Ralph Nader Calls Obama An Uncle Tom

Ralph Nader Calls Obama An Uncle Tom


What in the hell was he thinking?

Nader’s reasoning is pathetic. Because Obama doesn’t promise to have an uber-liberal agenda, he’s an Uncle Tom?

Between stuff like this and his “one word answer press conferences,” Nader is a joke at this point and nothing more. How sad.

By the way, how funny is it that he’s being called out by Fox News of all media outlets?

  • L

    Why wouldn’t he just say sell-out or some other word not explicitly linked to race? Geez Nader, I won’t go so far as to say you’re a joke but at least show you have some tact left.

  • mike mcEachran

    Shameful downfall for man who did so much good. His media addiction has finally gotten the best of him.

  • http://www.warning1938alert.ytmnd.com Jimmy the Dhimmi

    I voted for him in 2000 lol.

  • kranky kritter

    This can only be a surprise to folks who haven’t been paying any attention since 2000. Ralph Nader could give lessons on tainting a legacy. He’s an embittered, inflexible, paranoid, egomaniacal, humorless jerk. Which is too bad, because despite all that, he’s not without insight.

    Personalitywise, he’s spiraling downward fast if you ask me. It’s not uncommon for folks who have a hypersensitive sense of justice to completely lose patience with discourse and courtesy. That’s why the media loves to get him on TV. He’ll deliver something deliciously coarse.

    Frankly Uncle Ralph seems about ready to be fitted for a drool cup.

  • http://giantmonster.com giantmonster

    the last time ‘uncle tom’ was brought up in recent politics was in 2002 when Harry Belefonte referred to Colin Powell as an ‘house slave’ for his loyalty to the Bush/Cheney administration, in particular for his lying to the UN to drum up support for the Iraq war. Some groups – from liberal to conservative – defended Bellafonte’s use of the term while other groups – also ranging from liberal to conservative – found it disgusting and racist.

    just as with Harry Bellafonte’s words, you can choose to take Ralph Nader’s statement as literal and be offended and dismiss all parts of his message or you can choose to see Nader’s words as an analogy within the context of the moment. also, the labeling of Ralph Nader as an egomaniacal jerk is the same as labeling Barak Obama as an elitist: you get to judge & dismiss the individual without having to listen to anything they might have to say. and at that point, you never have to listen. if you don’t like the messenger, kill him! especially if what he or she is saying holds some truth.

    i have great hope for the choice our nation has made in electing barak obama. knowing that an intelligent man with a positive message built on positive change will be the leader of the united states is just too fantastic. i am elated and proud of this nation, and that has been a long time coming. but while i have this great sense of pride that the person i wanted to elect made it to the white house, i also really get what Ralph Nader is saying here: is it uncle sam or uncle tom that would roll back hard fought environmental laws for the sake of short term economic gains and long term pollution and illness? is it uncle sam or uncle tom that would continue a pointless war and drop bombs on innocent civilians on my behalf or in the name of freedom? is it uncle sam or uncle tom that would give immunity to telecommunication companies for violating the fourth amendment? uncle sam has the concerns of the citizens in mind, while uncle tom has the concerns of the corporations in mind.

  • Joshua

    I had wondered what the over/under was on the first time that particular slur would be used against Obama by some hard-lefty who saw him as a sellout. I never expected it to be this soon.

  • http://blog.myspace.com/nohithair Kip

    Ralph Nader pointed out that Obama has a very real possibility of betraying the disenfranchised blacks who helped vote him in to the corporate interests who helped sponsor his election. Obama has yet to state a single practical and rational idea beyond flowery words of “hope” and “change” to address extremely vital issues. I wanted him to win because he was infinitely better than McCain; that hardly means I’m going to wear blinders and assume he’s the next messiah.

    This attack against Nader disgusts me. I already hate the Reagonomics inspired neocons controlling the Republican party. Now you’re giving me reasons to hate the politically correct first amendment-hating Democrats. He has consistently fought and thought first and foremost about the average people and the poor.

    It’s sad that I can trust neither Democrat nor Republican anymore. Brainwashing has leeched far and wide.

  • Luis

    Excellent question on Nader’s part, the stupid journalist could not give a rebuttal other than that stupid look, like something crawled up his but and got stuck. All you ignorant liberal morons should learn your history. 1. Uncle Tom is not meant to be a racial slur. 2. Obama is not a “black” man he is mulatto (mocha). 3. Obama is the bigot by suppressing his “white” side, how should his white family members feel? 4. When does one stop calling on a black president just because he is “black”? Martin Luther is rolling in his grave, you bigots. “not by the color of his skin”.
    Don’t bother responding with stupid, moronic, ignorant, emotional rants.
    Have a nice day.

  • Mike Kirby

    Yep, one gaffe at the end of a long day after 45 years of service, and everyone falls in line behind the shrieking heads on Fox News to write Nader off completely.

    Everybody repeats those magic two words that make his whole point worth ignoring, because Fox News says so, is that it?

    Where was all your, and Fox News’, outrage when McCain said “I hate the gooks. I’ve always hated the gooks” last February? That’ right, not “Uncle Ben”, but “Gooks”.

    Stop kowtowing to the propagandists at Fox News. They’re not a respectable ally.

  • z

    Can you say “700 Billion dollar bailout”

    You know…the one that Obama voted for that bailed out the blue blood elite Europeans…the same ones whose ancestors owned all of the slaves in America…this is THE definition of Uncle Tom:

    “a black who is overeager to win the approval of whites (as by obsequious behavior or uncritical acceptance of white values and goals)”

  • Kasume

    The title for this article is misleading. Nowhere in the quote of Nader’s did he “call” Obama an uncle tom.

    I voted for Obama, and I saw nothing wrong with what Nader said. It just takes a bit higher intellect level to understand what his comment meant. Very easy to misunderstand or twist its words to convey hatred. Sort if the brilliance I find in Nader actually, shame he can’t get a chance to debate – he’d rip the restricted democratic and republican candidates.