The Problems With Pakistan

The Problems With Pakistan


Nicholas Kristof shares his findings from the troubled country, and it’s not pretty.

In short, Obama better keep his eye on this nuclear power…or else.

After watching this I can’t help but think that, regardless of what this panel says, the incoming administration realizes the unique position Pakistan has on the world stage. After all, they’re really the only “rogue” nation to have demonstrable nuclear capabilities, so it’s not like this is a hidden problem.

The trick will be where to draw the line between cooperation and concession. And do we really care about getting Bin Laden if it means pissing off enough Pakistanis to make them dangerous?

In the end, something tells me that we’ll be talking about this country throughout the Obama administration, be it 4 or 8 years.

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    Pakistan supporting the USA 100% during the cold war and this is how Americans payback a ally? Obviously Pakistan has its issues but who doesnt: Israel, India? Get real
    This is all an effort to weaken Pakistan and have India take its Nukes and turn it into Afganistan which is the real goal of these prostitute political wankers.