Joe The Plumber/Israel Redux

Joe The Plumber/Israel Redux


I did some digging and found the following interview Joe Wurzelbacher did with Shepherd Smith on Fox News back in October.

Among the highlights…

When asked if he knows anything about Obama’s positions on Israel, Wurzelbacher doesn’t have an answer. Instead he tries to hide behind some lame excuse about people going out and finding out Obama’s positions for themselves.

Also, Joe claims to know just enough about foreign policy to be “dangerous”…whatever that means.

I mean, what do you say to that?

I definitely share the “He can’t be that grossly uninformed and still that certain, can he?” sentiment apparent on Smith’s face at the end of the interview.

To be clear, I’m not saying Wurzelbacher is dumb, but he’s certainly not ready to talk about ANY serious foreign policy subject in ANY detail because he obviously has little to no idea what he’s talking about.

So that brings us back to the news today that Wurzelbacher was hired by Pajamas TV to be a war correspondent in Gaza for 10 days.


Folks, the fact that anybody is paying this guy anything to talk about what’s going on the Middle East right now is crazy and should be treated as such.

Whatever credibility PJTV had before now just went right out the window.

  • Jeremy

    “Also, Joe claims to know just enough about foreign policy to be “dangerous”…whatever that means.”

    How about Joe knows just enough about everything and a lot about nothing. Dangerous? Yeah, well, that goes without saying for most ignorant people.

  • John Burke

    Oh, I don’t know, Justin. Isn’t what we’re doing on blogs like this pretty much what Joe will be doing on PJTV? Whether it’s the Huffington Post recruiting legions of “citizen journalists,” the Koz Kids wielding their newfound influence by holding conventions that pols feel obliged to attend, or Pajamas Media on the right (named to honor those maligned as mere “guys in pajamas”), internet technology gives everyone the opportunity to report or comment on news of all kinds and have a shot at aggregating an audience of csome consequence.

    Joe may well prove to be a moron, but then, quite a few of us bloggers often show little substantive knowledge of the subjects we treat. But overall, this is a hugely positive development for a free society — breaking the oligopoly of control held almost since the inception of the penny newspaper by a handful of major news gathering organizations that could capitalize printed and broadcast media.

    Now, we don’t need no stinking capital! I say, more power to Joe and anyone else who wants to take the dive.

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    He should run for Senate in Minnesota.

  • Derek Viger

    It is, as John has said, encouraging that anyone can become a journalist or columnist through the internet and be taken seriously. The other side of the card is that anyone can become a journalist, even the Joe the Plumbers of the world. I just hope people will take the time to analyze what they read and hear. With this instant gratification world we’re in that might be too much to ask

  • Jim S

    No, John, Joe isn’t like all bloggers. Joe is ignorant and proud of it. He makes no real effort to change that condition.

    The other day in the grocery store parking lot I walked past the car of a disappointed McCain supporter. He had a bumper sticker that apparently came from the campaign since it closely matched the one that definitely did. It said “I’m voting for Joe the Plumber.”. I have no doubt this person, if asked, would say that one reason we shouldn’t have voted for Obama is his lack of experience.

  • ExiledIndependent

    Ok, all Obama supporters please raise your right hand and repeat after me: “Relevant experience isn’t a prerequisite for holding a job, position, or office.” If it’s ok for Obama, Kennedy, and Pinetta….

    Let’s wish these fine folks best of luck in their future endeavors, shall we?

  • Jim S

    But of course Obama did have previous experience in government, though not as much as some other candidates. Joe the Plumber doesn’t even have a plumber’s license and lied about his imminent purchase of a business. Does any Republican ever tell the truth about these things?

  • Justin Gardner


    I think most bloggers I read have a fairly good grasp on what they’re talking about. Maybe they’re not experts, but they’re certain informed. Wurzelbacher is plainly ignorant and is trying to hide from that.

    Given that, i don’t think it’s a good step forward for bloggers because if you have a “citizen journalist” like Joe out there talking nonsense, it’s hurts bloggers’ credibility.

  • ExiledIndependent

    Progressives = smart, conservatives = dumb. Right?

  • J. Harden

    I think most bloggers I read have a fairly good grasp on what they’re talking about.

    Talk about being a matter of opinion. However, there are some truly exceptional bloggers out there with fantastic writing ability. My favorites are Kim Crawford of Velociworld, winner of this years Hewitt Award ( and the other is Nick Packwood of the Canadian blog, Ghost of a Flee, On the hard left, there are also some good writers, including Richard Seymore with Lenin’s Tomb.

  • Justin Gardner

    No Exiled, not in the least.

    I’ve talked about this in other posts, but I read The Next Right, Ross Douthat, Below The Beltway, Megan McCardle, Secular Right, Marginal Revolution, Michael Totten, Q and O, Reason and The Volokh Conspiracy. I also subscribed to Captain’s Quarters, but since Ed moved I haven’t given Hot Air much notice b/c I refuse to support Malkin.

    So, actually, I read MANY more conservative bloggers than I do liberal bloggers. Most of the other 50 or so blogs I read come from news sources (Politico, WSJ, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, Hotline, RCP) because this tends to be a little bit more of a newsy blog. I do read Kevin Drum, Steve Benen, Brendan Nyhan and TPM, but that’s about as liberal as I get. And actually, TPM was great during the primary season, but I rarely ever read their stuff anymore.

    Oh, and John Cole at Balloon Juice just because he has made me laugh out loud on MANY occasions when he slams both sides, although he’s much more anti-right these days.

    So yes, I’d say that most of the bloggers I read have a much better than average grasp on the issues they’re discussing and if they don’t…they say as much.