Hardball Talks Blagojevich

Hardball Talks Blagojevich


Here’s the short version: Blagojevich = Moron.

Now for the long version…

One interesting thing that Lynn Sweet brought up in that clip was the idea of how little Blagojevich was involved in the Obama campaign. In fact, she said she would have been laughed at if she had asked what role Blagojevich played in the campaign. This idea lends some amount of credence that Rahm Emanuel alerted federal prosecutors, but it’s all speculation at this point.

We shall see…

  • TerenceC

    So all of a sudden some D&p Sh*t states the Rahm Emanuel may be doing his job and the Mother%u&*ers are surprised that some scumbag politician had his T*ts cut off. Slime has never been so afraid!!!!!!