Stephen Baldwin V. Ron Paul On Marijuana

Stephen Baldwin V. Ron Paul On Marijuana


As expected, it’s the “gateway drug” theory v. reality of human existence.

Guess which one sounds more credible…

I do still love Ron Paul in many ways, and I wish he wouldn’t have been mixed up in that remarkably dumb newsletter operation he was. Because then he’d be a viable third party candidate.

Oh well.

  • Chris

    does anyone also notice that baldwin looks like the latest face of the joker…
    scary. I don’t agree with ron paul on much, because I think he’s a nut bag, but I think the war on drugs is a war on humanity and liberty.

  • jon doe

    Hey Chris, how is Ron Paul a nutbag? He’s a doctor and a longterm congressman who believes in the U.S. Constitution.

    What is normal for you chris? What is it about Ron Paul (that is YOUR opinion, not from talk radio or news) that you find nutty?

    If he makes so much sense on this issue, what makes you think he doesn’t make sense on other issues?

  • Jeremy from Oregon

    The discussion on Marijuana is over. It is and always has been far less destructive than the readily available “legal” or “sanctioned” drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes. Like anything in life, moderation is the key.

    America needs to legalize and tax this substance just as it has cigarettes and alcohol. People are going to imbibe in marijuana no matter its legal status. America is a historically hypocritical state. Religion and politics are the only reason this substance remains stigmatized. It’s time to grow up America. Marijuana studies have disproven the state’s bunk arguments regarding its safety and long term effects.

    Besides, why does the government feel it has the authority to decide what an adult consumes, especially when the government has given it’s official approval to much more insidious substances such as the aforementioned?


    Hey Chris. Do you realize Dr. Paul get $1.00 a year as his pay from congress ? Yeah, I guess not raping the public is nutty.

    Have you read 1 book he has written? Yeah, I guess the gold standard and sound money is nutty.

    You must mean his true patriot are the nutty ideas. Yeah, our founding fathers were pretty nutty too.

    These idiots and sheeple that trash Ron Paul are just ignorant parrots for the main stream media and the like.

    You know nothing Cris.
    You sir are a moron.


    Right now I could go out right now and buy enough alcohol to put a whole dorm room into a coma. I couldn’t do that with pot if I had 10,000 pounds of pot.

    Think about it. Marijuana has been the #1 cash crop in the U.S. for over 20 years and that has been for illegal use.
    Tax it, regulate it. Bank it.

    The medicinal, textile and fuel potential should be used to the fullest extent and it will create jobs instead of create criminals.

    No Jeremy, the jury is still out on the pot issue.

    Do a net search on Federal raid on legal pot dispensaries.

    Do a net search on Black Water and the DEA

  • TerenceC

    Our neighbor to the south (Mexico) is on the verge of a revolution due to narco-terrorism and organized crime brought about in large measure by the US war on drugs. Over 7,000 people have died in Mexico in the last 12 months as drug lords fight for position and power across the border regions. The legalization of Marijuana and Hemp production in the US would go a long way toward putting these murderers out of business. It also has the added benefit of saving billions of dollars every year by no longer fighting a stupid drug war, while installing a very lucrative tax stream as these new agricultural products are brought to market, productised, and taxed. Ron Paul isn’t crazy or nuts, it’s just the average American has become accustomed to the power and abuse of the Federal government so any positions advocating a return to individual states rights is classed as crazy. Why do the American people consistently allow the Federal Government to create and finance impotent government agencies to police personal morality and matters of personal choice under the guise of psudo-religious legal dogma? Now that is truly crazy.