Meet The Press For 12/14/08

Meet The Press For 12/14/08


This will be the last time I say that I think Chuck Todd would have been a better pick, but today’s MTP was pretty decent.

Congrats again to Gregory for landing the gig.

By the way, just a note to Chris Matthews and Fox News Sunday and ABC and CBS…why do you not have your Sunday shows embeddable like NBC’s? Because I would embed ALL of them if given the opportunity.

In other words, free up your content! You’ll get more people watching it and make more ad revenue as a result.

  • mw

    I like Chuck Todd but Gregory was the right pick. Both of them would/will need to grow into the role. Bottom line – it is still entertainment and the host has to have an entertainer’s personality as well as gravitas. Gregory has the tools, Todd’s on-air personality is a little too ummm… non-existent.

    Agree with you about the embedding. I am even more annoyed that CNBC does not even offer embedding when sister broadcaster MSNBC does. What’s up with that? Since the election I have stopped watching the political channels, and primarily watch CNBC or CSPAN when a debate is on. There is a lot of great video content at CNBC that I’d like to embed.