Iran Tests New Missile

Iran Tests New Missile



Looks like Iran decided to remind us why we don’t want that nation getting nuclear weaponry:

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran test-fired a new advanced missile Wednesday with a range of about 1,200 miles, far enough to strike Israel, southeastern Europe and U.S. bases in the Middle East.

Experts believe Iran is still six to eight years away from being able to equip such a missile with a nuclear warhead (not to mention that they don’t yet have nuclear capabilities), but the today’s test will hardly make relations with Iran any easier. It’ll be interesting to see how President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton choose to react to such a provocative action.

As always with these unfriendly nations, options are limited and every course of action will have undesirable consequences.

  • J. Harden

    I think we should immediately apologize to Iran for Bush-era foreign policy and engage them in a multi-lateral dialogue with the international community, politely asking them to please stop with the whole missile/nuclear development program and the wiping Isreal off the face of the map stuff. Perhaps a good overture here would be to send them some DVDs — The Best of Little Mullah on the Praire.

  • Jeremy from NJ

    What happened to Snarkless J. Harden? He was slightly more tolerable.

  • J. Harden

    Jeremy from NJ — You are obviously a warmongering neocon. Iran poses no threat to the US or to our Zionist buddies. As Alan confidently reminded us, the experts say that Iran is years from having the capability of nuking anyone.

    The fact is…GW Bush so badly tarnished the US image throughout the world, we have practically invited this kind of provocative action. Is there really any doubt that waterboarding, Gitmo, rendition, pre-emptive military action, and US middle-east foreign policy is the root cause of this?

    Obama would be well served to write a personal letter of apology to Ahmadinejad, along with attached photos of abused prisoners. He promised Hope & Change — he didn’t promise warmed-over Bush-era policies. It is time to engage the Iranians.

  • Daniel

    Talking is good. The inherent problem is that if you’re going to tell someone to do something (like stopping researching technology that, in Iran’s defense, would make defending their country a lot easier), you need the authority to do it. And authority boils down one way or the other to force. Is the US willing to back up their polite asking with some impolite brute force if necessary? If not, they might as well knock off the bluffing or things are going to get very ugly very fast.

    According to Haaretz, “An Israeli official said on Tuesday that Israel will be forced to take on Iran’s contentious nuclear program alone once U.S. President Barack Obama’s overture for dialogue with Tehran fails.” (as quoted by newsy)

  • Jeremy from NJ

    How is that constructive?

    I don’t agree with everyone who comments here, but I respect everyone’s effort to further dialogue and make sense of complicated issues.

    You are the only consistent douche bag. Mazel Tov.

  • Jess

    J. Harden, Isn’t that what Obama was working on with his recent visit? Trying to establish a better relationship with Iran and attempting to get them away from these missiles?
    But I do agree that the world has invited these actions. We can’t expect everyone in the world to be armed except Iran, even if they are hostile with Israel, who is becoming less and less “tight” with America.
    This video points out all the discrepancies in today’s reports of the missile test:

  • J. Harden

    Jeremy — You ask “How is that constructive?” and then you resort to name-calling, sigh. You’ve done a stand-up job of furthering the dialogue and making sense of a complicated issue in this thread. I, on the other hand, have proferred several substantive arguments regarding Irainian blow-back from Bush-era foreign policy. Please, Jeremy, try to abide by the civil ethos of this website. If you can’t, I’m sure Justin will ask you take that kind of vitroilic stuff elsewhere.

  • Jeremy from NJ

    J. Harden – I said “Mazel Tov”

  • gerryf

    The only problem with your logic, J. Harden, is that it is…well, not logical. You’re acting as if the Bush crowd had its way and was still in power that Iran wouldn’t have dared to a launch the missile–the only problem with that is it did–on November 12 while Bush and his bonehead neo-con buddies were still in power.

    This launch of the Sajjil-2, is the same missile with a different guidence system–Sajjil-1 could already hit Israel and much of Europe.

    The Bush neo-con foreign policy did nothing to stop Iran from creating the missile program, from investigating a nuclear program, or for that matter, much of anything.

    So continuing the cowboy diplomacy you seem to love so much achieved nothing in the past and is likely to achieve nothing in the future. What’s the definition of insanity again?

    Additionally, you presume that Obama’s only course is to be the anti-Bush, when he has quite clearly demonstrated that he will use whatever action he deems necessary to achieve his ends–even tick off his base by adopting or defending Bush actions.

    Bascially, your act is stale. You need a new one.