Quote Of The Day – 2012 Blowout

Quote Of The Day – 2012 Blowout


“If it’s 2012 and our party is defined by Palin and Limbaugh and Cheney, then we’re headed for a blowout. That’s just the truth.”
A GOP strategist for John McCain and Jon Huntsman

Here’s more about Hunstman specifically and Obama’s savvy move to make him ambassador to China

Now, Huntsman’s decision to accept the president’s invitation to serve as ambassador to China effectively means he is out of the 2012 contest. “President Obama is smart to try to get him out of play, because he’s the real thing,” says Quinn. Weaver says Obama came up with pretty much the only job that Huntsman would have accepted. “Had it been a cabinet post or any kind of political situation, he would have flatly turned it down,” Weaver says. “But this China post — he’s uniquely qualified to serve.” As a young man, Huntsman went to Taiwan as a Mormon missionary, where he learned the language and developed a lifelong interest in China. In the 1990s, Huntsman also served briefly as U.S. ambassador to Singapore.

In addition to being out of the 2012 presidential race, Huntsman is also out of the ongoing debate over the future of the Republican party. Quinn, who met with Huntsman during the visit to South Carolina, says the Utah governor “seemed to be highly motivated to try to re-brand the Republican party as an institution that can win elections all across the country.” Now, Huntsman won’t be doing that, not only because it would not be a proper role for an ambassador but also because he will be thousands of miles away in Beijing.

Personally, I think the GOP is headed for a massive defeat if they get somebody like Huckabee too. Romney is really the only one who can offer a much more fiscally conservative agenda, while putting the social issues to the side. But since the field will most likely be so fragmented going into 2012 because the GOP doesn’t have any clear leader, it could drag on a while.

Regardless of any political bloodbath in 2012, Huntsman is well positioned for 2016 if he wants to run. Because Biden won’t run and the Dems will most likely be feeling the ill effects of too much power at that point. Or that’s just my guess. Perhaps the deficits will come down and it’ll be a shoo-in for a Dem successor.

What do you think?

  • Alistair

    I would look out for Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana because he has a quasi-Libertarian Centerist Policy that could attract NRA voters if he runs in 2016.

  • http://thepurplecenter.blogspot.com/ John Burke

    Weaver is 100% right: if the GOP is defined by Palin, Limbaugh and Cheney, it’s a big loser. But only one of thsoe three — Palin — is a possible player in the Presidential sweepstakes, and 2012 is a very long way off.

    In ant case, the decisive factor in 2012 will be Obama’s success and/or popularity. Think about Clinton v. Dole in 1996. Clinton had a lot of problems and had been elected in 1992 with a mere plurality. But he was on enough of a roll by 1996 that he drew an honorable but lame sure loser as an opponent. In a similar vein, Mondale was a great guy but never had a chance against RR as an incumbent. And while Kerry had a chance in 2004, the power of the incumbency and some smart politics carried Bush to a second term.

    If Obama is sagging come 2011, the GOP Presidential sweepstakes will draw a lot of people no one is thinking much about now, and it’s foolish to guess what will happen. If Obama is riding high, everyone may wind up defering to Romney (including Palin who might think she’d do better by waiting).

  • kranky kritter

    Bull’s eye, JB.

    If economic circumstances are still in a faltering mode, the doubts and grumbling will have gathered steam. The media will be reporting on Obama fatigue. If his popularity slides, he will begin to appear more strident and defensive. And more and more people will begin to focus on his pedantic side, and his finger wagging.

    BTW, I hope his handlers work with him on that. Speaking purely symbolically, pumping a pointing finger for emphasis while talking is a very bad habit. It makes viewers feel like they are be lectured at for being a bad child.

  • rtc

    i think this whole thing really sucks for the state of Utah. He was the only politician in Utah that I liked.

  • dan

    “Romney is really the only one who can offer a much more fiscally conservative agenda, while putting the social issues to the side.”

    That’s the fundamental problem right there: the GOP is being held hostage by so-called “social conservatives” for whom abortion or gay rights or welfare queens (etc, etc, etc) is a single monolithic make-or-break issue. Romney can’t win that game. He has to do what he did in the 2008 primaries, and veer to the right on social issues, or he risks splintering the party into what it really has become, a loosely federated collection of special interest groups. And then he loses the majority of voters, who by and large aren’t complete wackos.

  • flapper

    it seems obama is already faltering…..wall street is heading for a massive crash. there will be no more american autos. boeing is going to shut down production of fighter jets and cargo planes. people ( blue collar and white ) are losing their jobs in record numbers. banks are not lending. houses are not selling or being built. the list just gets bigger every day. were is the change obama talked about? i guess it was just talk we could believe in.

  • Joshua

    John Burke: Weaver is 100% right: if the GOP is defined by Palin, Limbaugh and Cheney, it’s a big loser. But only one of thsoe three — Palin — is a possible player in the Presidential sweepstakes, and 2012 is a very long way off.

    True, but I have my doubts that Palin’s even going to be in the picture come 2012. She doesn’t strike me as being very enthused about a grueling two-year presidential campaign, or the prospect of putting her kids (and grandchild) under the media microscope for that long. If she’s not up for that, what does that say about being up for four years as the actual POTUS?

  • Jim

    Can’t blame Huntsman for not wanting to get involved in 2012.
    Who in their right mind would?

    Blagojevich/Palin in 2012!

  • Enzo

    Palin a possible player? lol, she would lose in the biggest landslide in history. She’s a joke and frankly, so is McCain. That is the Republicans problem, they let the party stay defined by abortion & gun rights. It’s ok with Republicans that we spend billions in Iraq but not spend on healthcare. The new US embassy in Iraq cost over $500 million alone. This is absure. Bush moved the country into socialism by giving away the country.

    The Republicans have to move back to the center, or they will won’t come back for 30 years or more. I’m one of the people who could and have voted for either party, but there isn’t any Republican who is mildly appealing.

    Palin, Jindal, Huckabee? This is the future? What a joke.

  • http://sidewaysmencken.blogspot michael reynolds


    My question is: do you know you’re crazy?

  • Phil

    What are Romney’s weak points? He seems pretty solid as a Republican candidate.

  • mclaren

    It’s worse than that. Romney is a Mormon, and thus not viewed as a “real Christian” by the Christian fundamentalists who now rule the GOP. Therefore Romney doesn’t have a chance of actually becoming the nominee. Even if he were to get nominated, perhaps through a major split in the GOP with the Christian right leaving the party, awkward questions about wacky behavior like “baptisms for the dead” — which Romney has already admitted to having participated in — will make him look like a fringe crank by contrast with Obama.

    In fact, Obama’s main strategy for dealing with the GOP has been to present himself as a reasonable moderate pragmatic politician while portraying his opposition as far outside the mainstream. Romney is already far outside the mainstream, so in many ways he would present an ideal opponent for Obama. A billionaire who believes in magic underwear and performs baptisms for the dead, versus a working-class black guy from Chicago who graduated summa cum laude from Harvard…jeez, how do you think the media will spin that? I’m smelling Ross Perot in ’92 here…a super-rich guy who seems reasonable at first glance, but when you scratch the surface he reveals himself as seriously flaky. Has anyone forgotten about Mitt tying the dog to the top of his car?

  • Michaelc

    Limbaugh sure looks unhealthy. Will he even be around in 2012?

  • flapper

    yes i know i’m crazy. whats your point? you make it sound like crazy is a bad thing. which part of what i said sounds crazy? wall street headed for a major crash? hold on to your ass its coming. the more people lose their jobs , the more will be thrown out of their homes , the more homes the banks will have on their hands that they cant sell. the numbers for unemployment are lower only because of the number of people who fell off the roles or quit looking for non exsistent jobs. banks are still not lendidng. at least to the point they were before. besides who wants to take out a loan even if they could when they’re facing losing they’re jobs. i dont know where you live but around me there are many unfinished sub divisions. and the price for those homes that have been built and sitting empty have been lowered many times. apparently you never heard of the snow ball effect. and please tell me what obama has actually done to fix this mess? i’ll admit i voted for him. but as i said over and over i’m not a democrat or republican. i guess i just fell for the rehtoric again.

  • flapper

    yes i know i’m crazy. whats your point? you make it sound like crazy is a bad thing. is what i said about wallstreet heading for a major crash crazy? well lets see. people are losing they’re jobs left and right and that means the banks will be stuck with a glut of homes. they are somewhat selling now but when people quit buying distressed homes (and they will) the banks will be stuck with them. that will cause theyre stock to plummet. boeing is stopping production of theyre fighter jet and the c17 cargo plane. major jobs will be lost. there will more than likely not be any more american made cars. the unemployment numbers you see on the news is false. they do not count the people who have fallen off the rolls or who have quit looking for non exsitent jobs. banks are not lending to the levels as before, if at all. now about obama. i admit i voted for him. but i have said many times i’m not a democrat or republican. i just fell for the rehtoric again. all i have seen from him is more of the same that we have had for the eight years before. and i would not vote republican , you think i’m crazy? listen to the crazy things they say…….

  • Nikolai

    So Flapper, what’s the answer? Obama is supposed to straighten out a mess 8 years in the making inside of 6 months? I guess he could start another big f*cking war, or majorly pump up Afghanistan and that would get Boeing churning out more planes like fighter jets and cargo planes; how would that be? The bottom line is that there are no easy answers. We have plundered this planet and this country for it’s resources and have ALL (including the banks) FAR over extended our credit. We are like millions of pissants in a small garden. For awhile all is well, but eventually the garden turns to desert and there’s nothing left. Same analogy as the rat-race. Too many rats in a cage eating, drinking and reproducing, and not much else; they are ultimately doomed any way you look at it. Now, if the world had a really nice plague, THAT would free up some resources. You want to talk crazy? I’ll talk crazy. The only problem is that I’m RIGHT.