Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Sotomayor

Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Sotomayor


Here’s how the numbers break out…

  • Votes approve 54/24 %
  • 22% undecided
  • Democrats support 81/3 %
  • Independents support 50/26 %
  • Republicans oppose 46/26 %
  • Men approve 48/31 %
  • Women approve 59/18 %

It’s pretty much a done deal at this point. The “racist” meme isn’t sticking and many Republicans are calling for their cage-rattling compatriots to cool it. So now it’s more about principled opposition and that won’t be enough to stop this appointment.

In fact, I get the sense that some of the moderate Republicans actually want to support this nomination because she’s actually incredibly qualified.

In other words, say hello to Justice Sotomayor.

But I still think Justices should have term limits of 16 years. I don’t think lifetime appointments are helpful or even appropriate in democracies. Convince me otherwise.

  • http://stubbornfacts.us Simon

    I don’t think it would really make much difference whether the public were for her or against her (and for most of those surveyed, the opinions of those who are for her are likely to be as founded on ignorance of her views as those who are against her). Obama has sixty votes, and she isn’t conspicuously unqualified, as Miers was, so she’ll be confirmed.

    There are various ingenious arguments for and against judicial term limits, but I am opposed simply because it would require a Constitutional amendment and I am opposed to wanton amendments of the Constitution based not on necessity or experience, but on vague a priori theories of what might be a good idea. If one compares the quality of the courts in states with appointed judiciaries and retirement ages with those of states with appointed judiciaries but no retirement ages, what do we find?

  • the Word

    I’ll have to agree with Simon here. I think term limits sound appealing because of the long term problems a court skewed in one direction can lead us but any change should be deliberate based on the facts as best they can be ascertained. I am not one who believes that no good thought can come past the framers though. They were a mess too. Lots of imperfection tolerated to get the votes needed. Same as it ever was.

  • http://conservative09.blogspot.com Gabe

    I’m a Republican, but I think some of the stuff people like Rush and Newt have been saying is ridiculous.

  • Mark-NC

    “Gabe Says:

    I’m a Republican, but I think some of the stuff people like Rush and Newt have been saying is ridiculous”


    This is no more ridiculous than the “palling around with terrorists” crap, or Obama might be a closet terrorist, or he’s a Socialist/Marxist/Fascist/Communist, or he’s the Anti-Christ, or he wants the country to fail, or he wants the troops to die.

    Why is this any different?