Too Big

Too Big

banking cartoon
  • kranky kritter

    This cartoon makes sense for 5 or 6 months ago. But now it should show AIG emaciated and flat on its back, or perhaps as a rotting corpse.

  • donar

    what other corporations do you think would lay claim “too big to fail”? I’m more than happy to tattoo him with other names.

  • Pauline

    HI! i’m back and this is what i call bullying ang intimidation…. very dangeros but indeed very powerful! it drives even the most grounded CRAZY!

  • tyson

    Great idea for a cartoon gets your point across very fast

  • Jeannie

    I agree with Tyson, it gets the point accross, even though it is not the same today. But it could be applied to some other businesses.

  • Jessica Hernandez

    The cartoon that you have here is simple yet you were able to show us your point. I am glad you have shared it through simple yet very interesting way.

  • Maria Del Valle

    If there were no tatoo at all, this big guy can represents anybody or any company. Not because you are big, it means you are not going to fail.