Coleman’s Lead Down To 136 After Second Recount Day

Coleman’s Lead Down To 136 After Second Recount Day


I’m following the Minnesota recount pretty closely because we could potentially have the makings of a super majority on our hands if Franken wins the recount and Jim Martin is able to beat Saxby Chambliss in Georgia.

In any event, after the first day Franken had cut Coleman’s lead from 215 to 172. And today Coleman has lost an additional 36 net votes.

FiveThirtyEight has some details…

Coleman’s lead over Franken is now 136 votes after two days and 46% of the ballots recounted. 30% of votes have been recounted in heavily Democratic Ramsey County, 36% in Democratic St. Louis County, and 42% in Democratic Hennepin County.

Six relatively small counties are set to begin counting tomorrow. More are set to begin counting next week, and the challenge adjudication phase of the process can begin as early as December 6, but likely Monday December 8.

Dakota County, which went for Coleman decisively, has produced a net gain of 32 for Franken. Coleman has lost 40 votes to Franken’s 8, so perhaps this is where Franken challenges have stepped up.

It’s still anybody’s ball game at this point, but Franken didn’t keep up his pace from yesterday and he’ll need to gain a lot more if he hopes to overtake Coleman.

Basically, if Coleman’s lead was 215 at the start, and Franken has only gained 79 so far (43 the first day, 36 the second day), he’s 19 behind the pace he needs to be at with 46% of the recount completed or 98 votes. So my gut tells me that Franken will ultimately fall short by about 40 votes.

More as it develops…

  • kranky kritter

    Where’s the faith, Justin?

    Based on the overwhelming one-way trend towards Franken where every past error has magically been corrected in his favor, I have fait. Someone will oopsie find a box or two of votes that oopsie-DAISY they forgot to count the last time. And wouldn’t you know that most of them are for Franken.

    It’ll be a miracle.

    I hope I’m wrong. Not because I favor either guy, knowing little of either. But it’s bad when initial results are overturned. It undermines the non-cynical variety of faith that the system relies on.

  • bigby suvins

    I don’t like either Coleman or Franken but responses like Kranky Kritters’ is the antithesis to democracy. In a real democracy all the votes would get counted and anyone who thinks otherwise just shouldn’t vote. If my vote didn’t get counted I’d pretty pissed off and I don’t care what media outlets declare or push upon the public. I mean, c’mon! I think 90% of America knows that the prez election in 2000 was a stolen election and would have gone to the robotic Al Gore by a comfortable margin if all the votes had been actually tallyed. I am no Dem, but will say a major difference between Dems and Republicans are that Dems want voters to vote and Republicans will do anything, and I mean anything, to prevent voters from voting, especially poor voters. Let people vote. Let their votes count. Voting may ultimately be a facade for our democracy, but this is the last vestige of faith (voting) that our citizens have. Let them keep that faith, whether it matters or not.