Obama in Cairo

Obama in Cairo


Obama has arrived in Cairo to give a major speech that is expected to focus on improving ties with the Islamic world. One speech alone is obviously not going to be enough. The Islamic world is angry enough with the West that they are unlikely to suddenly forgive us just because the US has a black president who has spent some time in an Islamic country. Although commentators say that the speech will focus on improving relations and not focus on specifics it is unlikely that Obama will be able to avoid for long the main issue that poisons relations with the Arab people; Israel.

Finding a way through the tangle of thorns that is the Arab-Israeli dispute will not be easy. Obama will find it very difficult to improve ties with the Islamic world while not causing too much outrage among the Israel lobby. The US can’t abandon its staunchest ally in the region yet needs to gently push it into some kind of acceptable solution. The situation is complicated by many other issues; the war of words between the US and Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the split in control in Palestine between Fatah and Hamas as well as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the fight against terrorism. These issues have all become intertwined in the Islamic consciousness making any solution much harder to find.

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    I thought Obama’s speech was a good one. It’s a start, but with Arabs one never knows.