Mr. Jindal Heads To Iowa

Mr. Jindal Heads To Iowa


Does this guy really want to be the sacrificial lamb in 2012? Because nobody’s going to blame Obama for this economic downturn (except hardcore Friedmanites), and if Obama creates 2.5 million jobs in the next few years, he’s got 2012 in the bag.

In any event, here’s more from CNN:

(CNN) — Bobby Jindal’s in Iowa today. Louisiana’s Governor will make a stop in Cedar Rapids to tour some of the damage from devastating floods earlier this year. He’ll also participate in a fundraiser with some of the victims from the flooding. Tonight Jindal heads to Des Moines, where he’s the keynote speaker at a fundraising dinner for the Iowa Family Policy Center’s “Celebrating the Family” banquet, a major Christian conservative event.

Jindal’s considered by many in the Republican party to be a rising star and his trip to Iowa, the state that kicks off the presidential primary season, is raising speculation that he might be interested in making a bid for the Republican Presidential Nomination in 2012. But Jindal says such talk is misplaced and that he has no plans to make a run for the White House.

Bobby, seriously, stay away from this fight. Let Romney and Huckabee duke it out in 2012, and then position yourself as the Republican savior 4 years later. Trust me on this.

  • Alistair

    I agree because I just don’t think that the Republican Party is ready to nominate him and he would be face the same bombarbed slanders from the extreme right and accusing him of being a muslim. Let Sarah, Mike, Mitt and Rudy destroy each other in 2012.

  • TerenceC

    JG –

    Bobby Jindal – may have some talent but he has some pretty deep skeletons in his closet I would imagine…….and so would he by his own admission….I think there’s a reason we haven’t seen a leader of national prominence in either political party from LA – it’s just too too too conservative.

    I think it’s fair to say that Bobby has “topped” out as governor. I think he’s great when it comes to austerity and budget cutting. He’s 100% pro life under any and all circumstances which I have an issue with. He fought hard to prevent income tax reform in LA (although it eventually passed and he did everything in his power to take credit). He voted yes to make the Patriot act permanent. He failed to renew an EO making discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, or political beliefs illegal. He consistently votes against the environment. He supports the teaching of Intelligent design in public schools (why does religion either for or against have any part in public education?). He’s toed the conservative / Republican line his entire political life and since it is largely based on emotional issues and primarily void of new ideas so is Bobby. I think if we had a chance to find out what he really thinks you would be amazed he ever got any political traction at all – but that’s LA. He’s a contender in national politics right now because he’ll be lucky to last another term in LA – so where does he go then.? Although I agree that 2012 should be fairly predictable I won’t hold my breath…….four years ago who would have thought O’Bama (he’s a 1/4 Irish you know) would be POTUS?

  • Jim S


    Yeah, I think that the national media would bring that one out and it would scare the heck out of everyone outside the really hardcore faithful.

  • Needless to say

    His running in 2012 is likely to be sure never to happen.
    Expecting a difficult race against the incumbent President Obama who maybe would remain modestly popular, any Republican candidate in 2012 would surely be a sacrificial lamb.
    He isn’t fool enough to volunteer to draw the short straw,his politely declining the offer over VP post from the Old Soldier 2008 team proves his political acuity of smelling so as not to act like political clown.
    Republican leadership composed of hopeful Presidential candidates in the future will want 2008 primary losers to assume that role, not to waste their hope earlier 2016.
    This is why he will wait his chance until 2016.