ANP Report (VIDEO): Sen. Lindsey Graham Debates Himself on Detainee Torture

ANP Report (VIDEO): Sen. Lindsey Graham Debates Himself on Detainee Torture


2008 Senator Lindsey Graham seems to disagree with 2009 Lindsey Graham.

This is Mike Fritz and David Murdock from ANP.

Senator Lindsey Graham was a passionate critic of the Bush Justice attorneys during this past summer’s Armed Services Committee hearings on interrogation.

Lately, however, Graham seems to have had second thoughts on the matter. At a recent Judiciary subcommittee hearing investigating the torture memos, Graham mounted a feisty defense of Jay Bybee, John Yoo and the lawyers who provided legal cover for detainee abuse.

This performance sent producer Mike Fritz back to the ANP archives to confirm that this was indeed the same Lindsey Graham we remembered from the summer, and sure enough, it was. As this video reveals, same guy – different message.

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  • the Word

    If only being a hypocrite were a crime

  • Mark-NC

    Whomever put this together – may he do it again for about fifty other topics.

    How about “the CIA lied” / Pelosi thing. How about filibustering presidential judicial/cabinet picks, how about supporting Cheney but calling Gore a “bad citizen” for evening mentioning Bush’s run-up to war.

    Lots of good topics out there, and they would make GREAT campaign ads.