Dems Set To Pass Retroactive Stop-Loss Bonuses

Dems Set To Pass Retroactive Stop-Loss Bonuses


Because we overreached so much during the past eight years, the practice of stop-loss was an unfortunate and common reality for many soldiers who would have otherwise left the military.

Now we’re honoring their forced service with more than a pat on the back.

From AP:

WASHINGTON -The House and Senate reached a compromise Thursday to give a $500 retroactive bonus to soldiers for every month they were forced to stay in the military beyond their enlistment term since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Rep. John Murtha, chairman of a key subcommittee that funds the military, said $534 million was allocated under the deal. His office says a total of 185,000 military members qualify because they have experienced “stop-loss” since 9/11.

Those eligible would have one year to claim the payment. […]

Earlier this year, Congress funded similar payments to about 12,000 troops who were currently under stop-loss orders, but the payments weren’t retroactive beyond Oct. 1.

So why was this bill even needed? Why did they have to work on retroactivity now?

Because some opposed it last time around, and my guess is they weren’t Democrats. I could be wrong about that, but the initial legislation was proposed by Dems, and Repubs still hadn’t suffered that crushing 21 seat loss in November or lost the rest of their subcommittee leadership positions.

Here’s what a former solider who served 14 months of stop loss had to say back in late October 2008…

The original proposal called for $1,500 for each month under stop-loss. Enough legislators balked that the $1,500 soon dropped to $500, which was approved by the House subcommittee. In the Senate, the payments met further resistance. “We thought it was a no-brainer,” a legislative aide who worked on the bill said. “Why would you not want to compensate a soldier who is being forced away from his home and family, and forced to risk his life?” Proponents considered a compromise of $200 per month for those whose stop-loss has already been served, but opted to stay at $500 and work on retroactivity next year. The bill requires that the Pentagon conduct a feasibility study for retroactive payments.

Who here thinks that soldiers should have received the originally proposed $1,500 per month?

  • the Word

    We should not create new veterans until we take care of the ones we have properly. What has been done to these people is shameful. I don’t understand why veterans don’t out the people who have abandoned them when it comes to funding? I don’t know what the normal pay is or should be but the stop loss policy was an undeclared draft. Certainly not honest or an honorable way to treat these people.

    How about “We tried to get our veterans additional pay of $1,500” while Congressman X wanted to limit the pay to $200. Due to the unwillingness of X party to do anything for the veterans, we were forced to limit their back pay to $500 or get them NOTHING. We feel terrible about that level but it was all the cooperation we could get to help our veterans. Please call them and ask why they don’t honor the service of our veterans.

  • Paul

    It is all politics! And the script just keeps getting weirder. Vets are political pawns .

  • SPC Heinrich, David L

    I was so freaking overjoyed when I read that I would get payed for the 17 months of stop-loss that I served in 2006. Personall I don’t much care if it’s $500 or $1,500 a month but $1,500 a month would have made the sacrifice well worth it. I was stop-lossed to provide support in OIF-III while assigned to 3rd ID, 17 months after I was due to ETS from the Army. Durring which I broke my wrist and my PTSD was worsened to the point that appone ETSing I moved into the mountains in Montana and did not leave the mountains for fear I would do something I would regret.

  • Ben

    so I just read that this passed. any idea how we would go about getting this money?

  • Jacob

    I was stop lossed from March of 03′ until mid August of 04′ for OIF 1&2. I did re-enlist after I got back from my first trip. I did not think I would be sent back to Iraq.
    I just got back from another tour for 13 months. I am in the Guard, own my own business and have two babies.
    This back payment is long over due and I would like to know how we’re going to get it.
    DAVID. I ran into you guys from The 3rd ID as we were moving North back in 03′ We were at camp 35 in Kuwait flying missions North, April 03′, until we all moved up to Balad. The 3rd ID stopped and stayed with us for a few days as you headed out. You guys looked rough! I know you saw and did things that have changed you forever. Everyone of you had the look. I was a door gunner on a Chinook and also have some things to think about. Use your support from the VA and friends and family. It can make a difference. You may think there is something permanently wrong with you. I did. I had to give up hunting and I could not stop thinking of causing harm, for no reason at all.
    One big thing for me, was my blood pressure was through the roof after my first tour. In my early thirties? No family history? I was in very good physical shape and yet the high blood pressure and anxiety worked hand in hand to almost destroy me.
    Anyway, take the time to look for help.
    So, anyone who knows anything about this stop loss payment, please respond.

  • Anonyvet

    Something tells me this is a PR stunt. They’ll say: “Look how well we treat America’s best!” Say it’s passed, then fail to provide any feasable access to that money. They’ll set up a BS system that dicks around the people that use it, while the money vanishes in a puff of magical fairy dust.

    I’m moving to Great Britian.

  • dan

    I was under stop loss for 7 months in ’03-’04. $500 is better than what we were getting back then for being under stop loss. Try looking at for more direction. Great news though…

  • Sarah D

    I have to agree with Anonyvet! They just want the public to think that they are taking care of us but then nothing will come out of it. They have always had a way of screwing us one way or the other. Obviously so, because otherwise, this whole retroactive pay thing wouldn’t ven exist! They are the biggest BS artists in the world! I can’t even get on to that website for some reason!