Obama Hasn’t Deviated Much From Bush National Security Policies

Obama Hasn’t Deviated Much From Bush National Security Policies



So, Dick Cheney has been going around telling everyone that President Obama is making us less safe by daring to change some of the Bush era national security policies. But Jack Goldsmith at The New Republic says Cheney’s criticisms don’t hold up. Obama has actually changed very little outside rhetoric and packaging.

Goldsmith details eleven policy areas and explains how Obama has maintained or deviated from the Bush positions. The article is well worth the read and paints Obama as exceedingly cautious about changing the ways the Bush administration was handling the war and terrorism during the final years of the Bush presidency. Obama may be speaking more softly but he’s still carrying a big stick.

  • kranky kritter

    I called this one. I spent all of last year saying that when all was said and done our foreign policy would not change very much. It’s basically the same show. The packaging is different. The spotlights are placed on different actors to emphasize different parts of the drama. The script? Few if any changes.

    Has Guantanamo closed yet, folks?

  • wj

    Perhaps, for Cheney, the arrogant rhetoric is a critical part of national security policy. With that, and torture, gone, he could feel that things are not at all the same, even though others can see very little change in policy.

  • Chris

    Well a point to bring up is that congress just axed money the pres wanted to close the G. But, I knew that this would happen and i still voted for him. Know why? Because 1. I thought he would do better with the economy and 2. there was no way i was voting for mccain with palin on the ticket.

    He’s nowhere as liberal as I would like, and most other “liberals” if you can call us that.