Conservative Episcopals Create New Church

Conservative Episcopals Create New Church


For the last several years, the Episcopal Church in the United States has been embroiled in internal conflict. Four dioceses and a collection of parishes, upset by the social liberalism of the Episcopal Church, have broken away from the church. Today, those congregations have formerly formed a new church: the Anglican Church in North America

The root cause of this strife is the Episcopal Church’s acceptance of homosexuality. The catalyst was the consecration of an openly gay bishop.

As an Episcopalian, I’m saddened to see the church splinter over a matter as biblically insignificant as homosexuality. This really seems to be a case where current cultural conflicts are infiltrating Christian theology. I’m sure the new Anglican Church in North America would strongly disagree, but I see little Christian grace in the choice to be intolerant of our Christian brothers and sisters.

That said, everyone has a right to worship as they choose. At least in this age, in this part of the world, we can resolve our religious differences peacefully.

  • TerenceC

    This is the first Christian Schism I’ve ever heard of based upon the dogma of sexual orientation. Normally these guy’s spend 20 years discussing who the political power broker will be and then upon impasse they excommunicate eachother. But hey 100,000 Episcopalians can’t be wrong.

  • mike mcEachran

    It’s in the Bible. (“Don’t be gay”, i mean) It’s an abomination, and they have a right to split their church to follow that rule. Which means someone can totally start a church that reinstitutes slavery, and I’m thinking of doing it. We’re also going to forbid entry to unclean women (you know), and burn girls at the stake who disgrace their fathers. Divorce is out, inter-racial marriage, and much, much more – just check out the bible for the full list of abominations, it’s awesome! (Leviticus is a trove – right where it states clearly you can’t be gay or you’re going to hell. Tons of good stuff. Page turner.) And remember, none of this reflects “old timey thinking”, or “quaintly oppressive rules that we’ve evolved beyond”, or even “blatantly arbitrary excuses to impose merciless, blind, and violent authority over others.” None of it! People! These are not antiquated rules that we can ignore!! I say nay! Yes, I know it’s been like 4000 years, but it was written by Middle-Eastern men from the desert! I mean come on! (Oh btw, the only thing is the slaves have to be foreigners – like Guantanamo! See? We’re half way there, Bible writers! We’re trying!! Oh shit – Obama… Never should have elected a black guy – totally anti-Christ. Damn.)

  • J. Harden


  • Chris

    *checks watch* oh, was I supposed to care?

    Lol. And good effort Mike, I got a laugh and a half out of your response.

  • Vigilant

    They do not believe in Jesus or even God. The elite believe that God is an evil force that keeps humanity in the darkness. They want to BE God. Check out for more info

  • DaveH

    It is a lot more than Bishop Robinson — he is just straw/camel/back

    The Episcopal Church in the USA has its roots in the Anglican Church of England which had been a very muscular practice.

    If you want to “celebrate” all that life has to offer, join U.C.C.

    If you want to work hard to improve yourself, to become a better human being, struggle and overcome adversity and make this world a better place for everyone — grow some stones and be steadfast to the spiritual practice that has worked so well for so long.

    Sign me Anglican…

  • Cal

    sign me amused. I don’t believe any of the religious babble in the world today and I also personally believe you would have to be a staggering, slobbering, knuckle-dragging moron to believe any of that illogical nonsense anyway. However, Mike is right. What I find most laughable is that these so-called christians want to just throw away, ignore and ridicule the very words of their so-called “savior” Jesus who clearly had nothing to say about homosexuality, instead reserving his most vitriolic anger for those who would divide the Church. Oh wait, these “conservatives” (really they are more accurately referred to as “radicals”) really don’t give a hoot what Jesus said, after all, isn’t Moses the “real” prophet here for christians? If Jesus walked into their living rooms today he would be summarily thrown out for being a liberal and called every foul name they could come up with.

  • TerenceC

    Actually – they did that to Jesus back then, but he wasn’t just thrown out – he was killed. Be careful who you kill – you never know who they might turn out to be.

  • David

    I wouldn’t call homosexuality “Biblically insignificant” – it’s clearly a topic about with some strong language associated…

    Now, as to why a *Christian* church is particularly worried about this Mosaic law versus that Mosaic law, I have no idea: you don’t hear too much about schisms over which day is the Sabbath, after all…

  • L C V

    I don’t think any of the replies I’ve read here actually have attended Episcopal Churches. I grew up in an Episcopal Church. There was never an anti gay or anti anything else element to it. In fact, it was an experience that was completely not political which is what I liked about it. Because of its tolerant attitude, certain liberal political factions began to enter in to the point that they took over the church. Now, there is an intolerance against conservatism that I found shocking as I have taken my family to Episcopal Church after Church tryiyng to find one that is not political and I think that is what people are reacting to. I don’t have anything against gay people, it’s more like they have something against conservative straight people. So it’s just uncomfortable. Sign me up Anglican…..