Missouri, Seriously, We’ve Gotta Talk

Missouri, Seriously, We’ve Gotta Talk


Listen MO,

I know you like being the swing state of all swing states, but seriously…it’s time to decide who you’re giving your electoral votes to.

Yes, I know you’ve chosen the loser in the election only once in the past 100 years, but nobody’s perfect and it looks like you picked McCain instead of Obama this time. But hey, it was only by about 5,000 votes and both candidates were pretty good this time (let’s agree to disagree on Palin) so I can imagine why you had such a difficult time figuring this one out.

Regardless, you’ve had more than week now and it shouldn’t be that hard to round up all the absentee and provisional ballots.

Show me a result soon. Please.

Your friend and resident,
Justin Hussein Gardner

PS – Also, could you do something about the roads?

  • A Tiger

    Missouri has until Tuesday (by state law) to total up our votes. We would rather have an accurate count in such a close election and besides what does it matter, the election is settled. Our 11 electoral college votes one way or another will not change that.

  • AG

    obviously that is the root of the problem here. “A Tiger” and others in former VIP state Missouri see the election results as a “close election”. It was not close at all. Obama won with a commanding 365 electoral votes. So Missouri really does need to get over the fact that the state is not such a bell weather state any more.
    that distinction belongs to Virginia. Virginia is the new Missouri. The VA vote percentages almost exactly mirrored the national vote percentages.

  • Gretchen Atwood

    Missouri lost its bellwether tendencies about 20 years ago. MO has been sliding toward “lean Republican” for that time, we just didn’t realize it because the state went for neighbor and southern boy, Clinton, and for Bush (gack) twice. It’s natural leaning these days seem on the conservative side of middle.

    This doesn’t mean it won’t go Dem again but it didn’t for a liberal African-American. As someone who volunteered for Obama in the state — and grew up there — I can vouch that race did play a role in the election.

    It seems like a lot of the younger folks in MO leave the state and go elsewhere. I have no data on this, though. I would love to know if MO also skkews older than average as well. That *could* be a reason for its inching right-ward.

  • Elizabeth Yohe Moore

    @Gretchen – the funny thing about the demographics in MO is they’re deceptive – I believe that in MO the middle aged voters went to McCain, while there are a lot of yellow dog Democrats in the elderly population. This is an alternate explanation for the increasing Republican lean: the Democratic voters of MO are all dying of old age, while the young population that tends to stay in the state are conservative.

  • Steve Cooper

    Hip, hip, hurray! We Missourians finally lose our claim to picking the president.

    It was always an arrogant claim, as if all the other states didn’t really matter–we were the *real* bellwether state.

    Of course, we aren’t and haven’t been for 20 years. The state has been trending Republican east, west, north, and south. The result is that Missouri is about 5-7% more Republican that the country overall.

    I’ve always said it would be fun to cut the state in half along I-70, and retally the votes (we’ll take St. Louis and Kansas in the north half, please… also, please give us Columbia for god’s sake!)

  • mutant minds

    agree to disagree on Palin? that’s a joke, right? and both candidates were good? another joke, yes?

    Seriously, a man who believes we are winning our stupid wars, who thought the Vietnam war was going just fine until we left, and a woman who can’t name preconditions to Iran talks nor a major US newspaper.

    Those were jokes, right? Please, please tell they were jokes. I didn’t think people just parroted Fox News, but i guess I’m wrong

  • bubba

    Missouri has the 12th highest 65+ population and the 23rd highest 18-29 population.


    Red favored McCain. Blue favored Obama.

  • Missouri mule

    If Missouri is trending Republican, as previous posters have claimed, then why did the Democrats win nearly every statewide race in Missouri this year? I would argue that the state is moving back to the left, but some of the older independents let race get in the way of their presidential vote.

  • Daniel


    I’m quite sure he’s not saying what you think he’s saying.

  • http://www.MusicByDay.com Marvin Music

    AG, I think Tiger meant the election in Kansas is close – not overall where Obama won rather easily (as Tiger also pointed out as a reason of why there shouldn’t be a rush to get Kansas’ results since they do not really matter as far as the outcome of the election – Obama won.)

  • http://www.MusicByDay.com Marvin Music

    Except replace Kansas with Missouri. I got confused earlier when I read Kathleen Sebelius’ name somewhere.