On Right Wing Reaction To Obama's Speech

On Right Wing Reaction To Obama's Speech


Jeffrey Goldberg’s words, my thoughts…

An African-American President with Muslim roots stands before the Muslim world and defends the right of Jews to a nation of their own in their ancestral homeland, and then denounces in vociferous terms the evil of Holocaust denial, and right-wing Israelis go forth and complain that the President is unsympathetic to the housing needs of settlers.

Incredible, just incredible.

But is this unexpected in any way? Did people think the right wing wouldn’t bash Obama for finally telling Israel that they’re in the wrong with the settlements?

  • TerenceC

    It had to be said. The Israeli’s have used a system of harassment, intimidation, and dogma to all but force Palestinians into selling their land for decades. If anyone calls them on it, they say “hey, they sold it to us – we didn’t steal it”. It’s cynical, dishonest, and in violation of over 100 UN resolutions. But hey it’s Israel so I guess it’s OK.

  • http://www.relativityonline.com/ David Anthony Hohol

    You got to hand it to Zionist Israelis. They sure know how to play victim. Only thing is that Israel is the biggest terroist state in the world.They have sucessfully set up an ethinic cleansing machine, with the sole intention of wiping out all things Palestinian. The reaction to Obama’s speech is simple: your either with them or against, and no in between. Wait a minute… didnt Bush say that too?