Bobby Jindal Talks GOP Future

Bobby Jindal Talks GOP Future


Maybe not in 2012, but be on the lookout for Bobby Jindal in the coming years. He will definitely be a major player.

The three things that Jindal cite are definitely what the GOP hung their hat on, but will they have a higher hurdle if Obama is successful with his decidedly liberal economic agenda?

We shall see…

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  • Chris

    Yes, because the conservative economic agenda is WRONG! It’s pretty darn obvious, how can you whistle to the same tune over and over again when it’s proven wrong. Time to find something else to harp on, because you’re wrong. lol. Seriously. It’s not that hard to figure out, take a look at the states that institute a conservative economic plan, like Alabama and Georgia. Are those economically successful states?

  • kyle

    How can Jindal, a Muslim turned Catholic, be the new GOP leader? Come on, just because Obama is a Muslim that means Republicans will back a Muslim? Strange…!!!