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Quote Of The Day


“This dialogue about ‘we have to go back to our core values.’ What is that? How far does ‘core’ go back in history in America. Thirty years? Fifty years? Because we know that Teddy Roosevelt talks about universal healthcare. I think it’s all nonsense talk.”
– Arnold Schwarzenegger on This Week with George Stephanopoulos

Looks like Obama could have a great friend in California. Because not only is Schwarzenegger talking up universal health care, he’s also behind Obama’s plan for a rescue package for the Big 3 and is even asking for money for states.

I agree on all accounts.

These are uniquely challenging times and they call for creative, bold solutions. Just letting massive companies like this fail when virtually nobody is buying anything doesn’t make sense because the market is essentially broken and not supporting any business, much less businesses that make high price items like cars. Especially when we can set specific conditions for the loans that fit into our long term strategic goals.

And obviously we’re not advocating action just for the sake of action. We’re saying specific things need to be done because letting things run their “natural” course could have devastating consequences, particularly for the middle class.

In short, the term “domino effect” has never been more appropriate. Schwarzenegger gets that. I wish I we were able to convince more of this too.

  • Avinash_Tyagi

    Arnold, should just become a Democrat, he already shares so many views with the Dems, plus his relationship with his wife would probably improve if he did

  • Karl

    Throwing money down a bottomless pit will not revive our economy, particularly the US auto makers. They (and other failing businesses including banks) need to go through Chapter 11 (at the least) to renegotiate their obligations and debts and redeploy (sell off) misallocated resources which presently doom them.

  • dawn

    they are not allowed to chapter 11 or 13 or any relief. . .

    how do I spell pain

    student loan usury. . . the gift that gives for your whole life.


    No Bankruptcy!!! . .sell your yacht. . .summer home . .. winter home. . .ask your mom. . .no getting out of it ever! . . .

    don’t forget the extra fees, they are the best part.

  • Matt

    I guess when Arnold decided to become a politician he based his party choice on which one seemed to like Hummers more at the time?

    I hear California is looking for handouts/bailouts now, anyway, so it’s more difficult for him to pretend to be conservative at this point.

    At what point will we find out that there’s not enough money to go around?

  • peak

    Who’s going to buy a car from a company that is in bankruptcy? It’s a death sentence for the US auto industry and manufacturing ability. Without our manufacturing ability, who’s going to build help build our tanks and planes in the event of a large-scale war?

  • http://www.MusicByDay.com Marvin Music

    Nice to hear that Arnold is coming to the light side. If the GOP wants to remain a viable party they better start listening to the moderates in their party like Arnold S and leave the bible beaters like Sarah P behind.

  • http://www.IamRevolutionary.com Chris

    Arnold has it right.

    It’s not “free market capitalism” that has caused this. We haven’t seen free markets in this country EVER. It’s a manipulated market that supports corporate growth, not free markets.

    If that was the case, US auto makers would have had more fuel efficient cars that could compete a long time ago, but the Oil Industry wouldn’t let that happen.

    So now it’s time to put some regulation down in order to bring the free market back without fucking it up.

  • Dunlap

    I Disagree. It makes perfect sense to let a large company fail during an economic slump. That’s what economic slumps do, trim the fat from the economy. Clear a path for the next, better, car company to be created. Bailing out car companies is not only fiscally irresponsible of our government, it goes sharply against our capitalist ideals. It should be a make or break world out there, thats how capitalism works, and our injecting money into it to try and keep them afloat is screwing with the system.

  • http://reddit.com Sean Sisco