Obama Could Get One Electoral Vote From Nebraska

Obama Could Get One Electoral Vote From Nebraska


That’s right. Obama may actually win Omaha.

So if this happens, and you accept that Obama won North Carolina and Missouri will eventually go for McCain, then the electoral count will look like this…

Obama: 365
McCain: 173

More from Omaha World-Herald:

His odds of bagging an electoral vote in Nebraska grew stronger this morning, with word that 10,000 to 12,000 early ballots and 5,200 provisional ballots are left to count in Douglas County.

Obama won about 61 percent of the early votes counted before Tuesday’s election. If that percentage holds with the early ballots left to count, Obama stands a strong chance of winning the Omaha-area 2nd Congressional District.

Republicans did not concede defeat this morning, but they acknowledged the long odds. John McCain held a 569-vote lead over Obama in the 2nd District at the end of Tuesday.

Are the demographics of this country changing so significantly that Obama can win electoral votes in Omaha?

If so…the Republicans may be wandering in the desert a lot longer than they think.