Please, please, please let this hack get defeated.

From Political Wire:

Creigh Deeds has a slight lead with 27%, followed by Terry McAuliffe at 24%, and Brian Moran at 22%.

However, the momentum is with Deeds. Over the last month he has gone from 14% to 27% while McAuliffe has dropped from 30% to 24% and Moran has pretty much stayed in place.

Of note, the primary is next week so McAuliffe doesn’t have a lot of time to turn this around. Fingers crossed he won’t figure it out.

And if you’re wondering why I’m so against him, just search for some of my posts on him and you’ll see why. The guy is one of the hackiest hacks in politics. And the less power he has, the better.

  • Trescml

    It is really hard to say where this race is going. The polls have been all over the place and the Washington Post hasn’t even shown any of the poll results because of concerns over the large number of undecided voters. When you add up the numbers above you still have 27% remaining (presumably undecided) . This one will come down to the wire and it will be pretty much a matter of who gets their people out. I agree that McAuliffe is slimy, but this is still very much up in the air.