Quote Of The Day – Gay Marriage

Quote Of The Day – Gay Marriage


“I think that freedom means freedom for everyone. As many of you know, one of my daughters is gay, and it is something we have lived with for a long time in our family. I think people ought to be free to enter into any kind of union they wish. Any kind of arrangement they wish.”
– Dick Cheney on the hottest topic of the day

Now, he did go on to say that this should be decided at the state level and that’s how it has always been decided, which is nonsense if you know the legal history of marriage restriction, in particular Loving v. Virginia.

However, it is interesting to note that on this issue, one of the leading conservative voices is seemingly more progressive than the most liberal President since FDR.

Here’s more of what he said…

The question now…when will Obama come around?

  • Chris

    so that makes dick… not a republican? what a shock. Can we create a new party for him and his cronies? Maybe call it the Corporaticons?

  • Tully

    I never thought I’d ever say this, but…I somewhat agree with Dick Cheney on a social issue.

    Soap. I need soap. I feel so dirty.

  • http://thegauchopolitico.blogspot.com/ Gaucho Politico

    this would be more compelling if he wasnt you know…a recent ex vp who was in a position to be more forceful on these issues. Maybe he could have spent a little more time working for this instead of setting up a torture regime.

  • wj

    What I think it mostly demonstrates is that, when it comes to gay marriage, actually knowing someone who is homosexual, and knowing them well, tends to dramatically alter a conservative’s (negative) views.

  • Aaron

    On the one hand the optimist in me wants to believe that even the oldest neocons can have their perceptions improved upon.

    On the other, a friend brought up a good point when discussing this. What happens if Gay Marriage remains a state issue for eternity, and never receives federal recognition, providing federal benefits to couples and the like?

    Cheney states he’s for Gay Marriage but says it should remain a state issue. Now this might just be the cynic in me reading too much into the second statement, but it did give me pause for thought. Read into it what you will.

  • wj

    There is no reason why marriage could not remain a state issue, while having the Federal government simply recognize any marriage legally entered into in one of the states. (Or, as with heterosexual marriages, legally entered into in another country.) In fact, it requires special Federal legislation to NOT recognize such marriages. If marriage is a state issue, there obviously is no occasion for such Federal legislation — just repeal the special case.

  • mike mcEachran

    “The question now…when will Obama come around?”

    I guess that would be whenever one of his daughters comes out of the closet, or when the political winds change, whichever comes first.

  • Kyle

    If only we all had a gay daughter who influenced our political positions. Good job Dick. You thought about yourself and than back pedaled to save face. I like his style and will be sure to vote Corporaticon when I lose my soul.

  • http://www.drawnlines.com Drawnlines Blog

    Call me crazy, but both as a gay man and as a conservative I’m proud.

    I’ve always thought that being against equal – truly equal – rights for all people is the furthest thing from true Republican principles. If we truly believe that government should be out of our wallets and out of our businesses, then it should be out of our bedrooms too.


  • ExiledIndependent

    Draw, nice to see you. I agree that the government should be out of our bedrooms, but this issue isn’t about who we sleep with, is it? It’s about expanding a cultural and legal status beyond a one man/one woman union. I think we need to be careful about expanding the scope of what the gay marriage movement is: it’s a movement to get the government to change marriage law to accommodate an outside-the-mainstream behavior. It’s not about civil rights, or about who we are allowed to love, or about who we can go to bed with.

    As I’ve said frequently, it is definitely about states rights. One of the great things about our country and our modern world is that each state is different, and states where the will of the people is to make this accommodation, it’s happened/is happening.

    Wow, radically unpopular point of view for this blog. Thickening my skin now….

  • the Word

    Another possibility…By being blind to the gender and just making the law treat partnerships equally we are following the Constitution and by comparison preferences given to “traditional marriage” are what your side normally calls something they hate social engineering.

    Maybe the government should not be in the marriage business at all and it should simply be contract law.