Gallup: Americans Approve Of Obama’s Stimulus Work

Gallup: Americans Approve Of Obama’s Stimulus Work


And there is strong disapproval for the way Republicans are handling this situation.

Not only that, confidence in Obama’s ability to move this country in a positive direction seems to have risen over the past couple weeks…

As I’ve said earlier today, Republicans are playing a dangerous electoral game by going all in on the stimulus opposition. And I can’t help but think that pumping almost a trillion into this economy will have some stimulative effect and Republicans won’t be able to demonstrate any long term damage it has done.

  • SaneInSF

    How is giving millions to ACORN stimulus? That’s the non-profit form of crony-capitalism. It’s hypocritical.

  • Dan D

    The economy seems to get worse every day, but that makes it all the more important to see that the stimulus is properly done — if it needs to be done at all.

    Is Obama making a mistake by not make a bigger effort to see that the stimulus bill is a bipartisan effort?

    During the election Obama promised change, specifically change in the way the political system works.

    Wouldn’t a big part of this change be to try to get Republicans and Democrats to work together on a stimulus bill at this critical time in our nations history?

    Stumping along the lines of what Obama has been recently saying amounts little more than I won the election so I have a mandate from the people so we are going to do what I want to do.

    How does that help encourage the Republicans to want to work with Obama?

    All of the elected officials — Democrats, Republicans, and Independents — have the mandate of the people that elected them otherwise they would not be holding office.

    Obama’s line of reasoning that he has a mandate also forgets that he represents all the people that did NOT vote for him.

    Although they might not have voted for him he still has a responsibility to them as well to not squander their tax dollars and to not ignore the law makers that they have duly elected.

  • Trescml

    There is nothing in the stimulus bill that directly gives money to ACORN. There is a provision that money in theory could be given to non-profits. In that case you could ask why are we giving money to the Christian Coalition and you would be just as accurate.

    But to answer the question how does “neighborhood stabilization activities.” stimulate the economy, the HUD would oversee the money to help states, local governments or non-profits rehab and buy distressed properties. This stimulate the economy by putting putting people to work to improve properties (construction). As an added benefit it would keep properties from becoming a blight and depressing real estate values further. Now whether this the best use of money can be debated, but just to make up something to drum up opposition against the stimulus bill is the worst form of partisan politics.

    Note the program was started under the Bush administration.

  • kranky kritter

    Meh, I think what all of the recent polls show, when taken as a whole, is that Obama remains pretty popular for his fairly sane approach. And that the stimulus package is not especially popular.

    I think that with the bill being pared back down closer to its original proposed size, a majority of Americans will stomach it (largely out of understandable economic fear), at least for the short term, without Obama taking much heat or losing much popularity over it.

    I see precious little risk to the GOP’s tactical approach. The only real risk is if, by some miracle, the economy turns around quickly and noticeably and begins to grow again strongly by the time of the next elections. Unless that happens, there’s zero risk in their approach. The GOP is trying to restore its credibility with people who MIGHT vote for them. Quite sensibly, they show little concern over the views of folks who would NEVER in a million years vote for them.

    When and if the economy turns around, I seriously doubt it will be strongly or soon. But when it does, Obama supporters will credit Obama, and the GOP will say the turnaround happened despite him. No one will really know with anything resembling certainty or even high probability. But this won’t stop anyone from giving credit to the people and ideologies they support, and blaming the bad guys on the other side for all the negatives.

  • Mike A.

    I agree with KK’s comments.
    When this thing blows over everyone will find reasons to say their side was right, the other was wrong, and there’s no such thing as bipartisanship.
    Makes me wonder if the only thing that brings us together is war.

  • Tully

    Some stimulative effect? Uh huh. In the shrot term. In the long term the destimulative effect will more than outweigh that. See previous comments about disguising cold symptoms with heavy whiskey drinking. It won’t cure the cold, and you can’t get away from the hangover.

  • Randy D

    Republicans are afraid that the Obama stimulus program is in fact, going to work! When that happens it will be another enormous set back for the Republicans that vote against the stimulus bill which will reverberate in lost seats for them all across the country. Translation: gains for Democrats and Independants in the House and Senate.