Trust Me. Romney’s In For 2012.

Trust Me. Romney’s In For 2012.


Since he’s not holding an elected office right now, he’s the most well positioned of any of the 2012 hopefuls to be THE voice of opposition. Because he can present ideas galore and none of them have to pass any test or go before any vote.

And now, well, there’s this:

The former Massachusetts governor and 2008 Republican presidential candidate is speaking at a political fundraiser Tuesday in Chicago. Other high-profile speaking events follow this week.

Despite those engagements and other signals that he’s positioning himself for another presidential bid, Romney insists that “this is a quiet time.”

Yes, quiet time usually involves talking up a storm at fundraisers and high-profile speaking events. That’s usually how I like to stay quiet.

We all know that Republicans are looking for a new Reagan and Romney’s the closest thing they’ll get. He knows that.

So get ready for Mitt in 2012. It’s already happening.

  • Trescml

    Although I will agree that Romney is the head of the pack for the moment, I think it is still too early to tell if can get the nomination. He will likely face serious attacks from conservative candidates on his record as Gov. of Mass. His candidacy will be driven by how the Republicans do in the mid-term. If they have their head handed to them, then I think the party will rally behind someone quickly and Romney is a likely choice. Otherwise I expect the early primaries to be very interesting and I think someone else would be more likely to emerge.

  • Rex Hump

    At least Romney is not in an elected office position, so his campaigning isn’t denying the people their elected representation. Why should we care that a private citizen is running for office when no one seemed to have any issues with Hillary or Obama being absent from their Senate seats for vast amounts of months with their own campaigning for President.