Supreme Court To Review Obama’s Citizenship

Supreme Court To Review Obama’s Citizenship


It looks like the Barack Obama citizenship issue will not die until he is inaugurated. It probably will not end even then.

Now the U.S. Supreme Court will discuss the matter in private because one justice decided it was worthy. Before fingering the member of our highest court, I will give a little background information on the case. If you do not think too hard about it, you can probably guess which Supreme Court Justice is responsible.

Leo Donofrio of New Jersey filed suit against Nina Wells, the New Jersey Secretary of State, claiming that she had not performed her duty to ensure the integrity of the electoral process.

Donofrio originally asked a state court to review the citizenship of Barack Obama, John McCain and Roger Calero. Calero was the Socialist Worker’s Party Presidential candidate. He was born in Venezuela. That is a cut and dry case.

John McCain was born in Panama but on an American military base. Legal scholars believe birth on an American military base qualifies as a “natural-born citizen.”  A “natural-born citizen” is one of the requirements to be President.

For Obama, it is the old born in Kenya story again. Anyone who doubts that Obama was not born in Hawaii, please refer to Politifact and Factcheck investigations. Hawaii does not allow birth records to be publicly viewed. This is why no one can go in and see the certificate. It is not because Obama is hiding them, or they were never there. Read this article from Foolocracy if you want more information.

Anyway, after Donofrio’s case was rejected at the state level, he presented it to Supreme Court Justice David Souter who rejected it. Donofrio then presented it to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who put it on the court docket for a conference on December 5. If four of the nine justices decide to hear the case, then full oral arguments will be scheduled.

Now it is possible Thomas wants to review Calero’s eligibility as a Presidential candidate. There are plenty of acceptable reasons for this. However, the timing, 10 days before the Electoral College meets, only gives hope and ammunition for those who believe Barack Obama has conspired to create the greatest hoax in world history — that he and his family have been hiding his Kenyan citizenship since he was a few days old so he could run for President.

Gee, thanks, Clarence Thomas.

By the way, for those still questioning Obama’s and McCain’s citizenship qualifications, al-Qaeda did fly planes into the Twin Towers, aliens have not abducted millions of people for medical experiments, and the moon is not made of cheese.

Here is the Supreme Court docket. You can see the real thing here.


  • Doug Mataconis

    This entire issue is in serious need of clarification.

    The Supreme Court will NOT be meeting to discuss Barack Obama’s citizenship, they will meet to determine if they will even accept the case for review. I’m hazarding a guess here, but I’m 99.99% certain that the answer to that question will be no. The Justices will not be meeting to “review Obama’s citizenship status.” They likely won’t even discuss the facts of the case, since Supreme Court review is limited to questions of law, not questions of fact

  • James Youngblood

    From what I know Philip’s Berg’s case is already in the Supreme Court. The Court will eventually decide what to do with it. Addition, I believe 3rd suit from the state of CT is scheduled to submitted to the Supreme Court alleging the same similiar argument. The Justices of Supreme Court have received dozens if not hundreds of letters from American Citizens that they demand they honor and uphold the US Consititution.

    Andy Martin plans to appeal his case and eventually might find its way to the Supreme Court.

    Alen Keyes has also filed suit against Obama and the CA Electorals that they verify Obama to a “Natural Born” citizen and that his actual Birth Certificate in Hawaii be released for scrunity.

    Finally there are suits in Texas, North Carolina and perhaps Mississippi that have or will filing suits alleging Obama is not qualified.

    It will certainly be interesting how this plays out in the next few weeks.

  • James Youngblood

    The State of Hawaii has merely said that they have a Birth Certificate on File; not that he was actually born in Hawaii. The Birth Certificate on file may indicate a Kenyan birth. Hawaii laws people to obtain Certifications of Live Birth even if you weren’t born in Hawaii.

    There is evidence that Obama was born in Kenya:

    Obama’s Grandmother in Kenya revealed that she was in the delivery room when Obama was born IN KENYA.

    Further, recent radio show with so-called Kenyan Ambassdor has confirmed Obama as being born in Kenya:

  • Alistair

    This story would get any traction at all and Obama will be sworn in as President on Jan. 20, 2009.

  • Alistair

    Mr. James Youngblood


  • James S

    This whole dark episode in American history will become a bigger problem as time goes on. I imagine in 5, 10 or 20yrs time when we look back the Obamabots will wonder what happened and why they were all brainwashed to over look this obvious faux pas.

    Time has run out, the fight can’t be in the court room of the SCOTUS as they simply will not rule on this, as they too have been paid off to destroy the Constitution. Quite simply someone must get the copy of the certificate and blow it out of the water.

    The future is bleak, I am just sitting back and measuring just how severely effected the public are, the combination of a diet of Coke, Big Macs, Britney Spears, Oprah, CNN and Political Correctness (which is a communist invention). This did not just happen overnight, it has been in planning for around 30yrs.

  • James Youngblood
  • Alistair

    Mr. Youngblood

    That’s not even compelling.

  • Mike, Arizona


    You’re just another liberal that isn’t willing to look at the true facts but wants to obfuscate through misdirection.

    The truth about Donofrio’s case before the SCOTUS is this: the founding fathers didn’t want people with split loyalties at birth to be able to ultimately assume the position of the POTUS without being ‘natural born’. Even if BO was born in Hawaii as he states (although doubtful) he would not be ‘natural born’ because both parents were not citizens of the USA, and therefore at birth received multiple citizenships. According to our founding fathers multiple loyalties do NOT mean natural born.

    The intended criteria of ‘natural born’ is born on US soil to parents that are both US citizens. Neither McCain or BO meet this criteria.

    If BO doesn’t have anything to hide then why doesn’t he just cough up a vault copy of his original long form birth? It likely it because he has something to hide and doesn’t want to be immediatly thrown out on his you know what.

  • John Adams

    It is interesting that since at least last February McCain was sued and hounded on this very same issue. There were full spread articles in such newspapers as the New York Times. At the time the same questions were being asked of Obama. Any news coverage and articles in mainline papers about Obama being a “natural born citizen”? Nope. Eventually McCain as an honorable man, knowing that this important question needed to be answered before the election to prevent voter fraud, produced his birth records to the Senate and had them reviewed and this resulted:

    Note who was there for this vote. Yup Obama. Did he stand up and say, “I have been asked these same questions and to prevent a fraud on the voters before the election I demand that you look at all of my records and make a similar resolution”. Did that happen? Nope.

    Instead Obama produces a Certification of Live Birth that the Obama campaign posted to various websites who dutifully state that they have held the document and have certified that it is authentic and that it proves that Obama is a “natural born citizen”. Unfortunately, according to the Hawaiian Department of Health and the laws of Hawaii what has been produced i.e. a Certification of Live Birth is not the same as a Certificate of Live Birth, which is the document that is required to authenticate Hawaiian birth.

    In the Berg matter Obama could have signed a release and paid $12.00 and produced a copy of his vault or long form birth certificate. Instead Obama and the DNC send in three law firms to fight the case on the technical grounds that a citizen does not have standing to ask a candidate that question. Most of all of the other lawsuits have been dismissed on similar grounds. As of this date the only evidence produced is the same old Certification of Life birth from the various Websites.

    Alan Keyes has filed a suit in California Sacramento Superior Court. You can go to the Court website and get a copy of the writ of mandate. I recommend that you go there and get a copy and read it. Keyes has sued Obama, Biden, Deborah Bowen the California Secretary of State and the 55 California Democratic electors. This law suit does not suffer from the same lack of standing arguments that the others have been dismissed under as Keyes was on the ballot in California and can show damages and hence has standing to ask the court to review the material that Ms. Bowen used to vet Obama to put him on the ballot. In this case Bowen is going to have to present the evidence that she used to vet or qualify Obama. If it cannot be determined that Obama is a “natural born citizen” Bowen will not be able to certify the 55 electors. Such a decision would quickly spread to other States.

    If there is something embarrassing in Obama’s records then he should take the opportunity to bring his records to the Supreme Court and ask them to review them in private and issue a ruling if he meets the Constitutional standard of not. The records could then be sealed. If Obama continues to show up with a fleet of attorneys and fights to have his records sealed it can only mean he is hiding something.

  • john

    Why do I feel like James S and James Youngblood are the same person? That and all this conspiracy talk is just as made up? C’mon. Give this shit up. Punk ass fake shit. Given the clarence shit, I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this.

  • OldGaDawg


  • huck

    Factcheck and snopes aren’t credible internet sources. A certification of live birth isn’t a birth certificate. Note there’s no hospital name, Dr.’s name etc. Also, Donofrio regretfully submits that even if he were born in Hawaii, he was born to a woman who wasn’t a citizen for the necessary five years, and the sire wasn’t a citizen. Seems like he does have an argument. If you want to secure your own constitutional rights, then you’d better take the document seriously. If not, then you’ll get what you deserve – used like animals – if history is any guide.

  • sus

    James S Says:
    November 23rd, 2008 at 7:15 pm
    “This whole dark episode in American history…”
    “The future is bleak…”
    Gee… he doesn’t sound like a conspiracy-minded wingnut, does he?

    Ever notice how wingnuts use language like “i fear for my country…”, etc.

    This case, as well as the rest of them, is garbage.

  • Interested

    Actually Leo Donofrio argues that Obama is not a Natural Born citizen even if he was born in Hawaii. If you read what he has submitted to the courts you will find he believes it makes no difference WHERE he was born. If you follow the logic of his argument it appears that a person cannot be born with dual citizenship and be “natural born” because the person would have loyalty to two countries at birth…this being “unnatural”. If you take the time to follow up on what he is saying and why, it appears he could very well be correct…or not. This is what the Supreme Court should/must decide.

  • Ted

    The Supreme Court CANNOT DUCK Obama’s Birth Certificate Constitutional Crisis (albeit the media blackout on the issue). The messiah will NOT become President! This 90-minute blogradio program explains why:

  • AXJ

    This is such a serious matter that even the international civil and political rights organization known as AXJ has decided to carry out their own investigation and have posted the documents on their website:

  • Mike-AH

    Can anyone tell me the hospital he was born at? As anyone asked him? My birth certificate says the hospital. The one I saw from his website doesn’t mention a hospital. Anyone else out there have a certificate not mentioning the hospital. I don’t see why the hospital doesn’t have a big sign out front saying “Barak Obama Born Here”.

  • Alistair


    The Supreme Court will not hear the Obama case. He will be your next President end of story!!

  • Interested

    Hmmm… This New Jersey case may be a whole new twist to the “natural citizenship” requirement. If Roger Calero is obviously not a natural born citizen, but yet was still allowed to be on the ballots, then SCOTUS could step in and rule that citizenship MUST BE VERIFIED in advance prior to a candidate’s placement on any ballot.

    Of course their ruling would most likely be worded in a way that would require all requirements for any particular office be verified in advance prior to a candidate’s placement on the ballot so as to not cause disenfranchisement of the voters. This could end up covering every office from school boards to the Presidency.

    Now what they would require as proof of “natural born” citizenship would be interesting, and what conditions must be met even more interesting. Would they require just the simple short form birth certificate issued by a state, or would they require the original long form certificate generated by the doctor or hospital? I know the senate passed a resolution stating that a child born on a U.S. military base outside the U.S. was “natural born” (Obama even supported this one) which covers McCain, but would SCOTUS concur or overturn it?

    The Obama being born in Kenya story may or may not have any merit, but the relevance of the case as a whole may be legitimate enough that the Justices must hear the case, simply because Roger Calero was allowed on the ballot when it was obvious he should not have been.

    This will be very interesting. Whether you supported Obama, McCain, Calero, Clinton, or any other candidate doesn’t really matter. This case might just be heard for reasons other than Obama’s alleged location of birth.

  • AC

    The Dems let this kind of technicality slide right by 8 years ago. The Constitution requires President and VP come from different states. Bush is from Texas. Cheney took the homestead exemption (primary residence) on his place in Texas.

    Looks like this is quite a conspiracy. These claims will be floated and threaten to put the electoral voting into a mess, and then the Republicans will offer to quickly amend the Constitution to take out the ‘natural’ part and make the matter moot. If the Democrats go along, Arnold is elected in 2012.

  • cthulhu

    The point that keeps getting missed in the whole was he born in Kenya or not debate is the fact that even if he was born in kenya, Obama is still a natural born citizen. His mother was most definitely a citizen and the requirement is one parent be a citizen and i have never heard any arguments that she gave up her citizenship.

  • noc

    Its an open secret that Clarence Thomas is by far the least intelligent person on the supreme court.

    1. he says nothing during most arguments
    2. he always just agrees w/ scalia

    its just sort of sad, really.

  • B. Wilby

    If the Supreme Court doesn’t pick up the Obama Non-Citizen ball and run with it, the liberal left-wing conspiracy nutcases and the now-in-hiding media together will beat this matter to death.

    And, George Soros will finally get his wish- Come January 20, 2009 it will be President George Soros and his Obama Howdy Doody doll.

  • JBL

    Your blog entry is tainted by a lack of understanding. Souter didn’t reject the case in so much as the Stay Clerk didn’t properly file it, so that Souter likely never read the case, and rejected it by not acting on it.

    The re-filing to Justice Thomas is allowed under Supreme Court rules (it’s called checks and balances kids, learn about them).

    This case, unlike Phil Berg’s, does not seek to have Barack Obama provide his birth certificate. Instead it is seeking to clarify what the Founding Fathers intended when they wrote the term ‘natural born citizen’. This has never been taken up by the court.

    It is true that if the court hears the case, then the result could be a review of Obama’s citizenship status. But as long as all his papers are in order, then he has nothing to fear.

    The fact that Justice Thomas distributed the case for Conference is a rare enough occurrence. The case needs to have legal validity to get this far, so to characterize Thomas as somehow being predictable is displaying a complete lack of understanding of how a case arrives at the court and is dealt with after it arrives.

    As for Obama and his citizenship status, he’s a lawyer and he has lots of lawyer friends. You can drink the kool aid, but if Obama believes he is entitled to run for President as a naturalized citizen (he has NEVER claimed to be a ‘natural born citizen’ – go check it out.) because of the 14th Amendment, then Obama has put us in this situation – not Justice Thomas or Leo Donofrio or anyone else that is seeking to clarify the LAW.

    IF – and it’s still a big IF – it turns out that Obama is not qualified to serve as President – then anything he signs while in office (if this gets that far) will be invalid. TALK ABOUT CHAOS AND IRRESPONSIBILITY.

    Wake up! This case seeks to answer the question of what constitutes ‘natural born citizen’ – if Obama meets that criteria, then we have NO PROBLEMS. If he doesn’t then things will get real interesting.

  • rico

    Yeah. I can see clearly the logic of a man who isn’t a US citizen running for president knowing full well the truth would come out. Give me a break. No one would risk losing all over something as fundamental as citizenship. Get a grip right-wingers. You’re grasping at straws. Your party wrecked the nation big time and the people have spoken. Even if Obama wasn’t a citizen he sure as hell is a better leader than ANYONE from the GOP by miles. So take a deep breath…relax…and realize you’ve been voting against your own interests for the past 8 years. Give the guy a chance. He just might make your life easier and you might even become a little more human in the process.

  • Marco Perches

    Please..this is STUPID. James Youngblood, and all the other Obama conspiracy nuts:

    Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Online now for a long time.
    This should settle the question once and for all, Obama was born in the US.

    Now let this stupidity die,

  • TerenceC

    For those who think Obama wasn’t born in the US all I can say is that there is something seriously wrong with you. What was it the Reich Wingers said after the 2000 election………Oh yea, “just get over it”.

  • Cory

    If I’m not mistaken (and I’m not), the citizenship of the President is a matter of law. Article II of the constitution (the law) states the requirements for qualifications for the office of President. Natural born citizen is a requirement. If Obama’s citizenship is in question, then it is a question of whether or not his Presidency is legal. The Supreme Court should hear the case.

  • gerryf

    I was wondering where all the Ron Paul-nuts went….now I know

  • McCain voter

    No one has seen Obama’s original birth certificate plus matching hospital record. Hawaii’s Health Department holding a duplicate BC that was created with Kenyan original.

  • George

    All these right wing wack jobs are absolutely funny. Face it, the best man for the job won the election OBAMA. Now, do the patriotic thing and support YOUR president and start being more constructive with your time. The republican neocon theology has destroyed much of what we as a nation once had. The only way to get back on track is if we all pull together for the sake of our future. If you can’t do that, then get out of the way of people who can.

  • Interested

    I’d like to throw another cog or two into the wheel if I might. Hehe I’m more INTERESTED in stimulating the talk of the possible outcomes of ‘what if’ rather than simply saying one side is right or wrong. The mere fact that this matter has reached SCOTUS makes for a myriad of possibilities.

    First of all, there have been none “natural born” candidates that ran for the POTUS position in the past. They just never won, so the matter was never taken up by the Court. Also IF (notice the big ‘if’) Obama was born outside the U.S. then he would not retain U.S. citizenship, since his mother had not reached the age of 19. “The U.S. citizen parent must have been physically present in the United States for a cumulative period (or periods totaling) ten years before the birth of the child, at least five years of which were after the U.S. citizen parent reached the age of fourteen. If this requirement is met, the child acquires U.S. citizenship under the provisions of Section 301(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.”

    “IF” Obama was born in Kenya as alleged, then what? Most states require their electoral voters to cast the vote that the state chose. McCain would fall short of the 270, Biden could not automatically step in to Obama’s place for the choice, since that would alienate every voter Democrats and Republicans alike. Clinton’s supporters would have to be outraged, and vast numbers of those who contributed to Obama’s campaign would be seeking restitution. There would be major turmoil in the land.

    What if SCOTUS chooses to not act on this issue and it is later determined that Obama was born outside the U.S.? Oooh! Then you would have a MAJOR MAJOR Constitutional disaster. Every branch of the government, judicial, congressional, and executive would be under suspicion of collusion. There would be such an uprising to throw EVERY elected official out of office for having let this happen, that our recent market plunge would look like nothing in comparison. If, however, Obama did manage to pull off his promises and the U.S. was flourishing once again, then the People of the U.S. could rally to his support and call for a change in the Constitution and in the laws to abjugate him. If he flops, ouch!!!

    Of course, both scenarios above are contingent upon Obama having been born outside of the U.S.. If he was born in Hawaii, as he claims and the Justices determine this then all will be fine. The sun will come out tomorrow, the birds will sing, and everyone will be happy. Either way, SCOTUS needs to investigate this whole matter and make a ruling in regards to how, when and where any candidate must validate his/her “natural born” citizenship. Calero slipping through and being placed on the ballot is the reason why they need to rule on this matter.

  • Ciel

    Dear Mr. Church,

    With all due respect, Sir, it is obvious in reading your article that you are not at all in favor of people questioning the eligibility of Mr. Obama to become POTUS. Your rhetoric is clear, and any halfway intelligent person can see that once again, this is BIASED reporting.

    And now, for all the people who wrote silly little comments of one or two lines, such as, “This is garbage” and “He will be your next President”, – it would behoove you to invest a little time and perhaps actually research the facts which have been uncovered, so that you might not appear too stupid. It’s amazing how many of my democrat friends, when I ask them what they think about this issue, say to me, “Oh, what’s that? I haven’t heard anything about Obama’s citizenship or status being questioned…” But that doesn’t really surprise me due to the MSM’s reporting tactics, and the love relationship with Mr. Obama.

    As I have said before, I am so tired of hearing UNINFORMED people make remarks like, “Well, his mother was a citizen, so there!” and the likes. One has to dig deep to solve this problem, and that is why we have judges. The fact that there are MANY lawsuits out there, and petitions, and that the SCOTUS is involved is indeed clear evidence that there is a MAJOR problem, which needs to be examined.

    I am sick of the bias of the media, as this is an item that is extremely newsworthy. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are becoming more informed each day, and believe me, if it does indeed turn out that Mr. Obama was born in Kenya, then either justice will be served, and he will NOT become the 44th President of the United States, or there will be a serious Constitutional Crisis in our land, and our country will be MOCKED the entire world over. This is too big of a problem to be laughed at by the LEFT WING RADICALS who are not tolerant of legitimately questioning people.

    This concerns the legal and judicial foundation of our very country. And if one is proud to be an American, one can be proud of the system put in place by our forefathers, who fought for their liberty to do so. Our Constitution is a brilliant piece of work which shall remain solid and should be defended. Should other countries be so fortunate….

  • Plumb Bob

    You should be thanking Justice Thomas. A clerk to Justice Souter deliberately misfiled the original complaint, which according to law ought to be heard. If it has no merit, the Court can declare that and dismiss it; justice is not served by minor functionaries playing Judge to protect their political favorites.

    Let the system work as it ought.

  • John Purdue

    Check it out! The Honolulu Advertiser has been a part of this conspiracy from the day Barrack was born!

    It looks like Frau Obama, after giving birth to Barrack in Kenya while wearing a burqua, holding a Koran, burning the American flag, and undergoing female circumcision (using the sharpened pages of a torn Bible) with her fellow five Muslim wives, made sure to call the local Honolulu newspaper to place an ad for his birth “in Hawaii.”

    This established the conceit that Obama was American and paved the way for him to excel in college, graduate as the Law Review Editor at Harvard, steal money from little ghetto children as a community organizer, and cavort with Tony Rezko while he profited from shady land deals.

    My god, the conspiracy runs so deep. To think that in 1961 Muslim terrorists were already planning to infiltrate the American presidency with a black socialist!

    My eyes are opened and you have no excuses not to open yours.

    Or, perhaps you could admit that:

    (1) Barrack Obama was born in Hawaii, an American state, and a Certificate of Live Birth is plenty to establish this fact.
    (2) The Obama campaign sent a team of lawyers to halt these complaints as to allow them to proceed would signal an open door for a slew of other unreasonable complaints. This is normal legal work, my friends.
    (3) Whether Obama was born on American soil of naturalized American parents or not, he was born on American soil and therefore made an instant American citizen.
    (4) Justice Thomas is a self-confessed, self-hating black man, as well as one of the worst Supreme Court Justices to have ever served.
    (5) McCain, born on a military base of American parents, would have been just as qualified to be president as Obama is.

    This argument is disgusting. It is politics of hate and xenophobia drummed up by an angry and shrinking GOP base. It is made further disgusting as Justice Thomas accepted it for consideration, and says nothing new of his character.

    I could imagine a parallel universe where the Court did take up the case just to write a decision explaining the constitutional origin of the regulation on presidents and why it only applies to actual immigrants to the United States who were not born either of at least one American parent on foreign soil or born on American soil, period.

    Then I could imagine them shaking their heads that one of the GOP’s best chances of regaining the presidency, Arnold Schwarzenegger, truly does not qualify.

  • wombat6130

    Here is a good opinion piece on the subject: I do not know this person, but it does show the frustration over the subject. For all you Obama supporters would say this is a non-story, can you tell me which hospital Obama was born at? I searched the web but two hospital keep coming up and both hospital will not confirm which one it is. Or why does his grandmother say she was present at his birth in Kenya? Is the audio on the web a lie (the one with sign statement from a priest saying it’s true)? I don’t know but no one wants to address this or debunk it. Again, this can be solved by having Obama produced his 1961 type-written Birth Certificate. He doesn’t and this story will keep growing until he does.

  • Van

    Alister and everyone else that doesn’t like us double-checking should just mind their own business. If you don’t want to know the truth, stay out and leave us interested parties alone. What we do is none of your business.

  • JBL

    Uhm, why is it so hard for people to grasp that there is a difference between being a ‘citizen’ and a ‘natural born citizen’?

    And that there is a chance, that Obama does not meet the criteria of being a ‘natural born citizen’?

    Look, I still don’t think he’s telling the whole truth about his birth certificate, otherwise he would have released the long form version which is very different from tone that everyone is linking to on here.

    However, this is a very serious constitutional question that needs to be answered. And if Obama (who has never claimed to be a ‘natural born citizen’ you can look it up) does meet the criteria, then he could cause more problems fighting it then if he steps aside and allows the process to fill the vacancy.

  • Van

    As far as the Author’s WTC quip is concerned: If I place 90,000 Lbs of JP-6 in a 100 story building, light it, and hit the 90th floor with wrecking ball, it will NOT collapse at all, let alone straight down. Neither will the 7 story building next to it. Period.

  • blackoutyears

    @Ciel — Bloggers are not reporters. Bias is not only acceptable, but expected. Think of bloggers as akin to the commentators you see on the op-ed page, or who host shows on cable news networks and radio. In that lights, there are plenty of conservative voices ( e.g. Parker, Goldberg, Kristol, Brooks, Krauthammer, O’Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, Savage) whose bias is obvious. Rather than castigating someone for bias because you disagree with them you may be more comfortable seeking only sources which reinforce your own biases.

    I had no idea so many whackjobs read Donklephant. Astonishing.

  • http://none Farley

    Bump to what JBL says.

    Obama will forever have a cloud of suspicion around him.

  • sweetbees

    Excellent post Ciel!! I feel as if ‘talking’ to BO’s supporters is like ‘talking’ to Helen Keller!

    I am amazed at the idiocy of the Obama supporters!! They all want to refer you back to the “certificate” online like it is iron clad or your ‘racist’ if you believe this. You will believe those few web sites that show the suposedly ‘authentic’ BC but not the THOUSANDS OF WEBSITES WITH MOUNTING EVIDENCE showing the possiblity of fraud. Here is a very good link to WHY that BC online isn’t authentic if you care to educate yourself;,_phony_photos,_and_felony_fraud.thtml

    BTW, as far as the racist thing, if Obama was white and McCain would have been black……I still would have voted for McCain!! This has NOT ONE THING to do with the color of his skin!!

    EVERYONE deserves the truth on this (and many other matters about BO) to come out!! Why don’t you BO supporters, who are tax paying American citizens, think that YOU also don’t deserve the truth? I can’t figure out WHY you all don’t think this matter could easily be put to rest simply by BO getting and showing that actual ‘vault’ copy!! He has evaded this since Hilary brought it up in Jan!! WHAT IS HE HIDING? It is mind boggling to me!!

    Obama talks about ‘transparency’ in the way he is going to Govern, BUT, he can’t even supply a simple long form BC that “every single person in the US that was ever born HAS!!!!!!!!!”

    Seriously, you have to question where your loyalties are!! Is it being an American citizen that upholds our Constitution that is the glue for our freedom in this country or is it this ONE man that seems to have SO much to hide?

    “The public cannot be too curious concerning the characters of public men.” —Samuel Adams

  • lawdude

    Look, you are getting all worked into a lather over nothing. When a “Writ of Certiorari” is filed with the Supreme Court, a panel of 4 Justices decide whether to grant Certiorari. ONLY when 3 of 4 Justices on the panel believe the case merits discussion, will oral arguments be heard before the full supreme court. All properly filed writs are evaluated in this manner. So once this lunatic filed cert. (as is the legal jargon) the court was compelled to determine whether to “grant cert” or not. So this article, although I agree with its final conclusion, is wrong on the details.

    The court is presented with numerous cases that will never make it to argument each year because the court does not feel that the legal question is important enough for the court’s time.

    For all those lunatics (and yes you are lunatics) who are engaged in numerous and absurd conspiracies concerning President-elect Obama’s citizenship, I would love to sell you some prime oceanfront villas I have in Kansas. Please send me your payment in unmarked $100 bills (no liberty dollars please) and I will draw up the necessary deeds. (ps that last bit is a joke).

  • Mark Mattington


    Those who believe Obama was born anywhere except HI…


    You people must think we have the most inept, FBI, CIA and Dept Homeland Security on the planet.



  • Alistair

    So I guess despite what fatcheck has found about Obama, then it’s all false because it’s in your view liberal bias fact finding information.

  • Tony

    Natural born can and has been decided by the Congress. Birth place is only one factor, birth parents can also qualify one as natural born. Obama’s mother was a US citizen. Regardless of birth place the following makes him a natural born citizen as defined by Congress (as they were empowered to do so by the Constitution).

    The 1790 Congress, many of whose members had been members of the Constitutional Convention, provided in the Naturalization Act of 1790 that “And the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond the sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens.” In addition George Washington was president of the Constitutional Convention and President of the United States when this bill became law.

  • Ciel

    For Blackoutyears,

    Thank you for pointing that out about “bloggers” and “reporters”. I stand corrected. For a minute there, I had forgotten that I was on a “blog” and not on an article. Guess I’m just a bit too used to the MSM bias out there!

    Just a thought though…. after your comments about “whackjobs reading Donklephant”… I guess that makes you a “whackjob” too, huh??


    And look up the definition of “castigate”… Besides, I think Mr. Church is not such a whimp that he can’t take my remarks after he invites comments…

  • Nellie

    Basic comprehension, folks. Donofrio asserts that the democrat, republican, and socialist presidential candidates were all ineligible to be placed on New Jersey’s ballot for president because they didn’t fit the Constitutional requirement of being “natural born”. This is not partisan.

    We have an entire judicial system set up to ensure that the Constitution is followed. This is not moonbat kind of stuff.

    Donofrio’s case has nothing to do with where Obama was born, but with a fact that Obama has already admitted: that he was born with dual citizenship, British and American. The suit itself has nothing to do with any kind of conspiracy but with publicly-acknowledged fact.

    McCain’s eligibility depends on whether soldiers are considered ambassadors of the US while they serve on foreign soil. If McCain’s father was an ambassador of the US while serving in Panama, then John McCain is “natural born” according to Blackstone and English Common Law, on whose definitions the Constitution relied.

    This is as mainstream as a Constitutional issue can possibly be. The fact that the media has blacked it out and that some are treating it as a moonbat issue just shows how woefully ignorant and polarized our people and press are. We don’t deserve to continue as a free nation. But I pray God will have mercy on us even if we are idiots.

  • John Adams

    As noted above:Also IF (notice the big ‘if’) Obama was born outside the U.S. then he would not retain U.S. citizenship, since his mother had not reached the age of 19. “The U.S. citizen parent must have been physically present in the United States for a cumulative period (or periods totaling) ten years before the birth of the child, at least five years of which were after the U.S. citizen parent reached the age of fourteen. If this requirement is met, the child acquires U.S. citizenship under the provisions of Section 301(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.”

    Actually Obama’s mother was a few months short of meeting the five year standard. There are arguments that laws may have been changed and she may be grandfathered in, but until the actual circumstances of Obama’s birth are presented this analysis cannot be made.

  • blackoutyears

    Ciel — I should have made it clear that I do not consider you to be among the whackjobs. By comparison to others in the comment section you are a paragon of rationality. However, I am aware of the definition of castigate and it was used appropriately; perhaps you’d approve of the equally pertinent *chastise*, *reprove* or *criticize* or maybe you’re arguing the merits of the usage based on the severity of your criticism. By all means substitute the ameliatory synonym of your choice in the interests of semantics. In the future perhaps it would be best to not preface your remarks with accusations of bias? It undermines all points which follow and, of course, exposes your own bias. Of course, you could strive to be bias-free yourself, but that is the more difficult path. Baby steps.

  • Plumb Bob

    To all those who incorrectly (or perhaps dishonestly) are calling this controversy “stupid:”

    Allowing the Court to hear the case will settle everything, permanently. It’s the legal way to settle it. It’s the Constitutionally appointed way to settle it. It’s the only way to settle it.

    Rico says:

    “Yeah. I can see clearly the logic of a man who isn’t a US citizen running for president knowing full well the truth would come out.”

    Why would he “know full well” that the truth would come out? He’s been hiding details of his past successfully for his entire political career.

    Marco Perches Says:

    Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Online now for a long time.
    This should settle the question once and for all, Obama was born in the

    Only, it cannot possibly settle the question. Why? Because it’s online. To settle the matter, the President-elect can produce that same document in court, where it can be examined, challenged, and eventually — if it’s legitimate — declared legal.

    Obama could long since have done this. It would have been the cheaper, easier, and quicker way to answer Mr. Berg’s lawsuit. Instead, the Obama campaign spend tens of thousands of dollars to argue that he had no standing. To the public, this makes it look as though he has something to hide. Obama now has nobody to blame but himself for the perception that he’s hiding something.

    The question can be, and should be, settled in court.

    TerenceC Says:

    What was it the Reich Wingers said after the 2000 election………Oh yea, “just get over it”.

    The folks correctly saying that, said it after the Court had settled the relevant question. You’re attempting to use it to prevent the Court from settling the question. And this avoidance of legitimate court scrutiny makes you a fair amount more “reich” than they are.

    Let the Court settle the question. It’s the right way. It’s the American way. It’s the Constitutional way. It’s the only way.

  • S. Daily Warren

    “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance — that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

    Whenever in doubt, disagreement or distress…the way many are acting now by using labels like “wingnut” “conspiracy nut” and “tinfoil hat crowd”…always attack! It’s a lot easier than debating the issues, isn’t it?

    After all, it’s only a piece of real estate and a musty old document at stake (America and the U.S. Constitution).

  • Tom Human

    Um, don’t conflate things where we have plenty of evidence (Obama’s birth certificate) with events where we do not have enough (9/11).

    I actually believe that the events of 9/11 happened more or less as the government tells us to believe. However, it’s important for skeptical people to remember the public has simply not been giving enough evidence to validate these claims, that most of the evidence has been suppressed from us.

    A lot of the 9/11 conspiracy theories are ludicrous, but think of these as a response to not enough information. When the real story of 9/11 comes out, it’ll probably be much like the official one, but you can be sure there will be at least one bombshell in there…

  • richCares

    what we need to do is file charges against State of Hawai and both Hawaii newspapers. The stae sent fake certificates to Obama and should be held accountable. the 2 hawai newspapers used a time machine to print Obama’s birth ntocie in 1961. Also Hawaii probably generated that fake death certifice for Elvis. The US State dept issued a passport plus those evil gov agcencies that vetted Obama and cleared him for top secret info need to be charged. Do you realize that Obama is currently being briefed with top secret info. What an incompetent security we have that cleared Obama with a fake birth certificate. The truth will come out, Obama’s birth on planet Krypton will become evident.

    as there is no shred of real evidence that Obama was born elsewhere except Hawaii, this issue is going nowhere. Obama will be sworn in on Jan 20 and Elvis really is dead.

  • thedecider

    This is Bullshit. Don’t you think Hillary would have found something. With Bill being an ex President they could have found something if something was there to be found. Do you really think Hillary would concede if there was a way to take it from Obama. It’s amazing more people are concerned about Obama’s birth certificate but yet we’ve had a retard in the White House these past 8 years and nobody cared. A retard who attacked us on 9/11, and stole 2.3 Trillion dollars from the Pentagon on 09/10/01. Just because he’s dumb doesn’t mean he hasn’t screwed us.

  • dcook

    This blog gets it all wrong. The suit is only tangentially about Obama. It really is a suit against the NJ Secretary of State. She clearly did NOT do her oversight duty because Calero, the Venezualen born candidate, WAS on the ballot. This shows that she didn’t vet any of the candidates to make sure that they qualified constitutionally to be President.
    Also the main issue isn’t where Obama was born, but whether or not he held dual citizenship at birth because his father was a citizen of Kenya which was a colony of Great Britain whose laws at the time recognized a father’s offspring as British citizens. So Obama at the least held dual US and British citizenship at birth which MAY disqualify him from holding the US Presidency.

  • dcook

    Oh, and one more thing, the blog says “please refer to Politifact and Factcheck investigations” as if that’s proof enough. Since when do websites get to determine the validity of a Presidential candidate??? What court recognizes the opinions of a website as a legally binding source?

  • Alistair

    Even the McCain campaign did everything to find something on Obama but couldn’t so please get over it!

  • John

    Hey genius. The supposed “birth certificates” on fact-check and fight thesmears are not birth certificates at all.

    ‘ “Hawaii does not allow birth records to be publicly viewed. This is why no one can go in and see the certificate. It is not because Obama is hiding them, or they were never there. Read this article from Foolocracy if you want more information.”

    That’s right. Obama can’t even get his own original birth certificate. Sure.

  • concerned

    Thanks to Clarence Thomas, the American Public will get a chance to find out the truth regarding 0bama’s origins.

    It should not need to be pointed out that it is a grave disservice to the American people for the presumed president elect not to have cleared this matter up on his own initiative long ago.

    Glenn Church appears to be on the side of the Left Wing Fascists by pointedly ‘outing’ Clarence Thomas here, and failing to admit that Thomas is one of the most honest, upright people ever to serve in the Supreme Court. Mr Church had better remember that, as the United States of America is a free nation of individual liberty and rights, Clarence Thomas is owed apologies, not more baseless calumnation, from the Left for taking these principled actions.

  • Hamlet

    Alistair Says:

    Even the McCain campaign did everything to find something on Obama
    So says you.

    but couldn’t so please get over it!
    Why not let the chips fall where they may? The truth will emerge eventually. Are you scared that it will?

  • concerned

    “Anyone who doubts that Obama was not born in Hawaii,…”

    Hey, I don’t doubt it.

    IAC, sure sounds like a Freudian slip by someone with a hard core lying Left Wing agenda.

  • Anna Graham

    It is a sad day for this country when the best minds in the Republican Party with the full resources of the FBI, CIA, and Justice Department (under Bush) with two full years to work with, could not come up with credible definitive proof of Obama’s citizenship. To what extent that speaks to their ability to run a country amidst the complex and tumultuous political/economic climate of the world is certainly something worthy of discussion. More so than questions of Obama’s citizenship? Less so than the whereabouts of Mullah Omar?

    The question with those who continue to question Obama’s citizenship is not what evidence will it take to convince them of said citizenship but rather is it possible to convince them. Thus far, all evidence offered has been dismissed out of hand. These people simply believe that he is not a citizen and, within that belief, there can be no evidence just as with a four-year-old child with tightly shut eyes proclaiming that because she or he cannot see you, he or she can be seen by you. Just as with that child, it is pointless to confront them with logical discourse or reason. Or evidence. At least with the child comes the certainty that the belief succumbs to the bitter insistence of reality.

    A more meaningful response would be to turn the pursuit of the question of Obama’s citizenship into an albatross to hung about the neck of any politician, any judge who even appears to be considering it. Trot it out at every future political rally. Politicians know which side their bread is buttered on even if their constituents (evidently) do not. They will quickly and publicly distance themselves from the issue.

  • Alistair


    Go to!! Oops!! Oh no that’s a liberal bias website too!

  • Teege

    “Anyone who doubts that Obama was not born in Hawaii, please refer to Politifact and Factcheck investigations.”

    Glenn, you’re an incoherent, dime-a-dozen hack blogger and this is a pathetic read.

  • Gary

    Google search polarik.

    He has destroyed the obamamaniac forgeries and fraud.

    If there is still law in America we will see proof from Mr. Obama of his qualifications.

    If there is no law, there is no America.

  • TerenceC

    Plumb Boob – this is a moronic string but loaded with sarcasm and humor which makes it OK in my opinion. Live birth announcements apparently aren’t good enough, certificate of live birth from the State of HI apparently is not good enough (Oahu Island didn’t even have a pediatric ward open until after August of 1961 so he was probably born by a mid wife which was and still is quite common in HI). What do you need a copy of his foreskin pressed between 2 pineapples certified picked by DelMonte on 4 Aug, 1961? This is crap and you know it… proceedings aside – this is a question of the SCOTUS being asked for their opinion on a manner that is none of their business. If the state of HI records a live birth that is legal….period!

  • concerned

    ‘AG’ provides a perfect example of an ‘irresponsible person’s’ inability to perform rational analysis or perceive her own hypocritical double standards coupled with a pathological need to always point fingers at whomever she is opposed to.

    People like her are controlled wholly by their immature emotions and are an embarrassment to serious, thoughtful people.

  • ew

    Since the liberal illuminati is so lovestruck by this man, I don’t think that it would make a difference if his citizenship was found to be invalid

  • Hamlet

    Alistair Says:

    Go to!! Oops!! Oh no that’s a liberal bias website too!
    Tell all your friends: is useless:

  • Bob

    Who is saying he wasn’t born in Hawaii? Nobody of consequence. The point is that he doesn’t have NATURAL-BORN US citizenship, because his father wasn’t an American citizen and his mother didn’t live the requisite number of years at the time in order for him to get citizenship from her. Obama is a naturalized US citizen–not natural-born–hence not able to be President.

    I don’t see what’s so hard about that for people to grasp.

  • Alistair


    Michelle Malkin has no credibility. She’s the same woman that accuse Obama of voter fraud in Ohio which didn’t happen and defended a McCain worker who claimed that she was beaten by an Obama support which was false.

  • Jane S

    Factcheck and politifact are bogus mythbuster organizations. It’s better to quote real sources.

  • Interested

    Press Briefing by Deputy Press Secretary Tony Fratto
    Go down to the bottom of the page and read the last question asked and the answer that was given. The question was actually asked at a press conference! This story is actually growing in strength despite the MSM’s silence on the matter.

    Now the question to spur on more speculation: grin
    Was there absolutely no merit to the question and that is why he shrugged it off, did he lack enough knowledge on the subject to warrant a no response, or did he know something and was instructed to make no comment? You would think that if he knew Obama was “natural born” then he would have simply said so. Instead he let the mystery continue.

    Hehehe evil grin wild hysterical laughter

  • Hamlet

    Alistair Says:

    Michelle Malkin has no credibility.
    Again, so says you.

    You got ADD or what? She’s not the source of the info on “Fact Check” – she merely provided a link to it – a blog called Patterico’s Pontifications.

    She’s the same woman that accuse Obama of voter fraud in Ohio which didn’t happen
    Not so:

    and defended a McCain worker who claimed that she was beaten by an Obama support which was false.
    Ditto: Why that McCain volunteer’s “mutilation” story smells awfully weird; Update: Police to administer polygraph; conflicting evidence at scene; Update: Hoaxer confesses –

    That’s two swings and two clean misses. Whoa. I’d be careful about dismissing people as having no credibility if I were you. Classic projection.

    Now back to the central issue: Why doesn’t Obama simply authorize the release of his long form birth certificate/COLB, and put the matter to rest? Is that such an unreasonable request? People with nothing to hide do not hide things. As was once said about Richard M. Nixon, whom “O” seems to be channeling.

  • Anna Graham

    by ‘AG’ do you mean me? If so, would you clarify what (in my post) you mean by ‘hypocritical double standard’ and ‘pathological need’ to finger point? And indicate which ‘immature emotions’ were evinced? Cite specific examples please.

    If you do not mean me, never mind.

  • Frank Provasek

    States have been REQUIRED by the Patriot Act to convert to standardized birth certificates laser-printed on security paper. The originals can then be shredded. It was a serious security problem that it was easy to steal blank birth cetificate forms, fill them out with an old typewriter, scrawl a signature on them, and use a fake ebossed seal. Just like most banks, for the last 20 years or so, no longer return your checks. They call it SAFEKEEPING. DO they really SAFE KEEP your original checks…No, they digitally convert them and then destroy them. It’s a flashback to the “Leave it to Beaver” era when people think that the hospital you were born in, or the Court House can open a filing cabinet and show you an original birth certificate from decades ago

  • Hamlet

    Alistair Says:

    Michelle Malkin has no credibility.
    Again, so says you. You got ADD or what? MM wasn’t the source of the “Fact Check” story; she merely provided a link to the source, which was a blog called Patterico’s Pontifications.

    She’s the same woman that accuse Obama of voter fraud in Ohio which didn’t happen
    Not quite:

    and defended a McCain worker who claimed that she was beaten by an Obama support which was false.

    That’s two swings and two clean misses. I’d be careful about accusing others of lacking credibility. In your case it is classic projection.

  • Philip

    My conclusion after having served my country is what Shakespeare stated in Romeo and Juliet…”A pox on both of your houses!” I’ve decided that my fellow Americans do not wish to obey any laws of our nation. No one obeys the maximum speeds on highways nor do they use the passing lanes properly. They all drive while drinking, putting on makeup and talking and texting on cell phones. The officers of the law do not enforce anything anymore. I fought for this country and the spoiled brats enhabiting it for nothing. Now they flaught our Constitution which is the document I was sworn to protect. I cannot overcome this lawlessness so the only thing I can do is put a bullit in my chest. I choose my heart as it is broken and rather than a headshot which would cause undue horror to those EMS personnel that will find me. Most men shoot towards the temple but most men are selfish and a chest wound is less messy for the clean up people. I would suggest to all Americans that feel this same lawlessness in the land culminating in President-Elect Obama’s utter disregard for the Constitution should rise up and fomet civil disobediance as did Ghandi and the Rev. King as the only way out of this situation depending on SCOTUS.

  • Alistair


    President-Elect Obama has full filled Rev. King dream so says his son.


    There’s a lot of heated back and forth here, but this could all be cleared up with release of the original long form birth certificate by Obama. That document has got to be the tell-all. What’s the big deal Barry, why can’t we see it?

    I can see this case dooming Obama from several different conspiracy theory aspects, all undermining the constitution or just flat out not telling the truth.

    The real kicker would be if it is shown that Barry was born in Kenya and the birth was registered in Hawaii. Regardless of what citizen status that would make Obama, it would serve to prove that he can’t even tell his own nation’s people what country he was really born in. How could Obama possibly respond to that?

    I’ve been following this for months and truly believe that Obama is hiding something, but the audacity of him lying to us about his true birth country would be huge. It seems crazy that Obama would attempt to hide that on his way to the presidency.

    His giant lie would be sufficient to topple him immediately. Seems like a pretty wild notion, but I’ll be break-dancin’ for hours if that news ever gets served. This upset would be a huge blow to the poisonous liberal cause that is seething through the roots of America. For the commentors here who have made statements in support of Obama and his fight to resist release of his records, how would you feel if it is proven that Obama has lied to you about this? -I’m curious, really. Would that affect your support for him, or is the fact that he is messianic liberal crusader good enough?

    I know many of us on the right would be joyous that our gut feelings were proven correct, and more than supportive of the heavy blow dealt to the idealogy of the left. I hope that it is proven that Obama was born in Kenya for our battle against the lunatic left, but it just seems too damn crazy to fathom as reality.

    I like the theory that the communist Hawaii resident Frank Marshall Davis was railing Barry’s under-age mother and then knocked her up at the young age of 18. If that is exposed, how does Obama respond? It would explain a lot about Obama’s early mentoring by Davis and Obama’s gravitation to “Marxist Professors” (Why would YOU vote for that???) during his college years. (Oh yeah, he sealed his college records from us as well, but wrote a book about his worldly experiences, so that’s good enough for the people too, right??)

    Barack Obama, show us your birth certificate and college records if you want the job. -Just like we have to. You’re not gonna get it if you don’t.

  • Alistair


    Give up Man!! Obama will be President 1/20/09

    Go to or go read at the top of Doug Mataconis story. He happens to be a Libertarian!

  • Texas Eric


    First off — I’m not saying that anyone is correct in saying that Obama is guilty of this. However, the question HAS gone unanswered by him and his campaign. Every time this was brought up against McCain he immediately answered and gave access. Obama gave the “documents” to his allies, and not to the people making claims, or to the judge in each of the suits….that’s the main difference.

    Also, regardless of how the supreme court decides this, it is an interesting piece of law that must be answered. If a common citizen in this country cannot question the qualifications of their leaders because the media has not reported on it (and they have not, you have to get the information from the blogs, and websites), then we are headed for a dictatorship. Thomas Jefferson argued against such despotism. It may sound “over the top,” but go spend some time at the Jefferson Memorial and just sit there and read what is emblazoned on the walls of the monument.

    Regardless of whether or not it is true, the Supreme Court must step in and do it’s job if the Executive Branch (FEC), the Legislative Branch (Dianne Fienstein and her committee), and the Watchdogs (the media) have not done their job. By time of the Iowa Caucus Obama Fever had so caught on that NO ONE was willing to vet him. Jeremiah Wright, Farrakahn, Ayers — they are all red herrings. This should have been the very first question brought up.

    If it turns out everything is legit, life goes on. However, if it turns out that he lied to the country, we need the ability to call him on it.

  • MarcLord

    If you are born of a US citizen in a foreign country, your parents have the option of getting you a US CITIZEN passport.

    The previous commenter is quite right, the foreign birth issue should be legally examined and addressed. Because the Founders’ intended the clause as a firewall against foreign (at the time, British) infiltration by Crown loyalists, not to bar people like McCain or Obama from becoming President.

    For the record, you shouldn’t care if Obama was born in Marseilles. He’s American. So is McCain. You who are wrapped up in this issue are wankers.

  • Plumb Bob

    TerenceC Says:
    November 24th, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    Plumb Boob – this is a moronic string but loaded with sarcasm and humor which makes it OK in my opinion. Live birth announcements apparently aren’t good enough, certificate of live birth from the State of HI apparently is not good enough

    Certificate of live birth from the State of HI would certainly help, if presented in court. Posted on the Internet, it means nothing.

    If you got stopped by a cop for speeding and he asked for your driver’s license, would it be legitimate for you to say to him “It’s posted on my web site, here’s the URL?” If you applied for a passport and needed to prove your citizenship, do you suppose the Dept of State would accept a birth cert posted on the web? Why not?

    Because a web image is not a legal document, that’s why not.

    This is a very simple issue. Citizens have a Constitutional right to have their grievances heard in court. Some citizens feel they were defrauded by candidates who were not qualified to run, and by public officials who did not vet them properly. They have standing to sue. Your opinion regarding the merits of their complaint has no standing in court, and none in law. Ergo, they should be heard. It could be the silliest claim in history, but they have the right to be heard in court. Period. End of discussion.

    Have a nice day.

  • John Adams

    To be clear, what Obama has produced is a CERTIFICATION of Live Birth. That is opposed to a CERTIFICATE of Live Birth, or the original BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Here is the important part, a CERTIFICATION of Live Birth is insufficient to get a passport, let alone prove that you are a “natural born citizen”. It does not list the name of the hospital, the doctors that made the deliver and other details that are vital to this issue.

    The only person that can produce a CERTIFICATE of Live Birth or the original BIRTH CERTIFICATE is Obama, who can sign a release and pay $12.00 and produce it. So all of you out there that keep referring people to factcheck and other websites that show the CERTIFICATION of Live Birth get over it. It is not proof and we are all still waiting for Obama to produce the relevant document. It appears Obama is willing to risk a Constitutional crisis over $12.00. Does that sound right?

  • Alistair

    But this is a states rights issue with the state of Hawaii and government does not have the right to go into somebodies personal birth certification. has conclude that he was born in Hawaii.

  • Sid Davis

    What is a natural born citizen?

    Can someone born with, dual citizenship as was Obama, thus with split allegiances at birth, be a natural born citizen?

    It is undisputed that Obama’s father was a British citizen and his mother was a US citizen. Under the operation of British law in 1961 when Obama was born, he automatically became a British citizen. This is not some unimportant fixation of right wing nuts, but rather a substantial Constitutional issue, having nothing to do with whether or not Obama was born in Hawaii, his actual place of birth being a side issue not relevant to this argument.

    I think it is highly important that the Supreme Court accept the Donofrio appeal and quickly then make a decision on the issue one way or another. I think it would be tragic for the Supreme Court to let this issue be slip away.

    Should the case be decided against Obama, of course there will be civil disorder and anger on the part of some people, but there would still be an orderly transition of power in compliance with the Constitutional provisions for such a case where there is a disqualified “President”. Should the case be decided in favor of Obama, then there will likely be no civil disorder and those opposed to Obama will accept him as the rightful President.

    If the Supreme Court lets this issue go unexamined, there will be a much more dangerous situation. In the minds of those understanding this Constitutional question and those who don’t understand but think there is a conspiracy, the President will be viewed as illegal. This issue will not go away. The already growing disrespect for the US government will accelerate. The law of unintended consequences is not dead.

  • Mark

    Can someone who believes that there is a conpiracy involved here please tell me why the Republican govenor of Hawaii is in on it?

  • Mark

    Sid commented – “Can someone born with, dual citizenship as was Obama, thus with split allegiances at birth, be a natural born citizen?”

    Sid, there are millions of Americans with dual citizenship and all of them are Natural Born Citizens of the U.S.

  • Mark

    Sid, you argue that:

    —“ It is undisputed that Obama’s father was a British citizen and his mother was a US citizen. Under the operation of British law in 1961 when Obama was born, he automatically became a British citizen. This is not some unimportant fixation of right wing nuts, but rather a substantial Constitutional issue, having nothing to do with whether or not Obama was born in Hawaii, his actual place of birth being a side issue not relevant to this argument.“—

    Millions of other Americans have the same dual citizenship status from other countries as well. It is irrelevant.

    8 of the first American Presidents were born before 1776, subjects of the British Crown. 2 more were born between 1776 and the ratification of the constitution in 1787.

  • Barry

    The ones who sound silly are the Obama supporters trying as hard as they can to make those that question the reason Obama has 3 teams of lawyers and is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting the release of his BC in making us think thats normal. Sorry, it isnt working.

    Snap out of your Obama haze.

  • Mark

    Barry says: -“Obama has 3 teams of lawyers and is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting the release of his BC”–

    Proof please?

  • Mark

    Can anyone explain why the top state health department official in Hawaii has confirmed the Obama was born in Hawaii?

  • Mark

    John Adams says: —“To be clear, what Obama has produced is a CERTIFICATION of Live Birth. That is opposed to a CERTIFICATE of Live Birth, or the original BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Here is the important part, a CERTIFICATION of Live Birth is insufficient to get a passport, let alone prove that you are a “natural born citizen”. It does not list the name of the hospital, the doctors that made the deliver and other details that are vital to this issue.”—

    Sorry, John, short forms are acceptable as long as they are certified by the registrar.

    According to the U.S. department of state, “*A certified birth certificate has a registrar’s raised, embossed, impressed or multicolored seal, registrar’s signature, and the date the certificate was filed with the registrar’s office, which must be within 1 year of your birth. Please note, some short (abstract) versions of birth certificates may not be acceptable for passport purposes.” Note that it says only that [b]some[/b] versions of the short form [b]may[/b] not be acceptable, not that all versions are not.

    But you bring up a good point. Obama has a passport.

    How come the republican controlled state department has never released any data on this issue?

  • Alan Stewart Carl

    You people do realize there were birth announcements for Barack Obama in Hawaii papers in August of ’61. So either you believe that the archives of two papers have been infiltrated and faked or you believe that the conspiracy to elect a Kenyan as the American President stretches back to the day of his birth. Or, hey, maybe you can believe he was born in Hawaii. But since when is Occam’s Razor of any use to conspiracy theorists?

  • Dan L

    Plumb Bob (& others):

    Do you really think the wingnuts will shut up if the Supreme Court justices, as they probably will, refuse to grant certiorari? Of course not! They’ll simply fold the SC into the conspiracy mix, along with the State of Hawai‘i, the State of Illinois, the Honolulu Advertiser, Obama’s parents and maternal grandparents, all the major media (including the right-wing Fox and Washington Times), Factcheck, Snopes, Fact or Fiction, every official of the national Democratic party, and all 50 state elections officials. I know bigger is often better, but this is way over the top!

    As to “standing to sue,” courts have consistently ruled that ordinary citizens have very limited ability to sue government officials. I may not challenge in court the use of my tax dollars for what I consider immoral purposes. I may not go to court to claim that a speed limit is too low (or too high). I cannot challenge the moral fitness to serve of an elected official if it is revealed that he or she has had an extramarital affair. In all these cases, courts have consistently denied standing to sue to individual citizens. This is as much a matter of practicality as of law, as the notion of millions of citizens rushing to court to protest their tax dollars being spent on the military, tobacco prevention, tobacco price supports, aid to Communist governments, aid to non-Communist governments, etc. ad nauseum is simply too appalling to contemplate. But with that background, it would be astonishing if the Supreme Court were to grant standing to sue to an individual claiming that the state has not vetted the presidential candidates well enough.

    As to what is a “natural born citizen,” the words of the Article II are to some degree superseded by the Fourteenth Amendment, which opens with the words “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” Consistently over the years, courts have ruled that this means that those born in the U. S. are “natural born,” in distinction to those naturalized, or granted citizenship after immigration. Furthermore, in 1790 the Congress passed and President Washington signed a law defining natural born citizen as anyone born to American parents, wherever they happened to be at the time of the birth.

    The argument about Obama being born in Kenya and his mother being too young should be blown out of the water by a 1982 law which modified the age requirements of the old law, and made it retroactive to 1952. Under the 1982 law, Obama’s mother qualified, and since the law was made retroactive to 1952, there should be no question.

    Of course, all that really means is that in 1982, Congress and President Reagan (who signed the bill) joined the conspiracy to make Obama eligible for the presidency. Right?

  • Alistair

    Alan Stewart Carl:

    Thank you for this information.

  • Fred from Calif.

    I was born in Virginia & my brother was born in Hawaii. We moved to Hawaii as my father was Navy soon after my birth. I have a short version COLB as does my brother both issued in Hawaii. Mine was a registration my brothers was the actual birth certificate (short form). Mine says as does Obama’s “Certification of Live Birth”, both mine and Obama’s say Honolulu Hawaii on it. However as I looked at the form Obama placed on the website, his says in the left lower corner “Date filed by Registrar” mine says “Date Accepted by State Registrar”. My brothers (short form) says “Certificate of Live Birth”, not “Certification” as mine and Obama’s say. And why does Obama’s Certification form not have the Accepted by State Registrar as mine does, it’s printed on the same version of the form mine is, so what “Registrar” filed his form it was not a State Person???
    So it appears Obama’s was tampered with.

  • Caren

    OB is a narcissistic freak of nature, and boy is he NOT stupid. But he knows the majority of us high class US citizens are stupid and he played 52% like flutes. You will never see the vault copy; this election is already bought and paid for; no refunds, no exchanges. Thanks morons.

  • Al

    Dan L:

    Thanks Dan! But these right wing nuts are so paranoid.

  • Pink Osupasta

    1. the birth announcement in the Hawaiian paper could have been submitted by his maternal grandparents who were living in Hawaii at the time of his birth. In other words, Obama could have been born in Kenya, and his proud grandparents could have taken out the announcement.

    2. the birth certificate he has submitted is a Late Registration Copy. He has yet to submit his ORIGINAL certificate. The Hawaiian Governor even made a point of saying it’s “sealed”. If there is, in fact, nothing detrimental on his birth certificate, why is he continuing to pay three (3) law firms to defend the (mounting) lawsuits? Instead of paying, at minimum, $1000 per hour per attorney, he could pony up $12 and have it done. And if we are on the topic of TRANSPARENCY (which he hasn’t been with his birth certificate), why doesn’t he put forth is academic records, medical records, and passport like the other three candidates did!? More questions as to WHY… what is he hiding?

    3. the Late Registration Copy has been analyzed as a forgery by an expert who is going to be used for testimony:

    4. Obama went to school in Indonesia which required citizenship in Indonesia. Indonesia doesn’t allow dual citizenship, so to attend school there (which is fact that he did) he would have had to denounce his US citizenship for an Indonesian citizenship. Upon return to the US, he would have been reintroduced as a naturalized citizen. Per our Constitution, naturalized citizens cannot be elected President (or Senate for that matter).

    5. Kenyan Ambassador confirms Obama was born in Kenya… as well as BOTH of his grandmothers, AND his place of birth is already a historical site in Kenya:

    6. The US Supreme Court is going to conference about the case per Clarence Thomas (the NJ case). Other cases, such as in CA with Alan Keyes and the Independent Party, are still outstanding. All of these would be dropped if Obama produced his ORIGINAL birth certificate that is presently under seal in Hawaii.

    Why doesn’t he squash this!? Why does he want to keep wracking up attorney’s fees at the rate of $1,000K per hour? Why doesn’t he want to calm public fears and concerns?

    Makes you think he MUST have something to hide…

  • Alistair

    Pink Osupasta:

    The newspaper is no fabrication and election is over! Obama 1/20/09

  • Alistair


    Does that include 95% of African Americans that voted for Obama too?

  • Pink Osupasta


    If it’s as simple as “the election is over”, why is Obama still paying $1,000K per hour attorney fees rather than coughing up his original birth certificate? This situation is getting messier as each day passes.

  • http://donklephant Bill

    This is what makes no sense. The DNC and Obama have spent thousands upon thousands fighting having to prove he is a U.S. natural born citizen. They have hired a dozen lawyers. Why? All it would take is a certified copy of his birth certificate that cost less than twenty dollars. That would have put this to rest. This is not rocket science.

  • Alistair

    Pink Osupasta:

    Where is your proof that he’s still paying his attorney and why has the Republican Gov. of Hawaii request of Obama to release his birth certificate? Do you consider her a RINO?

  • patrikios

    Wow you Obama haters are stupid; no wonder your party is in such bad shape. Obama was born in Hawaii, like he says, like the State of Hawaii says, like his birth certificate says, like his birth announcement in the Honolulu paper says, and so forth. Why is that so hard to believe?
    Why would his mom have traveled to Kenya (a 3rd World country with few quality hospitals) while 8 or 9 months pregnant to have a baby? And why would a newspaper in Hawaii print a birth announcement saying Obama was born in Hawaii when he was really born in Kenya?
    Did somebody post a link to this on Free Republic or something?

  • Fillmore

    You lefties are such pseudo-intellectuals.
    Scan most of the dismissive snarky comments by the lefties and then compare them to the reasoned and logical comments of most of the open minded.
    –Calling Justice Thomas stupid.
    —BO won “Get over it”
    —-Are you people retarded?

    The really sad thing is that the loony left does not give a damn whether he is actually legally allowed to be in the office. They wouldn’t have cared if he was a muslim. They don’t give a crap if he secretly holds “Rev” Wrights racist views. And they don’t care if he ran around with and admired radical muslims and terrorists and their criminal supporters. And they sure as hell don’t care that he has lied (not flip flops and not mis-statements) but big fat through the teeth lies.

    And I love the deeply thought out, “I saw his bc on line”..really I mean freakin really?
    So you think every picture you see online is real?
    And you don’t get that the BC even if it is valid DOES NOT FIX ALL THE QUESTIONS?

    The fact is the left does not care about right and wrong or truth, and fairness and honesty are the subject of jokes. The liberal mantra is;
    “The ends always justify the means”.

    BTW; I was a Dem sponsored senate page at one time.

  • patrikios

    Fillmore, I could say the same about the far right, and their support for the previous administration.
    This is more or less a centrist blog rather than a lefty blog. What it is not, however, is a far right blog. In other words, you guys are free to post here, but you won’t get much agreement when you spout insults and conspiracy theories.
    I am not a lefty, by the way. I consider myself a centrist. How many lefties were glad Obama kept Gates as SECDEF instead of putting in a partisan Democrat?

  • Eric E Rumsey

    Most of you are soooo ignorant. The fact is that John McCain was NOT born on a military base. That would be is irrelevant anyway. He was born in the hospital in Colon, PANAMA, a FOREIGN country (while technically within the footprint of the canal zone, which again is irrelevant since it NEVER has been a U.S. Territory, Colon & Panama City were excluded under in the agreement with the U.S.) He is not NATURAL born. SORRY. “Natural Born Citizen” ONLY applies IF you run for president. Article II section 1. Other citizenship issues are under the 14th amendment, but NOT the president. Being born in the U.S. does not make you a “Natural Born Citizen”. I was born in Rochester, NY. My dad’s family has been in America since before 1686. My mother on the other hand was a French war bride, resident alien, with a green card. She became a citizen when I was about 10. BUT, when I was BORN, one of my parents was a citizen of a foreign country, giving me dual citizenship and loyalties to another country. I was born a CITIZEN not a “Natural Born Citizen” under the Constitution, but I can’t be president.

    Obama admits on his website that he had dual citizenship and his father was a British subject when Barack was born, making him ineligible to be president as he is not a “Natural Born Citizen” under article II section 1 of the constitution even IF he were born in Hawaii, which also is in question.

    I have spent hours & hours researching this and unless you do the same, you’ll just be embarrassing yourselves exposing your ignorance.

  • Eric E Rumsey

    As to what is a “natural born citizen,” the words of the Article II are to some degree superseded by the Fourteenth Amendment, which opens with the words “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

    Sorry, this has NOTHING to do with the qualifications for president.

    Consistently over the years, courts have ruled that this means that those born in the U. S. are “natural born,” in distinction to those naturalized, or granted citizenship after immigration.

    Sorry again, they are Born not natural born.

    Furthermore, in 1790 the Congress passed and President Washington signed a law defining natural born citizen as anyone born to American parents, wherever they happened to be at the time of the birth.

    Sorry again,
    In 1795 this law was REPLACED removing the words “natural born”. You might have a point if you were born between 1790 & 1795 and you definitely would meet the age requirement.

    Millions of other Americans have the same dual citizenship status from other countries as well. It is irrelevant.

    Sorry, they are not running for president

    8 of the first American Presidents were born before 1776, subjects of the British Crown. 2 more were born between 1776 and the ratification of the constitution in 1787.

    Assuming your numbers are correct, this is EXACTLY why they included the “grandfather clause” for themselves, fully knowing they did not qualify as “Natural Born Citizens”. They were born on what was now American soil, while it was subject to British rule. Giving them, AT BIRTH, dual citizenship and loyalties to a foreign country.

  • MsJoanne

    To all you people who are so gosh-darned concerned about the constitution now, where have you been while George W. Bush shredded it?

    As for Obama’s birth certificate, let it go to the SCOTUS. If that is what it takes to shut up the most ignorant amongst us, go for it.

    John Purdue, your post had me in tears. Very good.

  • Alistair

    Eric E Rumsey

    Give it Up Eric Obama will be your President 1/20/09

    And Eric if one parent was a natural born citizan then it should also disqualify are 2nd President Thomas Jefferson since his mother wasn’t born in the U.S.

  • Hamlet

    John Purdue Says:

    (4) Justice Thomas is a self-confessed, self-hating strong, confident, proud, independent black man, vastly superior to the late, unlamented Brennan and Marshall, as well as one, two of the worst Supreme Court Justices to have ever served.

    There, fixed your little racist rant, John Turdue.

  • TRS

    Obama was without doubt born in Kenya and out-of-wedlock. Although, his “alleged” Kenyan father married Obama’s pregnant mother in Hawaii he was already married to a Kenyan woman at the time. Under Hawaiian law said marriage was “void ab initio” and not merely voidable at the election of one of the parties. Said marriage was invalid from the onset. See applicable Hawaiian statutory and case law. Further, United States law provides that a child born out-of-wedlock in a foreign country to an American mother citizen and an alien father gains United States’ citizenship at birth if the mother had been physically present in the United States for a continuous period of one year prior to the child’s birth. The “original birth certificate” and “birth country” are moot issues “if” Obama’s attorneys can document and prove the Hawaiian marriage was bigamous. My major problem with Obama and the verification of his Presidential qualifications is that he “knowingly” covered up his Kenyan birth (although he likely is a qualified Presidential candidate nevertheless) fearing such disclosure to the American voter could cost him the election. Since he has shown his true colors, Obama’s Presidency will be tainted from the onset. His premeditated “cover up” of his Kenya birth country makes him just another sleazy politician that doesn’t warrant the trust of the American people…

  • Alistair
  • harley

    i think this whole thing is stupid. many people are sore losers and just cant get over it. wasnt allan keyes lambasted in 2004 by obama? keyes wasnt a citizen of the state of illinois no one made a stink about that? and clarence thomas he is a friggin disgrace to men he got away with sexually harassing anita hill and rewarded for it by being put on the supreme court. i remeber all this. people need to look at the facts before they go back and tell everyone esle to look at them. the time the supreme couyrt shouldve done something right was the 2000 election but they were corrupt and selected the president instead of allowing the president that was truly elected by the people in al gore. right wingers are pussies and claim to be conservative its a disgrace. i am a moderate i am registered democrat but i vote whoever i feel is going to do the job. and i voted obama just as i voted for pataki for govenor when he was our govenor. i vote many republicans and iove voted many democrats and independednts. this country wasnt founded on political parties. george washington told people in his farewell address political parties will destroy the country. and he we are in 2008 and people are divided because of red and blue state bullcrap


    The question is no longer whether he is a US citizen, if one knows the law it is a foregone conclusion he is a citizen as his mother was a citizen. The question now is whether or not Obama is truthfull, he does say he was born in Hawaii. His grandma says otherwise. For a President to lie about something has been shown to be an impeachable offense. OF course, if having a lying president is OK with Mr. Church, then fine, only I have a feeling he may one who has accused Bush of Lying. But if he thinks Obama lying is ok, well . . . . that’s his right. He probably thought Bill Clinton lying was ok as well.

  • Eric E Rumsey

    Alistair, Sorry, U R Wrong. Thomas Jefferson is covered under the so called grandfather clause
    Article II section 1: No person except a natural born Citizen, “OR A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES, AT THE TIME OF THE ADOPTION OF THIS CONSTITUTION”

  • Eric E Rumsey

    Glenn Sullivan said:
    “The question is no longer whether he is a US citizen, if one knows the law it is a foregone conclusion he is a citizen as his mother was a citizen.”

    From a Department of State website

    “Birth Abroad to One Citizen and One Alien Parent in Wedlock: A child born abroad to one U.S. citizen parent and one alien parent acquires U.S. citizenship at birth under Section 301(g) INA provided the citizen parent was physically present in the U.S. for the time period required by the law applicable at the time of the child’s birth. (For birth on or after November 14, 1986, a period of five years physical presence, two after the age of fourteen is required.

    For birth between December 24, 1952 and November 13, 1986, a period of ten years, five after the age of fourteen are required for physical presence in the U.S. to transmit U.S. citizenship to the child.”

    Obama’s mom does not meet this requirement, she was 18 not 19. That is of course “if one knows the law”

  • Mzark

    It’s time to begin organizingDEC 5th as Naitonal Birth Certificate Day. Plan the marches now!


    Let him take office, ask him under oath and then impeach him !!! The supreme court has no balls anyway and will not even review the case because they are afraid they will have to uphold the constitution !!!

  • gaetano

    Although I would like to see all the facts about Obamma not being a citizen,end up being true,because I hate him and what he stands for,I suspect all the facts to be covered up by every one concerned.We the people of America,know that even murder has been covered up by our government. We cannot trust our government.
    Just the plain simple reason for Obamma not showing his birth cirtificate is proof enough for any one to know HE is lieing. This man has covered up every known legal paper that he has signed or written.WHY????? I`ll tell you why!!! He has been a fraud all of his life.He and his so called family have taken advantage of our country,just like all illegal aliens do. Our government has already checked him out and know that he is fake,but will cover this up no matter what it takes so that they will not be embarrassed and admit that they have been conned by the greatist con man alive.I also believe that the Democrats did not know of the truths about Obamma in the beginning ,but now they do and have to protect themselves from what they have done.In any case,even the SCOTUS will cover this all up.

  • john

    Good god… This was the craziest rant ever. But if you are serious, you should at least get his name correct. Obama, jackass. One “M”. Not to mention all your other grammatical issues, this was the most retarded.

  • richCares

    instead of internet bgossip, you see the Supreme Court docket at these links, pay attn to respondants lawyers:

    Berg 1
    note waiver (it’s over)
    berg 2


  • Commen Sense

    EVERY POST HERE seems to miss the VITAL point of this matter.

    This is not to determine citizenship of anyone at all. It is to determine what the founding fathers of this nation intended regarding natural born citizen.

    If a citizen can be born on US soil, even to NON-citizen parents, then natural born citizen goes deeper. It is argued the founding fathers intended this to be a second generation citizen or one born of TWO citizen parents and on US Soil.

    Obama & McCain both fail this test, that is indisputable.

    The QUESTION here, is if the intentions of our founding fathers and hence the US Constitution are to be followed or, alternatively, if we will do what is politically expedient.

    This decision, if you research our constitution, its authors, and consequential decisions regarding this matter back to 1790, you will see one thing is clear.

    This decides the future of our Republic and if we are to be governed by the Constitution or do what we see fit. The latter has always been the key moment of every great civilizations failure from Rome forward.

  • Sharon Reynolds

    There is a question about dual citizenship in the presidency, and was very much addressed as an imperative NO by the founders. The Denofre suit is about dual citizenship, and the writer of this articel is misinformed, I believe.

  • Sharon Reynolds

    Harley, these suits are not by right wingers. Berg has been Democrat his whole life. The judges ARE arrogant, so don’t be too down on some of the comments. Obama’s mom did not qualify even if he was born in Hawaii.
    This case has some serious merit, and this nation has a lot of idiots in power. And the ones asking the questions are not the idots. They are looking out to see we obey the law. If the guy can’t qualify and knows it, then he has no respect for US. He is out for some other ends, and I’d be scared. By the way the Left Media never reported they just finished shipping 55 metric tons of yellow cake uranium out of Iraq in July, and Canada bought it and took a lot of container that originally had hot fissile materials as well. The material is missing, plus the Russian suitcase bombs. Obama is a big fat liar. And France is not our ally. They are
    backstabbing creeps who Got this stuff for Sadam from Niger against UN orders. Where are the nukes people? We are in serious trouble, and Bush could not talk about it, just take the abuse from all you big mouths.
    Everyone in charge of the Democratic party are jsut as stupid as any right winger in my book. “I just assumed.”

  • Scott

    Well now, look at all constitutional and immigration law scholars we have here. People just quoting “the law” left and right. Isn’t this website just a real internet oddity?

    My personal favorite is the guy above saying that even if he was born in Hawaii, Obama isn’t a citizen because BOTH parents have to be citizens in order to be a natural born citizen. I invite this individual and others of his uneducated ilk to test this theory by visiting Thomason hospital in El Paso, Texas and counting all the babies born to Mexican mothers who are full natural born U.S. citizens merely because they were born on U.S. soil.

    One of the previous posters nailed it: This isn’t going to stop. When the Supreme Court denies the writ of certiorari for this case (and they will), then the GOP nutbars will merely lump the supreme court into the ever growing list of groups that are conspiring to “suppress the truth” and go about their crazyass days.

    Reality and facts won’t get in the way of some good ole Obama hate.

    All this talk about babies is ironic though. It’s amazing to me that many of you f**ksticks were able to find your way out of the birth canal in the first place.

  • Sparkplug

    Let’s see, when I filed an application for obtaining my wife’s VISA before she could come to the US from the Philippines, I was required to prove that I was a US citizen. The INS (before they became part of Homeland Security) REQUIRED that I submit a recent Certified copy of my Birth Certificate from the State of California as part of the application documentation.

    Obama went to great lengths to try to convince voters that he was a Christian and not a Muslim. Why the foot-dragging and hesitancy with regards to proving that he is a natural-born US citizen? Additionally, with his law background, he should know the difference between a Certificate of Live Birth and a Birth Certificate.

    If he has nothing to hide, this matter can be resolved very quickly. I know for sure that if I had not shown the INS that I was a US Citizen, my wife would not have received her VISA.

    Should the requirement to show that you are a natural-born US citizen when running for US President be LESS than that of an ordinary US citizen who has to document they are a US citizen when applying for a spousal US VISA? If yes, why? Are candidates for US President above the laws of the US or do they just think they are?

  • Jeff

    I am curious. Why is the case “garbage”? I kinda believe that Obama was born in Hawaii, but I guess I don’t understand Obama’s resistence to the idea of clearing up the matter, by releasing the actual certificate.

    Not a big supporter of conspiracy theories either, but I have to say that if it is ultimately discovered that Obama is not a “natural born citizen” the damage could be irreparable to the country. In fact, it would be a tremendous dengration of the consitution on grounds no less egregious that any violations Bush may have committed, so again why not just present the proof, end the conspiracy theorists days of talking about this and let the inaguration occur without incident.

    Just the thoughts of an independent who cares more about setting the record straight and moving forward than about the undying loyalty of republicans or democrats.

  • Jeff

    Wow SCOTT, I guess the message from someone like yourself is that unless we agree with you we are unintelligent or less important.

    Reality and Facts don’t get in the way of either sides crazy assertions and notions. Your resorting to insulting and asserting that anyone who questions the Democratic ideology or the greatness of Obama is less intelligent (you propably would say stupid) or a right wing nut job is just the kind of stuff this country needs less.

    I personally questions Obama because he hasn’t done anything yet, but I don’t hate him and I find it silly that your arguement is that all these people questioning Obama are nut jobs, instead of questioning Obama’s decision making ability by not just putting an end to this. Prove these people wrong. Might even be considered Presidential to end conspiracy theories before you get into office, maybe not, by why don’t you question Obama as much as you question the people who do question Obama? Is your ideology in the way of actual thought.

    For many people on the Right and Left they never let actual informed thoughts and ideas interfer with their ideology. I guess you would be one of those people.

  • Joe

    Isn’t an Obama website? Why are we to believe any information regarding Obama’s citizenship to be true from this website? I think it will be very interesting to see what develops from Friday’s hearing. I just hope we have the National Guard in place in case something happens. We all know what happens when “Black” America does not agree with court decisions. I DO REALIZE THIS IS JUST A HEARING! I do happen to think he is not a natural born American and hope they ask for proof of his citizenship. We’ll see.

  • AzAttorney

    (1) belongs to the University of Pennsylvania. It is a project of the the university’s school of communications, which happens to carry the name of Annenberg because Walter and Lenore Annenberg donated the endowment to fund the college.

    (2) Friday is not a hearing. It is a regular weekly conference in which the Justices consider a number of cases and decide which ones the Court will hear and which ones had met their demise. Only those cases on a “discuss list” are actually discussed, after which the Justices vote whether to grant or deny certiorari, or grant or deny an application for some sort of relief.

    The discuss list is not made public. The cases that don’t make it to the discuss list are denied by default.

    The Supreme Court does not ask for proof. It decides only questions of law, based on the facts that were actually proven in the lower court.

    The fate of Donofrio’s application for stay will be announced on the Order List that is published the Monday following conference.

    National Guard will not be necessary, unless you and the Minutemen decide to revolt.

  • Joe

    Nice response AZATTY! Thanks for clarification. Probably the most insightful comment I have heard on the subject. I read so much on these blogs, its hard to tell fact from fiction. I do not plan to revolt regardless off the decisions. Besides, Obama’s “civilian army” will find me if I do. The next two weeks should be interesting.

  • rx sid

    A) Hawaiian law, at the time of Obama’s birth, allowed for FOREIGN born (i.e. outside of Hawaii) baby’s to be registered in Hawaii via a ‘Certificate of Live Birth’:
    “[§338-17.8] Certificates for children born out of State…”

    B) The Hawaiian govt’ officials NEVER stated that Obama was born in Hawaii. They only stated that they have seen his birth certificate on file. But a B.C. from where?? (see #1 above).

    On October 31, 2008, Dr Chiyome Fukino, Department of Health, Hawaii, issued a press release in which she stated, in part:
    “Therefore, I as Director of Health for the State of Hawai‘i, along with the Registrar of Vital Statistics who has statutory authority to oversee and maintain these type of vital records, have personally seen and verified that the Hawai‘i State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures.”

    For the Hawaiian ‘Policies and Procedures’ she refereed to…see item #1 above which, again, affords foreign born babies to obtain a Hawaiian COLB (within 1 year).

    C) If proven Obama is indeed foreign born (Kenya), He would not have received U.S. citizenship based, only, on his mother’s citizenship status. Per U.S. law at the time of his birth (December 24, 1952 to November 13, 1986).
    “If only one parent was a U.S. citizen at the time of your birth, that parent must have resided in the United States for at least ten years, at least five of which had to be after the age of 16.”

    Obama’s mother would have had to have given birth to him when she was 21 (16 + 5). She didn’t. Therefore, Obama could not obtain U.S. citizenship based only by virtue his mother’s citizenship.

    D) Examples of Hawaiian Long Form COLB’s:
    1963 Hawaiian Long Form COLB:
    1962 Hawaiian Long Form COLB:

    Obviously, the Long Form COLB’s have a whole lot more detailed information (including the birth Hospital) than the short form Obama posted (questionable authenticity) shows. Why hasn’t he released his Long form COLB?

    E) And then there is the dual citizenship issue. Factcheck themselves state that Obama was indeed a British subject and did in fact hold dual citizenship AT Birth.
    “In other words, at the time of his birth, Barack Obama Jr. was both a U.S. citizen … and a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies (or the UKC)”

    So even IF he was indeed born in Hawaii (would be easy for him to prove but hasn’t so far), Obama could therefore not be a Natural Born citizen because Natural Born citizens can not hold dual citizenship at birth. It has to do with the potential for divided loyalties.

    He might be a “Naturalized” Citizen, but there is nothing (to date) in the public sector to suggest he is a ‘Natural Born” Citizen, which is what the Constitution clearly requires for one to become POTUS.

    Obama owes it to our country, and to the Constitution to go public with a copy of his 1961 Long Form original birth certificate (COLB).

  • rx sid

    It is, without question, that (at the very least) the Secretary of State of New Jersey did NOT do their job in making sure the candidates (including Obama) were qualified and eligible to be on their states’ ballot. [This is, in part, the subject of Leo Donofrio’s lawsuit.]


    How would the SoS from NJ explain that Roger Calero was on their ballet as a candidate?

    Socialist Workers Party candidate Roger Calero isn’t even a U.S. citizen (Naturalized OR Natural Born), yet appeared on NJ’s presidential ballot.

    Calero was also allowed on the state ballot in: Delaware, Minnesota, New York and Vermont.

    Calero is a permanent resident alien (holding a green card).

  • Aisley

    If we ask the people who knows, immigration lawyers, they will tell us that for granting of US citizenship by reason of birth the US Legal System recognizes two rules:
    Res solii (because of land): This is the case where you are a natural born US citizen because you where born in any of the 50 US states, US territories or in any US diplomatic and consular legations in the world.

    Res sanguii (because of blood): This is the case where you are a natural born US citizen BECAUSE AT LEAST ONE OF YOUR PARENTS IS A U.S. CITIZEN.

    So, ladies and gentlemen, Res sanguii/because of blood is the law that apply to Mr. McCain. The fact that he was born in a US military installation in Panama is not the reason. That installation was located in Panamanian territory.

    Mr. Obama sustains that he is a natural born US citizen, and you know what? I believe him. Not because he’s the one saying it; but because if he were not a natural born US citizen the republican party would had squash him, if Hillary wouldn’t have done it first.

    What location is written in his birth cert. as his birth place is irrelevant. He was born to a US citizen and that’s legally enough. To the people that alleges that his mother renounced to the US citizenship when he married her Indonesian husband; I don’t know if she did so or not, but that will still be irrelevant because by the time she married the Indonesian gentleman Mr. Obama was already born.

  • Aisley

    One more comment specially for our dear RX SID:

    By Law in the US, when a child is born with dual citizenship, (s)he MUST DECLARE what citizenship they’re going to keep as soon as their age is 18. Since there are no documents that support a declaration made by Mr. McCain, narrow minded people will jump to say that by not declaring, he’s not a citizen. Well, well, surprise, surprise, the Law in the US aproves as a valid Declaration the person’s acts and doings that clearly shows (s)he consider themselves a US citizen. Both of them “been there, done that”. And again, do you really believe that Hellary was going to let that one go by as desperately as she wants to be the US president? (May God never allow that to happen)

  • Nick Benjamin


    The law you cited was passed when Obama was 14. Besides his Birth Certificate says he was born in Honolulu. Honolulu is NOT in Kenya.

    Dual citizenship is irrelevant. Anyone of Greek descent is entitled to Greek citizenship, and all Jews can become Israeli citizens. Technically they’re already citizens of those states. The procedure is a mere formality. Which means that if duel citizens are barred from the Presidency Jews, and Greeks can’t be President. Also Italians, anyone with an Irish grandparent, descendants of Electress Sophia of Hannover, etc. As per the 12th Amendment Jews, Greeks, etc. would be banned from the Vice Presidency as well.

    BTW, Technically Calero wasn’t on the ballot anywhere. His electors were. Those electors had the right to waste their votes.

  • AzAttorney

    rx sid, please cite legal authority for your proposition that “Natural Born citizens can not hold dual citizenship at birth.” Please do not cite a blog, or Donofrio’s application. Please cite law. And please explain how the legal authority you offer is distinguishable from Supreme Court precedent discussing “natural born citizenship” in the case, United States v. Wong Kim Ark.

    I look forward to your analysis.

  • AzAttorney

    Oh, and while you’re at it, rx sid, please explain the New Jersey state law that requires the Secretary of State to verify the qualifications of candidates for national office. What law did New Jersey’s Appeal Division, Supreme Court and Attorney General overlook in their erroneous construction of state law?

  • zina

    So, it is going internationally already. Here what “Pravda” says about this:


  • CB

    Barack Obama, registered as a Barry Soetoro, in an Indonesian school on Jan.1 1968. Dual citizenship he says, hmmm. Indonesia offers NO dual citizenship. Indonesian citizens only to attend Indonesian school. Then when he was 20 he traveled back to Indonesia on a trip. At that time the country would deny American citizens, but would grant entry of an Indonesian. Hmmm. He stated that he was born with dual. Why won’t he turn over his College medical records? Passport? Birth long form? It’s so simple, I would without hesitating.

    I was offered dual citizenship when I turned 18. I’ve travel the world, lived in foreign countries. I possess all of the documentation that is being asked for from Barack. But, I looked at my docs. Just one glance, is all it took to tell me where I was born, who was there as a witness, hospital, country, doctors, parents names, etc. Passport told me I left the country of Japan at under a year old, on and on.

    He is jeopardizing his presidency, he has known of this sense August. It is so simple! Just turn over verifiable proof and all is fine. So, so simple. That is, “IF” said proof exists.

  • AzAttorney

    CB wrote: “Indonesia offers NO dual citizenship. Indonesian citizens only to attend Indonesian school.”

    Okay, CB, you want to cite that Indonesian statute? We all want to go read it, so just post the citation for that law.

    CB also wrote: “Then when he was 20 he traveled back to Indonesia on a trip. At that time the country would deny American citizens, but would grant entry of an Indonesian.”

    We would like a citation to that law, too. Kindly post the statute number.

  • AzAttorney

    Here is the Hawaii statute about the birth certification document that is issued for foreign-born persons who births are “registered” in Hawaii. It is H.R.S. sec. 338-20.5:

    “(a) The department of health shall establish a Hawaii certificate of birth for a person born in a foreign country … The true or probable country of birth shall be known as the place of birth, and the date of birth shall be determined by approximation. This report shall constitute an original certificate of birth.

    “The new certificate of birth shall show the true or probable foreign country of birth, and that the certificate is not evidence of United States citizenship for the child for whom it is issued … ”

    Now, please, anybody, show me where in this statute it says that Hawaii will issue a COLB showing a foreign-born person’s “place of birth” as Hawaii. The law clearly states that Hawaii will issue a COLB that shows the “true or probable foreign country of birth.”

  • Larry

    Mr. Glenn French :

    You write on your web page :
    “Hawaii does not allow birth records to be publicly viewed. This is why no one can go in and see the certificate.”

    And if you go to the page in your article :
    We see the statement : “ staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate”

    Did they just contradict you ?!!

  • CB

    To AzAttorney, yes, I will cite the statute number, it is: Law No. 62 of 1958.

    Can be viewed for all to read:,,,LEGISLATION,IDN,4562d8cf2,3ae6b4ec8,0.html

    Copy and paste in browser if not clickable.

  • AzAttorney

    CB, I don’t see any provision in that statute that applies to Obama. How about you point to the specific provision, because it sure isn’t one of the subsections of Article 1. Gee, being a lawyer for 24 years, I must not be reading this correctly, cause I see nothing in this statute that made Obama an Indonesian on the basis of a stepparent relationship or his mother’s marriage. You are so much smarter, being a layperson and all, so I’m sure you can point to the exact language.

    Also, I have read the statute start to finish, and it says nothing about Indonesian citizenship as a prerequisite for enrollment in public school, much less such a requirement for enrollment in a parochial school. Again, if it’s there and I’ve simply overlooked it, I’m sure you can direct us to the applicable language.

  • AzAttorney

    Oh, and CB, I’m still waiting on that Hawaii statute, regulation, court decision, AG opinion, whatever, that demonstrates that Hawaii will issue a COLB for a foreign-born person that shows Hawaii as the place of birth. lt Seems rather inconsistent with the letter of section 338-20.5. You wanna provide that provision as well?

  • AzAttorney

    CB, please provide the statute, regulation, etc. that was effective in 1961. I don’t want the provision about birth registration — that doesn’t prove that the COLB will show City of Honolulu, County of Oahu as the place of birth, and it was first enacted in 1982, sometime around Obama’s 21st birthday. Just the provision that applied to 1961 will do.

    Perhaps you could link to an example of another foreign-born person whose Hawaii COLB shows birth in Hawaii instead of the actual or probable place of birth. There must be literally thousands of foreign-born children whose parents have availed themselves of this back-door approach to US citizenship.

  • CB

    AzAttorney, I did not mention Hawaii. But, hear is an example of a Hawaiian long form from 1963. Scroll down 1/3 to see it.

    Issuance of said COLB by statute went into effect 1982:Certificates for children born out of State[§338-17.8] View hear: AzAttorney, I do not believe you will find circa 1961 statutes unless you live in Hawaii and visit the courthouse for research. I agree with your conclusion of this issue and the back-door approach. And yes you are correct, there are no details as to how the place of birth would be recorded on the Hawaiian birth certificate.

  • CB

    AzAttorney, as to the place of birth issue. I ask for your professional opinion regarding the issues being discussed of statute: §338-17.5 Judicial procedure to establish facts of birth

    and §338-17 Late or altered certificate as evidence

    also, §338-16 Procedure concerning late and altered birth certificates

    As for §338-20.5 Adoption; foreign born persons, under section 4(b). “the certificate is not evidence of United States citizenship for the child for whom it is issued” If he was adopted by his own mother(smart but devious in a criminal way) the records would be sealed. Would explain much, but section 4(b) would be insurmountable for POTUS requirements.

  • Tony Lopez-Cisneros

    My previous public statements, contentions & arguments; as per Mr. Obama’s “Birth Certificate” were SOLELY Based on the PHILIP J. BERG LAWSUIT: Not Necessarily based on the LEO DONOFRIO LAWSUIT–

    As Mr. Donofrio freely admitted or assented & “took it for granted” that Mr. Obama IS a Legitimate & Legal Citizen (albeit NOT a “Natural Born” Citizen) of The United States of America as per Mr. Obama’s “Locked Up In A State Vault” Birth Certificate in Hawaii.

    As of This Day & Writing; Attorney PHILIP J. BERG’S LAWSUIT is STILL PENDING Before The United States Supreme Court:

    Contending That Mr. Obama is A Natural Born Citizen of KENYA; And NOT A Natural Born Citizen of The United States of America –OR– Of The State of Hawaii: as Evidenced, so Mr. Berg Contends & Asserts, By Obama’s KENYAN Grandmother Witnessing His (Barack Obama’s) Natural Live Birth in KENYA in 1961 !

    Attorney PHILIP J. BERG Also Contends & Asserts that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama ALSO holds Indonesian Citizenship !

    These Persistent Questions on The U.S. Constitutional Requirements of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama MUST Cease & Desist BEFORE Dec. 15, 2008 !


    Truthfully, Sincerely & Respectfully Yours,

    Tony Lopez-Cisneros
    2002/2004 Candidate For Congress,
    United States House of Representatives,
    4th Congressional District,
    State of Illinois.

    E-mail: [email protected]

  • Doug Mataconis


    Berg’s lawsuit has as little factual and legal merit as Donofrio’s did. It will suffer the same fate when the Justices get around to considering it, which may not be until after Inauguration Day.

    Also, are you aware that Philip Berg is a 9/11 Truther ? Or, are you one too ?