Republicans, Do You Want Obama To Fail?

Republicans, Do You Want Obama To Fail?



Well tell that to Rush Limbaugh. Because he apparently thinks you do.

Remember when talk like this was called anti-American and traitorous? Personally, I don’t think what Limbaugh is saying is either of those things, but is it tired and sad? Most definitely.

By the way, I understand that many of you have a certain economic philosophy that you think is much better than the plans that Obama is proposing. Trust me, I get it. But what if he’s right? What if these plans work? What will you say then? Will you revise your philosophy?

Because, I’m not sure if you all realize this or not, but liberals believe in creative destruction too. Yes, even though folks like Limbaugh and Hannity would have you believe that we have a copy of the Communist Manifesto by our bedsides, pretty much every single one of us believes in the basic tenets of capitalism. We just don’t believe that the market is self regulating since the profit motive puts money above people.

So I can understand why Limbaugh is so scared. Because if Obama does succeed, he’ll realize that he spent his entire life deriding ideas that actually work. Not that he would ever admit it, but something tells me that a decade from now Republicans will have left Limbaugh far behind.

Fingers crossed.

  • Rich

    If I believe that something that the president (ANY president) proposes would cause more harm than good, then yes, I would want that president to fail in that attempt.

    If someone were attempting to hurt you and your family – either physically, emotionally or financially – I would want their efforts to fail.

    Do you want me to believe that the “anti-war” people actually wanted Pres. Bush’s actions in Iraq to succeed?? They obviously wanted the US to fail in that endeavor.

    I wanted the “amnesty” for illegal aliens to fail. I believe we need to secure our borders for national security reasons. I believe that a majority of those who cross the border want to work to make a better life for themselves and their families – and I admire them for their desires. However, there are just enough people who are coming into the country illegally that are gang members, drug smugglers, welfare seekers, general criminals, etc. that leave no doubt that something needs to be done to stop the flow of illegal immigration.

    There are certain things we must depend on the government for – infrastructure, defense, foreign policy, etc. I think that being dependant on the government (or anyone other than yourself) for day-to-day living (healthcare, retirement, making mortgage payments, paying for energy, etc) is not healthy for the individual nor the country. So, I hope any efforts to make people less responsible for their actions and more depentant on the government ultimately…

    Personally, I don’t give a darn what Rush says or how he says it. That said, my take on the “big picture” of what he’s saying – not just a clip here or a sound bite there – is that he doesn’t necessarily want President Obama to personally fail. Rush wants President Obama to fail in what he percieves to be efforts to nationalize various sectors of the economy and move the country closer to socialism.

    Does anyone *really* want the stock market to continue it’s free-fall dive? Give me a break!

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    So what is so strange about being honest to say that I want Barack Obama to fail if his mission is to restructure and reform this country so that capitalism and individual liberty are not its foundation? Why would I want that to succeed? -Rush Limbaugh, CPAC 2009

    Sounds OK to me.

    Hey Justin, didn’t you wan’t Bush to fail in his mission to privatize social security, or send more troops into Iraq? I question your patriotism.

    McQ at QandO can say it better than me, or Rush for that matter:

    “…That’s because “success” would mean the subversion of everything I find important into something I loathe. It would mean the supplanting of free market and capitalistic economic mechanisms with those designed by government. It would mean sanctioning and approving govenment driven market distortions. It would mean approving government picking economic winners and losers. It would mean agreeing that it is the job of government to provide health care, welfare, and retirement. And on and on we go.”