Maine Becomes 5th State To Legalize Gay Marriage

Maine Becomes 5th State To Legalize Gay Marriage


Thankfully, the trend continues…

AUGUSTA, Maine — In a banner day in New England for advocates of gay marriage, Maine legalized the practice Wednesday, and the New Hampshire Legislature voted to do the same.

Maine Gov. John Baldacci, a Democrat, signed LD 1020 shortly after the legislation passed the Senate with a 21-13 vote — a margin not large enough to override a veto.

“In the past, I opposed gay marriage while supporting the idea of civil unions,” Baldacci said in a statement read in his office. “I have come to believe that this is a question of fairness and of equal protection under the law, and that a civil union is not equal to civil marriage.”

As the article goes on to point out, New Hampshire is likely the next state to drop, and legislation is being drafted in New Jersey and New York. So the Northeast is definitely leading this charge.

Any guesses as to which state will be next after the ones I just mentioned?

  • bubbles

    The next state will definitely be Arkansas or Mississippi.

  • ExiledIndependent

    I’m hoping for Florida. Ethel and Harriet can finally legally proclaim the love that dare not be named.

  • Chris

    Oh noes! “The Gays” are going to take over and ruin our 65% divorce rate! But in reality this is awesome.

  • TheMaineView

    Maine has a little thing called the “People’s Veto”. The Maine government doesn’t trust the decisions it makes so they allow voters to call bulls**t on proposed legislation. So voters can file to have certain legislation put on the November ballot. Once in a while it’s useful, but mostly it just delays an already sluggish process.

    So this will certainly be put up to a People’s Veto delaying same-sex marriage until at least after November, possibly indefinitely if the voters reject the bill.

  • Maniac

    Although it is true that Maine does have the so called people’s veto, there are a few things working in favor of having this legislation stick.

    1. Anti-individual freedom advocates are on short notice to get the 50,000 signatures needed to get this on the November ballot. Also, it is an off election year so turnout will be low.

    2. Over 39%+ of Mainers fully support gay marriage with 35% in the middle (agree with civil unions) and the remainder on the right. There might be just enough movement to have the bill remain with the approval of the voters.

    3. Even if voters did reject the measure, there is always the hope that the courts would see this as a civil rights issue and overturn any citizen’s veto.

  • wj

    “As goes Maine, so goes the nation.” Anybody else old enough to remember that bit of political wisdom (from the middle of the last century)? I’m suspecting that it once again proves true.

  • Edward

    Maine, keep kicking ass. Do not let up on the ass-kicking front. Ass-kicking must continue.

    To all my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters who have fought so long, so hard and so fairly for this day, congratulations. And thanks, Governor, for being open-minded enough to change your opinion.

    My wife and I had such a beautiful wedding day, which made so many people so happy, that I have redoubled my efforts to make sure all consenting adults have the rights that we do. I want all my friends to have a day like ours.

    In the meantime, GO MAINE!