GOP Strategists Surprised By Newt's Sotomayor Attacks

GOP Strategists Surprised By Newt's Sotomayor Attacks


Looks like I’m not the only one.

From Huff Post:

“Of course this disturbs me,” said Lionel Sosa, one of the more influential Hispanic media advisers in the GOP. “I’m not surprised at Rush Limbaugh but I’m very surprised at Speaker Gingrich because he is one of the key people who knows the importance of the Latino vote to the Republican Party. He must realize how his rhetoric, if it does influence any Hispanics, how damaging it could be. This [confirmation] is something that is going to happen anyway. For a senator to have strong opposition to her, they are either not aware of the impact Latinos will have on the next election or they don’t care.”

Ultimately, I don’t really know how much play Newt’s comments are getting among Hispanic voters, but if he runs for President, they’ll definitely be part of the debate.

  • http://sidewaysmencken.blogspot michael reynolds

    It’s not surprising to me.

    Right now the political dynamic in the GOP is a race to the bottom. Anyone aspiring to party leadership has to prove himself to the diminished membership of that party, the distilled essence of crazy known as “the base.”

    Newt’s always been a creep. He craves importance, he has a wildly inflated sense of himself, and he’s lusting after power in a leaderless party. What’s he going to do, try to lead the scattered remnants of the GOP intelligentsia? Hah. He’s reaching for the bottom of the barrel, because that’s the only game in town for a Republican.

  • Allen Stevens

    Old Newt is a washed up politician that has no clout with the American people what so ever. Newt, the audulterist, has once again opened his mouth and has inserted his foot in it. The GOP mouth has just isolated thousands of Hispanics by his comments, and all the appologies in the world will right that mistake. The GOP’s head is as hard as 100 year old cement, they must have their sights on becoming the party of the past. Thank God for that, cause they are the ones who has brought this country to one of the LOWEST levels in history. I live in Georgia, and Newt NEVER got my vote, nor will he EVER get my vote. He is nothing more that an old washed up GOP neocon, he is about as important as a wart on a log. Keep up the good work Newt, you and your other buddies like Limbogus, and the RNC chairpuppet Steele are bring the GOP to where I wish they would have been 8-9 years ago, DOWN THE DRAIN!!!!

  • Paul

    Newt needs to shut his pie hole ! He and Limbaugh are hurting the Republicans. Hispanics will not forget either.

  • Mark-NC

    Actually, I expect to see a little Tom DeLay action before this is over. Or maybe Ted Stevens.

    Tom Foley anyone? How about Duke Cunningham.

    I do enjoy watcing my very religious family claiming that these guys have “moral & values”. I complete the line by adding “of a pig!”