Cornyn Threatens Filibuster if Franken Seated

Cornyn Threatens Filibuster if Franken Seated


With Al Franken up just 50 votes in the Minnesota recount, congressional Republicans are worried the Democratic controlled Senate might try to seat Franken provisionally. Now, Republican Senator John Cornyn, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, has threatened a filibuster if Democrats try to seat Franken before the Minnesota secretary of state and governor certify the election results.

Seating Franken before the election is certified would make him appear the presumptive winner and would make any challenges by Norm Coleman seem like an attempt to overturn the election. In reality, the vote tallies are too close for anyone to make assumptions until the 1000+ improperly rejected absentee ballots are tallied.

But Cornyn won’t likely have to live up to his threat. The new Congress is seated Tuesday and Democrats say they have no intention to seat Franken, even provisionally.

That means we could be weeks or even months away from knowing who will represent Minnesota in the Senate.

Update by Justin:
With the recount technically over, Franken leads by 225 votes.

  • patriotflier

    This election is being stolen by democrats using time-honored practices. There is no need for the Senate dems to do any provisional seating as they know the outcome will be Franken. This election theft began with the small democrat precincts in remote Northern MN changing vote tallies even before the recount, claiming “errors made by exhausted poll officials”.. The Secretary of State is a george Soros-backed hack. The “improperly rejected absentee ballots” were suddenly deemed improperly rejected by these same democrat poll officials that changed vote tallies before the recount, found extra ballots in the machines thatwere cast time stamped two days before the election date.. and could notmatch 133 Franken votes in te recount in democrat U of MN precinct but counted them anyway…oh and don’t forget the guy who had democrat votes in the trunk of his car… the democrat supreme court ruled that the officials who suddenly decided in the recount that they had improperly rejected absentee ballots would not be questioned and the counting of these ballots wouldbe left to them instead of the bi-partisan Canvassing Board…I HATE democrats who are anything but democratic.. election-stealing turds…

  • Craig Travis

    GOP just loves to filibuster. It’s there idea of good government.

  • FG

    I could say the same thing about the Republicans in 2000 and possibly 2004. Don’t cry sour grapes just because the MN Election board isn’t in bed with the GOP like FL.

  • Trescml

    Whenever a race is a tie (which basically what this is) it comes down to the campaigns maneuvering to find subtle advantages. In this case Franken’s team has been better at this. What is more concerning is the Senate moving toward deciding who will be seated and who won’t be seated. Think about what this really means. If they want they can deny a seat to anyone without any cause. Elections can be basically overturned by the majority or blocked by a filibuster by the minority. This is a dangerous direction to be taking politics given there are two seats that are having these types of issues.

  • Democrats 4 Ever

    GO AL GO!!!



    FRANKEN ’16!!!