Jon Stewart On Prop 8 Passage

Jon Stewart On Prop 8 Passage


As usual, he’s pitch perfect…

Yes, the idea that increased African American turnout may have helped passed this ridiculous discrimination so tragically ironic it hurts. I mean…69% supported this ban? In California?? Really???

Truly crazy stuff. And it proves, yet again, that discrimination knows no color and we have a long, long way to go before we become a truly inclusive nation.

Moving on…

  • Aaron

    I’ve heard rumors that the Mormon Church had a lot to do with contributions toward Yes on 8, and as a result, challenges to their tax exempt status are arising.

  • Shane

    I saw these numbers in the exit polls on Tuesday. 2 questions for the debate that I have don’t yet have answers to: 1)Why did that demographic vote like that? 2) Why were we surprised when they did?

    I expect the answers lie in examining our stereotypes.

  • RPC

    Once again, your comments on this issue are based on the idea that the only possible reason there can be for opposing gay marriage and Proposition 8 is discrimination, which is not the case.

  • RPC

    Should have said “…opposing gay marriage and supporting Proposition 8…”

  • Humanity

    People of all races and of all colors and of all beliefs discriminate. Its an inherent human flaw to think of ones own view point superior to another and to try to push ones own belief system onto the ‘uneducated’ masses.

    Will we ever evolve over that? God only knows. It sure as heck aint happening within the next 100yrs, that much I can guarantee.

  • sam

    How are these demographics collected? Are they publicly available?

  • Mia

    Unfortunately, Obama’s statement that he believes marriage should be between one man and one woman caused the creation of a powerful mailer in California incorrectly stating that Obama supported the gay marriage ban. There was also confusion among many voters also that voting “yes” meant supporting gay marriage, whereas in reality a “yes” vote was to ban gay marriage.

  • tp

    How the HELL can people keep blaming blacks for prop 8 passing?

    I’m a white straight male, and even _I_ can do the math: blacks make up less than 10% of CA’s population. Had blacks not voted in favor of prop 8 it STILL would have passed, you racist fools!

  • Eddie

    You know what is amazing is that we are discussing how the word “Marriage” should be defined… how screwed up have we became. OOPS I can answer that look what just happened in this last election.

    I really do believe that GOD meant for the word to mean Adam and Eve – Not Adam and Steve…

    Just my thoughts,