I was not expecting that at all, despite how tight it was in the polls before the election.

  • Big Rebel

    TarHeels know a good thing when they get it. That and all these “damn yankees” who’ve moved south over the last several years have finally turned the polity into a donklephant.

  • kranky kritter

    I AM pretty surprised that NC went blue when I compare it to recent historicals.

    But late McCain weakness showing in places like Montana and Georgia did lead me to expect that at least one or two of the close but usually reliably red states would fall into Obama’s column. Virginia and NC were the two places I felt were likely to stay red in the end. What’s a bit surprising to me is that NC, VA, and IN went for Obama while MO went for McCain. would have thought that if Obama got the former 3 he would certainly have carried the latter one.

    An interesting thing to note when you look at the electoral map is the strong correlation between population density and color. City mouse blue, country mouse red. States with growing populations and burgeoning metropolitan areas are driving blueness. NC has gotten much bigger, and you can see Denever kind of driving blueness as the major midwest metropolis.

    Pro sports franchises are a good rough proxy for population density. How many of the states with 3 or 4 or more major pro sports franchises went red? How many of the states with only 0 or 1 franchises went blue, aside from the New England states?

  • Michael LaRocca

    I’ve been a North Carolinian and a blue for 46 years, so I’m just blown away. I thought all you had to do to win in North Carolina was slap some red paint on your bottom.

    Why yes, I do despite the Electoral College system, but let’s save that for another thread.