The FBI has foiled another terrorist plot, this one in New York and involving the planned bombing of synagogues and the shooting down of a military plane.

The FBI was apparently all over this, following the would-be attackers for quite awhile and even supplying them with fake C-4 through an informant. In fact, while the men under arrest professed their desire to wage jihad, they seem more like deranged criminals than anything like the al Qaeda style terrorists we’ve seen in the past. Of course, thwarting mass murder is always a good thing, no matter the criminals involved.

Good for the FBI.

  • And to think that some Americans think that these fanatics aren’t still trying to hurt us !!

  • Chris

    “these” fanatics were probably americans. and most likely this will be brought up as entrapment, the FBI has done this to several groups of people over the year where they hunt out extremists. they enable them to plan, and purchase materials for their attack. most likely these people are too insane to ever pull it off by themselves.

  • gerryf

    And which Americans would that be, Paul? Seriously. Don’t hide behind GOP talking points, let’s see your list.

    What “some” Americans have said is that we don’t need to be terrorists to defeat terrorists.

    Here we have the FBI using good old fashioned police work to nail three Americans and one Haitian and they didn’t have to torture anyone or use illegal spying to do it.

    Don’t worry though, I’m sure if Dick Cheney had been involved, we could have linked these three to Saddam Hussein someway or another…

  • kranky kritter

    My sense is that mileage varies EXTREMELY widely when it comes to assessments of actual domestic terrorist threats. Terrorists require motive, means, and opportunity. How many such folks are there in the US that fulfill those criteria?

    For obvious reasons, the folks whose job it is to stop terrorists aren’t going to share their intelligence data. And that makes sense to me. That leaves us all guessing. My naive sense is that the answer is “not very many at all.” I am highly skeptical of the notion that various highly skilled sleeper cells are making progress towards carrying out violent anti-American events.

    One reason I feel this way is that I have for some time now thought that if you had the will and manpower, all it would take in America is minimal financial resources and a little imagination and timing to do something really heinous. I won’t give any fer-instances because I would HATE to give anyone any ideas. But to my way of thinking, the lack of additional terrorist events in the wake of 9/11 speaks volumes. To me, it signals that serious committed skilled groups are just not here. Another possibility, not like quite as likely IMO but also plausible is that any such groups have been driven way, way, way underground and are biding their time.

    I do think it’s a VERY good idea for the folks trying to thwart terrorists to try to draw potential actors out with various faux temptations. If, in so doing, most of the folks that are drawn out are no better than incompetent whackjobs, well so what? That doesn’t bother me.

    The only thing that does trouble me is that the bureaucratic virus gives all new big systems a hearty drive for self-preservation that exists independent of actual need. So I am always skeptical when I hear politicians and officials raising the specter of future 9/11s as a way of shaking loose additional funding. I believe that this has led to expenditures for reams of security equipment that is never going to be used. I suppose a pork picnic was inevitable, but I don’t have to like it.

  • Chris

    I have absolutely NO problem with it even if these assholes were entrapped. What I do have a problem with is people using this to justify torture, and the fascist laws that have been passed in this country.

  • I do not advocate torture-it doesn’t produce good information. As for Dick Cheney, he is a putz in my opinion. The fact remains that we continue to be in the crosshairs of Al Qaeda and similar groups and that is true no matter how you cut it !! And so you know I vote Democrat … You know what they say about ASSuming…

  • Erik Sickinger

    Ya know, I don’t normally put much faith in “alter-net” reporting, but there seems to be a lot we shouldn’t assume about this -plot-.