More Students Being Shot And Killed In Iran (Warning: Very Graphic)

More Students Being Shot And Killed In Iran (Warning: Very Graphic)


Truly horrifying…

As I stated earlier today, the government is making a big mistake by starting to kill people. Because that’s what lead to the last Iranian revolution and it’ll only embolden protesters to get more militant quicker.

More as it develops…

  • kranky kritter

    It is about as deep a bummer as I can imagine to see this stirring of nascent democracy summarily squished. And while I would love to think that these actions are “a mistake,” history teaches me that oppressive regimes repeatedly get away with this sort of thing.

    Folks who insist on consoling themselves can take the long view that events such as this and Tianamen Square, to name a few, are important events along the way on a morally inevitable march towards freedom and democracy.

    My very personal mileage is that I no longer allow myself such romantic philosophical notions. This is clearly and simply the brutal repression of the human urge for freedom by another ruthless pseudo-paternal government, this time a theocracy. As always, such a government thinks it can justify its actions as in the best interests of its people who are not ready for more freedom.

    This is always the justification, and history suggests its just about always no more than a convenient lie. For history shows us that such repressive governments never step back voluntarily and gradually to grant more freedom as the people get used it. Instead, such freedom is always wrested from the government by the people, or else the people are squashed.

    Sadly and for various reasons, my sense is that this squashing stands a very good chance of succeeding.