Obama’s Vote Margin Larger Than Reagan’s In 1980

Obama’s Vote Margin Larger Than Reagan’s In 1980


In fact, it’s the widest margin ever for any non-incumbent who has won the POTUS.

Check out these numbers…

So maybe it really was a landslide?

Still, as Nate Silver points, if you slice this onion a different way and look at the votes as a % of the total registered voters, Reagan comes out on top…

By this metric, Reagan’s win in 1980 is still somewhat more impressive than Obama’s — he won by 8,425,115 votes out of 159,635,102 available, or 5.3%.

By contrast, Obama won by 9,124,522 votes out of 213,005,467 available, or 4.3%.

However, Obama’s fraction is slightly better than George H.W. Bush’s in 1988, who won by 7,077,121 votes out of 167,701,904 available, or 4.2%.

So yes, Reagan’s shadow still looms large, but it seems like Obama has enough electoral ammo if he wants to try some more progressive ideas for the economy and beyond.

  • Alistair

    Very impressive that he won by that kind of a margin!

  • darter22

    Obama’s inauguration will be the biggest celebration the world has seen since Europe was liberated from the Nazis.