Obama Explains Why He’s Not A Socialist

Obama Explains Why He’s Not A Socialist


He called the NY Times back to talk about a question they asked him.

Obama’s basic argument: You do realize that Bush started all of this, right?

So, was Bush a socialist?

Also, does anybody think that Democrats don’t believe in capitalism?

  • http://www.belowthebeltway.com Doug Mataconis

    Was Bush a socialist ?

    Well, he certainly wasn’t a free market capitalist.

  • Heather

    I am not saying Obama is or is not a socialist. But why do people assume that only a standing definition of socialist can be applied?

    Why is it not inconceivable that the same ends can be acheived with a slightly modified approuch?

    Socialism says that the goverment controls the means of production. But why can’t government not own the means of production but have an influence on or control the means of production to such an extent that the end result is the same?

    Didn’t the government say that if they bailed out the car makers, that they could then direct what kinds of cars the companies made? We know that if banks take bail out money, the government can then dictate the salaries of the CEO. Isn’t this “controlling the means of production” or government control of business?

    So it is not entirely impossible that there could be a new path to the same destination.

  • ExiledIndependent

    I think he was trying to use Bush as an excuse that his policies AREN’T socialist, because they’re an amplification of Bush’s policies. And it’s impossible for a Republican to be socialist, right?

    Point blank, the programs Obama calls out are socialist programs. So yeah, Bush pushed forward socialist fiscal policy. Now Obama needs to own/admit that he’s talking those socialist steps that Bush started even further. But instead, we get spin. Notice that the smooth, polished Obama is lost in a sea of verbalized ummms and ahhs when he tries to spin things? Guy must be a horrible poker player.

    At any rate, very strange call, and very strange logic to state that he’s not a socialist. The syllogism would go something like this:

    Bush is a Republican.
    No Republican would pass socialist fiscal legislation.
    Therefore Bush’s policies were not socialist.

    My policies are an extension of Bush’s.
    None of Bush’s policies are socialist.
    Therefore my policies are not socialist.

    Gotta love how rhetoric beats out reason.

  • bubbaquimby

    I know some do but it’s a very very small portion of one wing of the party. However a much larger part of the party (all progressives and many moderates) want us to become a socialist democracy in the mold of western europe. There is a difference and you can debate whether that’s good or bad but realistically that’s what most Republicans fear. However some (or many) go overboard with the socialist/communist shtick.