Paraphrasing Michael Steele: ‘Republicans Suck’

Paraphrasing Michael Steele: ‘Republicans Suck’


Glenn Beck has a conversation with Michael Steele, and it’s a good one.

I have to say that the decision to choose Steele as the Chairman of the RNC was definitely a good one.

Looking past the obvious difference in the selection of Michael Steele (and the blustery-goodness of Glenn Beck), it is clear to me that the Republican party has embraced the idea of change. Not just in it’s selection of leaders, but rather in the tone and tenor that the party takes going forward. Steele is basically saying that Republicans need to back up and regroup before they can take the next election (not just a presidential election either — ANY election) seriously. The public’s trust has been lost and it must be regained.

Shoot. If Glenn Beck is telling you that your party sucks, then you know that you have got some work to do.

Steele said, “You have absolutely no reason — none — to trust our word or our actions at this point.”

Nice one. Of course, ‘our’ = Republicans. Refreshing.

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  • redhorse

    So when do Congressional Republicans get the memo? I’ve heard every song they played over the past month from the same old, tired party hymnal that got them through the Bush years.

  • Jim S


    There is no memo. Steele is no different than any other Republican ideologue. One interview with Glen Beck doesn’t change this.

  • Jim S

    Oh, yeah. Maybe this guy got the memo.