Afghan Women Protest Disgusting New Laws

Afghan Women Protest Disgusting New Laws


Since I covered the Tea Parties today, I figured I should also cover a protest that’s much more in the spirit of what the Boston Tea Party stood for.

From NY Times:

KABUL, Afghanistan — The young women stepped off the bus and moved toward the protest march just beginning on the other side of the street when they were spotted by a mob of men.

“Get out of here, you whores!” the men shouted. “Get out!”

The women scattered as the men moved in.

“We want our rights!” one of the women shouted, turning to face them. “We want equality!”

The women ran to the bus and dove inside as it rumbled away, with the men smashing the taillights and banging on the sides.


But the march continued anyway. About 300 Afghan women, facing an angry throng three times larger than their own, walked the streets of the capital on Wednesday to demand that Parliament repeal a new law that introduces a range of Taliban-like restrictions on women, and permits, among other things, marital rape.

Folks, there’s true bravery for you. And that’s when compared with any protests that happened in this country in recent memory, not just today’s events.

Also, I think this type of behavior by the Afghan government is atrocious and I hope Obama leans on Karzai enough to help get things changed, especially since we’re doubling down on our bet to win this country’s freedom.

  • mfpdx

    Instead, like his predecessor, Obama seems willing to work with that POS Karzai REGARDLESS of his allowing these Taliban animals to get these kinds of laws passed in the first place!

    Karzai isn’t working with us folks and he never has. First Pakistan offered them safe haven YEARS and YEARS ago, yet we continued to smooze them. Now, Afghanistan’s answer to ridding the world of these animals is to pass THEIR laws. And you expect this to change……how, exactly?

    Sorry, I don’t see it.

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    Hey, they are just practicing their religion. These laws are not new, they are taken directly from Islamic scripture. What are you, an Islamophobe?

  • Chris

    Damn, I wish religion had that much power here, wouldn’t this be a great country then with the clear vision and morality of religious scriptures to guide us?