Those GDP Numbers In Context

Those GDP Numbers In Context


Just to give you some sense of how bad those GDP numbers are…

We’re officially in cliff diving territory.

(Source: Wash Post)

  • gerryf

    Well, the fourth quarter was October November and December, after Obama was elected…so it is all the Democrats fault….if only we could give more tax breaks to the rich and outsource more jobs over seas this would all go away!

    The culmination of short-sighted, gotta beat the last quarter in profits, cut costs, get rid of workers, has come home to roost.

  • ExiledIndependent

    I love graphs where the biggest number on the graph is also the upper limit of the graph. If the graph showed the full economic range (i.e. 100%) or goes back to the latest comparable recession (early 1980s) it loses a lot of its fear-punch. Gotta sell papers somehow, I guess….