Is “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Gone? Obama Says Yes

Is “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Gone? Obama Says Yes


Press Secretary Robert Gibbs answers a lot of questions for the transition. Definitely try to watch them all.

However, check out the last question/answer around 4:15 of this video.

All I can say is…it’s about time.

I’ve never understood the claim that somebody disclosing their sexuality would destroy troop morale, especially when it has been well documented that members of our military have served as openly gay and yet admired by their fellow soldiers.

Add to that the fact that openly gay soldiers serve in every single first world military in the world and you have a situation that clearly favors honesty and transparency.

Simply put, “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” is completely outdated and it’s about time we get rid of it once and for all.

Done and done.

  • Wj

    It’s a stupid policy, and I’m glad that the President-elect favors eliminating it. But it is well to bear in mind that it is a policy set by law, not administrative order. As such, getting rid of it requires the Congress to pass a bill repealing it. I hope that they will do it, and soon. But there is no reason to harass the new administration to do it instantly; harass your Congressman instead.

  • J. Harden

    Absolutely not wj. Obama can instantly lift the policy through an executive order — INSTANTLY — and it will have the full force & effect of legislation. If he is favor of lifting the policy, then he should have the moral courage to immediately lift the policy. He is going to be the commander-in-chief of our armed forces, time to put on the big boy pants and move with decisiveness and political courage.

    Justice delayed is Justice DENIED and Obama needs to be pressured by the GLBT community to lift the ban NOW. It is a matter of civil rights and national security, right? I think the prez should do something.