Arizona Dems Don’t Want Napolitano To Leave

Arizona Dems Don’t Want Napolitano To Leave


As I mentioned earlier, John McCain welcomed the news that the Arizona Governor was going to take the spot at the Department of Homeland Security, but there are some who want her to stay in the state.

From New Republic:

Napolitano, a widely popular Democratic governor in a red state, has two years left in Phoenix’s executive office. During her tenure, Napolitano has broken the Right’s iron grip on both houses of the state legislature by vetoing several Republican-backed bills. […]

Not only will Democrats lose Napolitano as a crucial ally–they will also have to contend with her constitutionally mandated successor, Secretary of State Jan Brewer, a rank-and-file Republican elected in 2002.

“The population needs to be more careful in whom they elect secretary of state,” said Democrat Marsha Arzberger, minority leader in the state senate. “I do not think she’s a leader, I do not think she’s prepared for the task, and I don’t think she has a vision in mind.” Silverman added, “She’s from the same cloth–literally, she came from the legislature–as the wing of the GOP Napolitano has battled with for years.”

This is definitely troubling for Arizona, especially if somebody who isn’t ready to be Governor gets appointed because of a line of succession. But if that’s the way it is, what else can Dems do? Oh yeah…win the election in 2010.

So buck up Arizona Dems and get a game plan. You can’t wrap up your hopes in just one person. Time to get serious and start winning back those legislature seats. Napolitano didn’t get elected by simply appealing to the far left so take a page out of playbook and start taking the state back.